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Best hospitals for medical tourism in Great Britain

The ranking of the best clinics in the UK compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2021.
The level of clinics in the UK is similar to those in France and Germany. The same modern and regularly updated equipment, high requirements for medical care and staff qualifications. A powerful difference in this country is the competence of medical specialists. The most qualified research centers in Europe and their clinics (in Cambridge and Oxford), the NICE research institute, whose recommendations are used by German and Israeli doctors, have produced the world's leading specialists in many specialties. In UK clinics, you can make an appointment with the heads of international societies in Pulmonology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and dozens of other specialties, undergo treatment and unique diagnostic procedures that are inaccessible in other countries. Here they help in cases in which doctors around the world are already powerless.

St. Thomas' Hospital

St. Thomas' Hospital is ranked # 1 in the ranking of UK clinics and is among the best clinics in Europe.
It is guided by 5 main principles: always putting patients first, being proud of what they are doing, respecting others, striving to be the best and acting honestly.
Newcastle Upon Tyne, GREAT BRITAIN

Royal Victoria Infirmary

Royal Victorian Infirmary has been providing medical care in Newcastle for over 250 years and is one of the safest and most advanced hospitals in the country and one of the TOP 15 hospitals in Europe.

University College Hospital

University College Hospital was officially opened by Her Majesty in October 2005 and is now one of the TOP 15 hospitals in Europe.

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Freeman Hospital

Freeman Hospital is in the list of TOP 15 best clinics in Europe. Services at Freeman Hospital range from general surgery, hip and knee replacements, and digital hearing aids to the latest developments in hearing restoration or the treatment of complex liver, pancreas, and kidney disorders.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

With 6,000 employees welcoming about a million people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, the clinic provides a wide range of specialized medical services.

Salford Royal Hospital

The Royal Salford Hospital team of 7,000, provides comprehensive care in Greater Manchester and beyond. It is the first hospital in the north of England to receive the highest rating from the Commission for Quality in Patient Care.

John Radcliffe Hospital

John Radcliffe Hospital is a multidisciplinary hospital with highly specialized departments. It is the largest hospital of the world-famous Oxford University and part of the Oxford Medical Center.

Addenbrooke's Hospital

One of the largest and certainly the most famous clinic in England and abroad, constantly surprises with its achievements and changes the world of medicine with its medical discoveries.

71 more hospitals in Great Britain in UNICLINICSⓇ database.

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