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Istanbul, Turkey

Clinic Memorial Ataşehir

It is a high-class comfortable clinic, accredited by JCI.
Here, kidney and liver transplantations are carried out at the highest level and IVF is done using the latest technologies.
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About Memorial Ataşehir

Memorial Ataşehir was opened in 2010. This private multidisciplinary hospital is located in the Ataşehir district, in the Asian side of Istanbul.
Built to modern health standards. It has everything for the comfort and quick recovery of patients: advanced medical equipment, comfortable rooms and the professionalism of doctors.

Memorial Ataşehir in figures

22000 m2

total area


beds for patients


foundation year

Benefits of Memorial Ataşehir

Memorial Ataşehir has a powerful technical base and a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. This makes it possible to solve the most complex problems in various areas of medicine.
Successful Organ transplantation
More than 500 kidney and liver transplantations are performed annually, and the survival rate is higher than the European average: 98%. The technologies used here are innovative and minimally invasive. This makes Memorial Ataşehir an advanced transplantation center with a reliable recovery potential for the majority of international patients with the most difficult cases.
Pediatric transplantology
Memorial Ataşehir has rich experience in organ transplantation in children aged 0 to 5 years. All manipulations are performed using small special tools that exclude the possibility of injury to organs. Surgeons master the transplantation technique, which is why little patients and their parents can be sure of the great result.
High-quality diagnostics
Memorial Ataşehir provides high-quality diagnostics for the patients. It is performed using the latest equipment: CT machines for 64 slices and MRI with a power of 3.0 Tesla, angiographic units for examining blood vessels. Thanks to the modern diagnostics methods, the check-up will be informative and beneficial to the patient's health.

Achievements of Memorial Ataşehir

Мемориал Аташехир
Мемориал Аташехир
Мемориал Аташехир
Мемориал Аташехир
Мемориал Аташехир

Specializations of Memorial Ataşehir

Thanks to the high qualifications and vast experience, the clinic's specialists successfully cope with the treatment of many diseases. They are extremely talented in the following areas:
Organ transplantation
In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Organ transplantation

Memorial Ataşehir offers a full range of services in organ transplantations, especially of the liver and kidneys in children and adults. Success rates exceed those of the world's leading hospitals. Liver transplantation is performed from a relative up to the 4th generation, from an unrelated donor, as well as cross-transplantation between two patients. Kidneys are also transplanted from close or distant relatives.


The methods of diagnosing and detecting heart diseases are extremely diverse, namely: ECG and treadmill, stress ECG (used to investigate the presence of obstruction or narrowing of the blood vessels that feed the heart), coronary angiography, endoscopic examination of TEE, ECG Holter monitoring and others. Here specialists treat heart rhythms with the help of radio waves and perform percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

At Memorial Ataşehir infertility problems are qualitatively solved. Separation methods are diverse and reliable, which increases the likelihood of a favorable manipulation. About 15 000 patients undergo a similar procedure in the hospital every year.
Doctors use a large number of auxiliary methods to increase the likelihood of fertilization.
These include: micro-injection ICSI (ICSI) for male infertility, Micro-TESE and other.
Specialists also provide a genetic diagnostics of the egg in order to eliminate possible diseases.

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+44 2080891829 United Kingdom
+7 4991134611 Russia
+38 0443532921 Ukraine
+7 7172696594 Kazakhstan
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