Treatment in Italy: benefits, clinics, online-consultations

Treatment in Italy is a high level of genetic medicine, first-class orthopedics, cardiac surgery and ophthalmology.

According to the WHO report, this country ranks second among countries in terms of therapy, outstripping Israel and Germany.

And even though staying in this country is primarily associated with relaxation, it is worth discovering Italy as a country of affordable high-quality medicine.

Treatment in Italy: benefits

Treatment in Italy: leading clinics and centers

Treatment in Italy: specializations
Treatment in Italy: 3 main factors
Treatment in Italy: prices
Treatment in Italy: online-consultations and attention to the patients
Treatment in Italy: international patients
Treatment in Italy: beauty and favor

Treatment in Italy: benefits

Italian clinics are consistently ranked among the 2000 best clinics according to Newsweek magazine, primarily due to their scientific research, which is recognized even by their American colleagues.
Treatment of rare diseases
  • Rare diseases are treated here, such as: polycystic kidney disease, mesothelioma, mucopolysaccharidosis and others.
  • This is especially important when it comes to pediatric medicine.
New methods of diagnostics and treatment
  • Regular scientific research improves methods of diagnostics and treatment.
  • Strict medical standards speed up the recovery process and save the patient's time and money.
State control
  • The unified national health service is financed directly by the state, which contributes to the rapid development of medicine.
  • Italian doctors are fully responsible for their work and do it flawlessly, but there is an insurance that, in the event of a medical error, fully covers the damage to the injured party.
Healing climate and medications
  • The mild healing climate is conducive to recovery. It allows you to combine treatment with rest. The country has many medical resorts, warm and cold springs. It is very useful for patients with the musculoskeletal system disorders, rheumatic and joint pains.
  • The medications in Italy are considered to be of very high quality and effectiveness, which means they will help you recover faster.

: leading clinics and centers

Italy's healthcare system is divided into national, regional and local. There are over 1,200 clinics all over the country, most of which are superbly equipped and waiting for international patients. Italian clinics pay attention not only to disease treatment, but also to patients' well-being.
  • The National Center for Oncological Hadrontherapy
    The center treats malignant neoplasms by means of a directed beam of carbon particles. There are only 6 centers of this level in the world and this is one of them, located half an hour from Milan. Here, tumors of the brain, pelvis, abdomen, spine, thorax, as well as dense childhood tumors are treated.
  • Centro Diagnostico Italiano (Italian Diagnostics Center)
    The center has been operating in Milan for more than 40 years. The center is equipped with a modern laboratory, one of the best in Europe, which allows it to perform about 450,000 tests per year. A number of scientific developments in radiotherapy and nuclear medicine are also carried out here. Here, genetic and pharmacogenetic tests (for cystic fibrosis, arterial hypertension), tests for breast tumor tissues, mutation and melanoma research are done.
  • Centro Cardiologico Monzino (Monzino Cardiology Center)
    The center deals exclusively with patients with heart and vascular diseases. It was founded in 1981. It is the largest highly qualified medical center in Europe, specializing in cardiac diseases. It has a Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, a Department of Interventional Cardiology, Imaging and Critical Care and a Department of Arrhythmology.
  • Ospedale San Raffaele (San Raffaele Hospital)
    It is a leading Italian hospital that specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The hospital's advantages also include its own physiotherapy and rehabilitation center, which has special equipment for gymnastics. For rehabilitation, there is an indoor swimming pool and a gym, as well as a kinesiotherapy trainer.
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Лечение в Италии
Лечение в Италии
Лечение в Италии
Лечение в Италии
  • Humanitas Research Hospital

    The clinic specializes in the treatment of oncological, cardiac, neurological and orthopedic diseases. The doctors successfully combine treatment and scientific research, share their experience and invite specialists from the USA and Germany, Belgium and Denmark for internship. Over 50% of international patients coming to Italy are directed here.

  • Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli (Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic)

    One of the largest hospitals in Italy that develops scientific innovations and applies them boldly for the benefit of their patients.

    Modern equipment and quality treatment, conscientious approach to their work, respectful attitude not only to the body, but also to the patient's soul - all this makes the hospital popular not only in Italy, but all over the world.

  • Ospedale San Raffaele Turro (San Raffaele Turro Hospital)

    The clinic is a part of the Gruppo San Donato hospital chain. It is recognized as one of the best hospitals in the world in 2022 and is also among the best medical institutions in Italy. Advanced methods of psychiatric and neurological treatment are used here; mental, eating and sleep disorders are treated. It also takes a new approach to the treatment of such diseases as hepatitis and HIV.

  • Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda (Niguarda Hospital)

    It is one of the main hospitals in Milan, Italy. It is both a scientific and educational center, where the treatment of complex pathologies and continuity of care are combined. There is an oncology department, a cardiac center and a transplant center ready to help all patients.

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Treatment in Italy: specializations

Italian hospitals own special features. Doctors in this country provide top-notch therapy for the diseases mentioned below.


Italian doctors pay exceptional attention to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Italian doctors pay exceptional attention to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

In Italy it is possible to treat breast cancer, as well as axillary dissection, benign neoplasms, and also to do oncoplastic breast surgery. All the problems connected with mammary diseases get the close attention of physicians; the patients are provided with psychological help and support, special projects are created to help them gain self-confidence.

Here the treatment program is made for each patient individually. Radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, oncogeneticists and psychologists are involved in creating the program. Emphasis is placed on organ-preserving surgeries.
In Italy schemes of the blood cancer treatment are being developed for. Such diseases as lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer in most cases are successfully treated in Italy.
Malignant tumours are dissected using cutting-edge equipment, and microwave thermal ablation makes it possible to avoid further course of chemotherapy.

Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for the treatment of hematological diseases and, if necessary, bone marrow transplantations. Advanced methods such as haploidentical transplantation and intraosseous cord blood transplantation are actively implemented here. Doctors work closely with experts in the field of leukemia and other specialists.

Such therapy is known to be expensive and time-consuming.
Italian clinics are more budget-friendly than German clinics; on the other hand, the scientific innovations of Italian doctors in bone marrow transplantation may be more advanced. Coming to Italy for a bone marrow transplantation is a good choice.
For example, doctors at the San Rafael Hospital have performed more than 1,000 bone marrow transplants. It is recommended for various immune disorders and lysosomal pathologies. They treat congenital immunodeficiency, Hodgkin's lymphoma, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, multiple myeloma, and multiple sclerosis.

On average,
  • 87 cycles of chemotherapy;
  • 50 autologous transplants;
  • 94 courses of maintenance therapy
are performed anually.

Adult and pediatric orthopedics

Italy is developing advanced technologies in terms of minimally invasive shoulder, knee and hand surgeries as well as hip and knee prosthetics.
Humanitas clinic has a trauma center and a world-class pediatric orthopedic and neuroorthopedic center. It diagnoses and successfully treats neuromotor pathologies such as cerebral palsy in children.
Agostino Gemelli University Policlinic has a specialized center for traumatology and knee surgery that works in a professional and highly qualified manner.


Italian ophthalmology is known for its high quality far beyond the country's borders. For example, cataract is removed here using torsion phacoemulsification, ultrasound, and peribulbar anesthesia. New generation lenses are implanted and macular diseases are treated.

Areas of treatment:
  • cataract removal surgeries;
  • glaucoma and strabismus;
  • eye oncology;
  • pediatric and genetic ophthalmology;
  • medical retina;
  • amniotic membrane;
  • plastic eyelid surgery.
Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic has a National Center for Impaired Vision and Visual Rehabilitation, opened in 2007.
It provides patients with both psychological support and a set of measures and methods to improve residual vision through various optical, electronic and computer aids.

Cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery in Italy is developed at the highest level. On average, clinics perform 1,500 heart operations a year. San Rafaele has a specialized Department of Coronary Surgery, a major center for mitral valve repair, performing 500 operations a year. Modern equipment helps perform surgeries. These include hybrid operating rooms, MitraClip system, GE Vivid echo machine, and others.
The following services and specialties are represented:
  • valvulopathy surgery;
  • treatment of coronary heart disease;
  • surgical ablation;
  • aortic and coronary surgery;
  • surgery for cardiac rhythm disorders;
  • treatment of various heart failures (including non-transplantation);
  • cardiomyopathy and other.
Unconventional surgical methods of treatment are performed:
  • Treatment of functional valve insufficiency;
  • Ventricular remodeling;
  • Ventricular support device installation.

Heart valve abnormalities are treated here by special methods developed here. A special edge-to-edge Clover technique has been developed here for mitral valve reconstruction. San Raffaele was one of the first in the world to introduce the MitraClip procedure: a special percutaneous intervention.

Rare diseases: stem cells treatment

The disease associated with disorders of adenosine deaminase production in children is a rare condition that is almost nowhere to be treated. Such babies have developmental problems, and the functioning of major organs, including the kidneys and liver, is impaired.
Italian doctors have found a way out of this situation. Stem cell treatment with Strimvelis is beginning to become popular and well-known around the world: doctors initially take cells from the bone marrow and introduce a normal copy of the gene into their DNA using a vector. Then they inject them back into the child.
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and metachromatic leukodystrophy are also being successfully overcome here with the help of innovations. Previously, they were considered incurable. Only in Italy a medical team found a successful gene therapy that allows babies to survive and develop.
Doctors and researchers at San Rafaele are also qualified to treat Erdheim-Chester disease, a pathology of the immune system.

Treatment in Italy: prices

When going to Italy, the patient can expect not only the high quality of treatment and vast experience of doctors.

The cost of treatment in Italy deserves some special attention. It is generally lower than in most European countries. Moreover, there are a number of child and adult diseases, including some rare ones, which are treated here just as excellently as in Germany and the USA.

The price will surprise you, and the curative Mediterranean climate will make recovery period quick and pleasant.

Treatment in Italy: 3 main factors

Those who undergo therapy or check-up in Italy have an undeniable argument in favor of this choice. It is a wonderful climate that promotes a quick recovery, highly qualified doctors, high-quality medication and innovative medicine.
  • High qualification of doctors and nursing staff
    The medical personnel here are renowned for their caring and attentive attitude. Italian doctors are highly qualified specialists, who apply individual and interdisciplinary approach to each client. During treatment the doctor always takes into account the specificity of the patient's organism and other diseases of the patient.
  • Innovative medicine
    Minimally invasive surgeries using robotic systems, innovative developments and cell therapy are available. Italian doctors are trusted: leading clergymen of Italy, major league soccer players and ordinary citizens are treated here. The clinic also welcomes international patients.
  • High-quality medication
    Italian pharmacology is created on the basis of hospitals, combined with institutes, based on clinical research. Italian latest pharmacological medications can stop the growth and decay of the tumor, especially in the case of triple-negative type of disease. This saves money and increases the chances of recovery, and the side effects of the latest pharmacology are minimal.
Treatment in Italy: online-consultation and attention to the patients

Only necessary information

Sometimes treatment at home does not work. In order to go abroad for treatment, the patient needs to learn a lot about his disease, to get clear and specific answers to his questions. Local doctors often do not have accurate information, sometimes they have not even encountered a similar case, prescribing only general therapy.

Italian doctors are very interested in welcoming international patients and are happy to conduct online consultations, which are now popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.
Online-consultations save time and money

Treatment abroad is a serious undertaking, that requires a lot of time and money.

By consulting with an experienced, highly specialized specialist online through one of the platforms (Skype, Zoom, Teams) - it's easy to make the right decision and get answers to important questions. After all, information and detailed, specific advice about treatment can often save someone's health and life.

Price, quality, best specialists
On average, the price of an online consultation varies from €350 to 650. It is always conducted by an internationally renowned practitioner, who provides comprehensive information on the pathology. Online consultations are popular because patients tend not just to choose the best country for treatment, but above all to turn to a place where there is a practitioner for their particular disease.

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Treatment in Italy: international patients

UNICLINICSⓇ specialists accompany patients on all treatment stages. The process includes a whole package of services, which is a big advantage over treatment at the place of residence.

Treatment in Italy: beauty and favor

Take advantage of the great opportunity to combine treatment with relaxation, admiring the incomparable sights of the Eternal City and other beauties of Italy.

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