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UNICLINICSⓇ — about us in details

UNICLINICSⓇ was created by doctors for patients. We organize medical travels for patients, select specialized hospitals and implement treatment programs.

UNICLINICS INTERNATIONAL LTD means that hospitals that have been rigorously selected for a variety of criteria and are now our partners have given us the authority to negotiate with you on their behalf and deal with all organizational issues.
Made in the UK
UNICLINICSⓇ is one of the largest providers of medical tourism with the biggest database of specialized doctors using personalized treatment and with results-at-the-core approach.

We provide the use of the online platform, where you can use the collected information for free in an open database — the most accurate prices for 68 areas of medicine, hospitals and their description, treatment programs compiled according to international standards.

In addition, we provide our clients with all the possibilities of a closed base — 900 clinics in 11 countries and all the services for organization a medical travel.
How do you determine which treatment program will suit me?
The UNICLINICSⓇ team of doctors will carefully review your medical records ㅡ extracts from the medical history, CT / MRI scans, and test results. Specialized doctor-consultant will be in touch with you, will collect all the missing and most relevant information about your condition, your wishes in the country of treatment, price, terms. The medical analysis department and your personal consulting doctor with you will determine the most effective method of diagnosis, treatment and select a specialized hospital that demonstrates the highest percentage of effectiveness in treating your disease. Further, all information on your program will be sent directly to the doctor abroad (professor of medicine) for approval.
How many treatment program options can you create for me?
Usually 1-3 options are enough for choosing a clinic. When the choice is made, adjustments to the program are made in this hospital directly.

We always agree on the treatment programs with you and adjust them as much as necessary. So we create the most effective program and provide everything that may be necessary during the trip.
Can I use your services only partially?
Of course. We provide only services you need, in a complex or separately. In addition, you always have a choice ㅡ to entrust the organization to the experienced company or to do everything by yourself.
What are the guarantees of my financial security?
We sign an agreement with you that guarantees the security of your payment ㅡ according to this agreement, we are obliged to refund your money in case of your refusal at any time of medical travel or if we failure to provide services. Your legal security and peace of mind is ensured at the international level.

UNICLINICSⓇ belongs to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Our activities are governed by the Companies Act 2006 (2006 Act), the English Government Department ㅡ Department of Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) and directly controlled by the British Chamber of Commerce (British Chambers of Commerce).
What is your hospital policy?
We choose hospitals according to 400 parameters. We sign an affiliate contract with clinics that have passed our certification. Under this contract, we undertake to perform all organizational and services for patients at our own expense, and the clinic will provide our foreign patients with UNICLINICS prices and quality of services as for the domestic market.

If in the process it turns out that the services in the clinic do not meet the standards specified in the contract - the clinic is no longer offered to patients and is removed from our database. In 2018, we analyzed 1236 medical institutions and with the most part decided to not even begin to work, and we rejected some directions and countries altogether.

You are lucky if you are a UNICLINICSⓇ patient ㅡ you will only be recommended to use proven and certified treatment options abroad.
What is your patient policy?
The concept of "no harm." Doctors of the whole world are obliged to work this way; it is this phrase that sounds in all languages in the oaths of doctors of any country. Doctors of our medical analytical department adhere to this rule and this principle is extended to the work of each employee of UNICLINICSⓇ. It is very important for us and we work this way ㅡ we don't undertake cases in which it is impossible to help, we don't transport patients who cannot be transported and we don't recommend hospitals that do not have enough experience, equipment, medical staff to help and not harm the patient.
How much are your services?
Using the services of UNICLINICSⓇ you pay for the treatment at a price for the domestic market - no more than a German or English patient in their country. Our work has a positive effect on the final cost of the program - patients save from 14 to 95%. Detailed prices for our services you can find following the link.
What is a medical program?
A medical program is a medical all-inclusive tour to a hospital of your choice. UNICLINICSⓇ treatment programs are created so as you won't have to pay extra in the course of treatment.

The cost you see already includes: accommodation in the hospital, a set of diagnostic measures before the operation, the cost of the operation, all medications and services of medical personnel, symptomatic therapy and postoperative rehabilitation.

Patient stories

Photos and stories of people who entrusted their health to UNICLINICS and regained the happiness of living a fulfilling life.
West Syndrome — successful treatment for an 8-month-old baby
We received a request from the parents of an 8-month-old girl who was suffering from convulsive seizures. The therapy prescribed by local doctors at home did not help, and the girl's parents were looking for a good epileptologist in their country, but could not find.

The family turned to us for help to find a good epileptologist who could solve their problem.

We organized an urgent trip to Germany to the Beta Clinic Bonn to the professor, MD Christian Elger at the International Epilepsy Center.

According to the results of a week's treatment, the child's condition returned to normal, hormone therapy was avoided, and a treatment was selected that brought results.

Grateful patients took a picture on the memory against the backdrop of the clinic. The child is now under control of German and local doctors.
Urgent rehabilitation — a successful case of a patient
We received a request from the patient's relatives, that a 77-year-old man underwent 2 endoprosthesis insertion surgeries after a hip fracture, and now urgent rehabilitation and additional diagnostics are required for other complaints. The main requirements for the clinic from the patient's family were: a high level of rehabilitation therapists, Russian-speaking staff, and a high level of patient care and support.

Usually, an appointment for rehabilitation takes at least a month, at best, a couple of weeks, and therefore at UNICLINICSⓇ we urgently worked on weekends so that by Tuesday the patient could be admitted to a suitable clinic, in fact, in 1 working day.

Fortunately, the patient's relatives also promptly agreed with us on all the details of the rehabilitation program, and KLINIK DR. FRANZ DENGLER in Baden-Baden was able to see the patient as quickly as possible, in 1 day, as needed. Now the patient has successfully completed a course of orthopedic rehabilitation and returned to usual life in his country.
Correct therapy for a child — a story of one a family
Indira contacted us in February 2019 with a request to help her child who is suffering from severe Hemophilia A. It was important for Indira to run an accurate diagnostics with genetic studies at a clinic that would be maximally specialized in this field of medicine. Unfortunately, local doctors could not even unanimously answer questions about the child's disorder. We were working on the trip for 7 months, kept in touch with the family, until we settled all the important details: permission to leave the patient's country; search for the most specialized clinics and doctors; held correspondence consultations and familiarized doctors with the situation of the little patient; planned how and where the diagnostics and treatment would take place.

Despite many difficulties, on September 8, 2019, diagnostics for the child began at the Rhein-Ruh specialized Hemostasiology Center in Duisburg, Germany. The treatment was carried out by Susan Halimeh, MD, a renowned specialist in pediatric hematology, who is a laureate of the prestigious Focus TOP Mediziner 2018, 2019 (Rating of the best doctors in Germany, Focus magazine).

So that the family can concentrate only on the important things, we took care of all the current issues: accommodation, translation services, transport, air tickets, control of the medical program at the clinic.
As a result of the treatment, fortunately, the clinic revealed in time problems of the wrong treatment, which had been previously prescribed in the patient's home country, and Dr. Susan Halimeh prescribed the correct specialized therapy. Having the needed medicines for further correct treatment, the happy family returned home.

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Susan Halimeh, little patient, mom Indira, dad.
Successful treatment of Arnold-Chiari anomaly at the LIV clinic
In June 2020, a relative of a patient from Ukraine turned to us for help. The doctors prescribed a diagnosis of syringomyelia, an Arnold-Chiari malformation. Irina complained of loss of sensitivity in her fingers.

 Over time, it turned out that they were completely immobilized and required immediate surgical intervention. The disease did not allow the patient to live normally. There were no dynamics at home and improvements followed, unfortunately in Ukraine people with similar diseases have extremely low chance, so the patient didn’t waste time and contact us.

We set to work. We carefully selected doctors who specialize in this disease, prepared all the conditions for a successful flight. The LIV clinic Istanbul became the best variant for Irina's treatment.

The treatment was carried out by a highly qualified surgeon, associate professor of medical sciences Baran Yilmaz.
Operation was successfully completed. According to the results of three weeks of treatment, the condition improved significantly. The patient with all the necessary medications, together with her husband, returned to Ukraine.
The story of a little girl who had an accident
We received an application from the parents of a 3-year-old girl. Little Gaukhar was hit by a car, as a result of the accident, the trigeminal nerve was damaged, the patient spent 3 days in intensive care.

 The girl returned to normal life, she began to get to her feet slowly, play and study, but the problem could not be completely avoided, the doctors prescribed a diagnosis of facial nerve palsy.

Gaukhar’s father turned to us for help to find the right specialist for the treatment of his daughter and choose a clinic with the high specialization in their diagnosis.
We organized a trip to the LIV clinic at Istinye University. For several months we were preparing for the trip, keeping in touch with the family, negotiating with doctors and organizing the entire process of future treatment for the girl. We took full responsibility for accommodation, translation services, transport, air tickets, control of the medical program in the clinic.

Several specialists were involved in the treatment of the child at once: Dr. Nezir Ozgun, he is a member of the European Association of Neurologists and Associate Professor of Medical Sciences Gulis Kavavdar, who specializes in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Through joint efforts and long hard work, Gaukhar has become much better, at present the baby is in contact with her attending doctors and continues her rehabilitation course at the clinic. Grateful patients decided to take a photo for memory.
Successful treatment of congenital high myopia (-27) in Turkey
On November 17, 2020, we received an application from the patient's sister who suffered from high-grade congenital myopia
( -27), astigmatism, optic nerve dystrophy, Fuchs spot on the right eye, operated retinal detachment of the right eye, acute-angle glaucoma of both eyes, dystrophic changes on the fundus, cataracts in both eyes.

We were informed about the medical situation in detail and found the clinics where doctors could help within the patient's budget.
Dunyagoz Etiler Clinic in Istanbul was chosen. The treatment was carried out under the guidance of Associate Professor, Dr. med. Zeynep Tuigun Alkin. Diagnostic and surgery were implemented on both eyes - implantation of a monofocal intraocular lens in both eyes.

Now the patient feels confident, the quality vision has significantly become better
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