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Collaboration information for our partner clinics

We offer flexible cooperation models starting from simple agency contracts to a full cycle service, which includes processing all incoming requests in the "remote international department" format for your clinic.


Online platform UNICLINICS INTERNATIONAL LTD is one of the largest providers for finding doctors and organizing treatment in any corner of the globe.
The company was founded in 2018.
We currently have collaboration agreements with clinics and hospitals in Germany, the USA, Turkey, Canada, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Singapore and more.

We provide our patients with the online platform, where the information is available in an open database — the most accurate prices for 68 areas of medicine, clinics and their descriptions, as well as free patient consultations in three languages 7 days a week.

The main sources of our patients’ treatment requests are: digital marketing in Google, Facebook; partnership contracts with travel operators, charitable foundations, private corporations.
We work with clinics from all over the world
Our quality standards oblige us to partner only with the best clinics to provide our patients with cutting-edge medical and service capabilities.

Facts about us

Simple facts to understand the size and potential of our platform
Users on the site monthly (data for 2021)
1.000 +
Treatment requests every month (data for 2021)
12 countries
Digital marketing for 12 countries with the main focus on: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other CIS countries
25 specialists
Foreign patients specialists, doctors, medical translators

Digital marketing for 12 countries

We pride ourselves on our marketing and continually improve our patient experience
We carry out multi-channel marketing strategies in 12 countries. Our marketing is one of the strongest on the market — if someone enters into a Google search a phrase containing “treatment in Germany”, this user gets our ad and becomes our client.

We are able to establish the flow of foreign patients to your clinic and fully book the appointment calendar.

Agency agreement model
The basic model, according to which we invest in attracting foreign patients to your clinic and process requests. You receive only high-quality requests, when patients are ready to come for treatment.

We take care of — Marketing, communication with the patient, all additional services in the course of treatment.

Attracting and query processing (including calls)

We design a clinic page for platform. Before publishing, we agree on all materials: a description of the clinic, photos of the wards, doctors' resumes, descriptions of patient stories and reviews.
We organize paid digital campaigns on Google, Facebook to attract patients to the page of your clinic, develop the reputation of the clinic in 12 countries with which we work.
When we receive an application from a patient for treatment in your clinic, this request is immediately processed with the creation of additional value for your clinic. We increase interest in your clinic from the first call and create the maximum conversion till the moment the patient comes for treatment.
We place the partner clinic in the higher in the rating and redirect applications from other pages of the to your clinic page. We recommend your clinic to patients who are considering treatment in your country, but have left applications on other pages of the platform.
Foreign patients’ department processes all incoming requests. They are experienced and responsive specialists who communicate with the patient throughout the entire time while the patient makes a decision about the trip: we identify needs, fill out questionnaires with a medical history, qualify according internal needs, due to the budget, by urgency, considering current COVID-19 restrictions, we advise on the rules for leaving their country and entering the country where your clinic is located. We accept medical documents.
Our company employs doctors, whose goal is to assess the patient's condition, help figure out which clinic to send a request to and prepare the patient's medical documents in the appropriate to your clinic form.
Documents processing by Uniclinics doctors is: analysis of the entire number of documents sent by the patient; formation of an Extract from the medical reports based on the treatment request goals and the selection of all-important information from the patient's documents. Only a doctor is able to select the necessary information, filter an important data for diagnosis and treatment, and create a medical document according to Uniclinics standards.
We prepare and send MRI / CT scans and other imaging discs in a format and a way convenient for the clinic (Please, note that actual post office mails are not preferred as time consuming. Mainly as we calculated that 1 day of waiting for an offer from the clinic reduces the conversion by an average of 7.8%)
We translate medical records into your language. Uniclinics certified translators will translate extracts from the medical reports into the language spoken by the doctor at the clinic.
Foreign patients’ department pre-orientates patients at the possible cost of the treatment and thus immediately weed out insolvent clients.

We respect your time. Our partner clinics are maximally protected from inappropriate requests. In the process of communication with the patients, we present to the clinic only those who are really interested in treatment.

The range of minimization of the treatment request will be agreed before starting work:
Starting from sharing with your doctors all incoming requests with the necessary documents and medical records – up till appealing to your doctor only those patients who are willing to travel and pay a deposit payment in 1-2 days.
We do a translation of the offers from the doctors of the partner clinic into the patient's language and prepare a commercial offer with: a description of the clinic, departments, doctors' resumes and the maximum possible detailing of the future trip. This increases the conversion per trip by an average of 6.5 times comparing to the basic offers of clinics.
Our specialists from the Foreign patients’ department explain in details the offer of the clinic to the patient, answer all questions about organizing the trip and give arguments in favor of treatment in your clinic.
We accept deposit payment or arrange payment to the clinic's account according to the invoice.

We provide 24/7 support and service for the patient

We agree with the partner clinic on the possible admission dates for the patient.
We help to book flights.
We prepare independently and together with the clinic supporting documents and documents for visa processing.
We advise on flights and accommodation during pandemic.
We search and book apartments for the patient and accompanying persons.
We organize transfers from the airport to the hotel and daily transfers to the clinic.
Provide an interpreter for the patient for the entire treatment period, who will accompany the patient in the clinic for establishing clear communication between medical personal and patient.
Each of our patients has a Care manager for the entire duration of the treatment — this is an employee in our office, who acts as the patient's right hand. He remotely monitors the patient’s condition, the translator's work schedule, communicates with the clinic and makes sure that the patient feels comfortable and safe.
Care manager solves any issues that bothers the patient and accompanying persons during treatment (accommodation, meals, transfers, excursions, etc.).

In the clinic, the patient is treated — you leave the rest to us.
We improve communication between the clinic and the patient during the treatment process. We prevent and resolve any misunderstanding by protecting the interests of the partner clinic and the benefit for the patient. We always find a peaceful way to resolve conflicts and compromises that are optimal for everyone.
Upon the treatment completion we translate medical reports, test results, bills and recommendations of doctors into the patient's language.
If necessary, we organize the communication between the patient and the clinic after discharge and support for the patient in repeated visits to the clinic.
We organize mailing of original invoices, prescriptions and medicines to the patient's home country as well as mailing of bio-materials from patients to the clinic for distant / online consultations / treatment preparation.

4 points to start cooperation

We aim to provide clinics with the best treatment request and create effective interaction. There are 4 simple steps to start working together.
Agency contract
Our company is engaged in international marketing and service for patients. We sign an agreement with you in this field. We do not require fixed payments; we finance all marketing at our own expense. The clinic pays only for the result.
Link to
Link to on your clinic's website - necessary for the Google search engine. It keeps a record of our patients trust in us as officially registered partners, which leads to an increase in the number of original treatment requests for the partner clinic and other patients.
Standard form of the Clinic response
Formation of responses from the doctor of the clinic-partner according to the Uniclinics checklist. The checklist includes *:
The name of the clinic, department, the name of the doctor who reviewed the documents and will see the patient.
Doctor's second opinion **
An approximate list of diagnostic and treatment options that can be carried out based on the patient's extracts
Approximate length of hospital stay and estimated length of outpatient stay. Again this recommendations are based on current medical records.
The cost of the deposit and / or the approximate cost for treatment in the clinic according to these therapeutic and diagnostic measures.

* Since 2018, we have been conducting research on the needs of patients on our own cases, on the cases of partner clinics, our agents and competitors. Research does not end now, but we collect intermediate results in real time. According to the intermediate results, at the moment, patients need maximum understanding of how a particular treatment will proceed. The Uniclinics company was created by doctors and we are well aware that the specifics appear in 90% of cases only in the course of treatment. However, on the basis of the patient's extracts and with a detailed history taking, we can put forward hypotheses about a number of points. Patients are always warned that these are hypotheses about what treatment may be and in the process everything can change, however, the absence of these hypotheses leads to a catastrophic decrease in the conversion to sale.

** “The higher is detailing, the higher is the conversion” is another clearly traceable pattern that we see in our research. Our doctors cannot independently paint and detail a hypothetical list of tests and procedures required for a particular diagnosis, and we always note that in the course of treatment this list can and will be changed for the benefit of the patient.
We determine the approximate level of interest of each patient, so we can guide the doctor in how detailed it is to work with a given case (if such interaction is possible and in demand by the partner clinic).
Uniclinics patient care
We provide our patients with the best possible result whenever possible.
We want to provide our clients with a result and we'd rather get a refusal from a doctor than send a patient on a hopeless trip.
Our patients are very important to us and we want to send them only to the best clinics, where they will receive the best possible result. We are confident that your clinic fits the description, which is why you are reading this brochure now.