Cancer treatment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the TOP 5 countries for oncology treatment. Over 800,000 people come here every year. Here, doctors have great experience, advanced technology, up-to-date European and American protocols, and the prices are affordable for high quality treatment.

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Cancer treatment in Turkey: benefits

The innovations and research on treatment in Turkey are as advanced as those in the United States and Germany. Many patients come to Turkey for treatment after their local doctors suggested only surgical treatment or could not help at all.

Why patient's come to Turkey for cancer treatment:
Лечение онкологии в Турции

Accurate and correct diagnostics in Turkey

Turkish lab tests (general clinical and biochemical blood tests, tests for specific tumor markers) are constantly certified and made only with the fresh reagents. Instrumental studies are performed using state-of-art equipment. Many molecular genetic tests are available only to doctors in this country.
An accurate diagnostics is 90% of success.
Often people come to Turkey to confirm or disprove the diagnosis. In such cases, the patient needs a flawless interpretation of all the diagnostics examinations, as the doctor's error would be especially costly to the patient. In Turkey, specialists diagnose cancer even at an early stage, when symptoms are weak or absent.

Affordability and accessibility of cancer treatment in Turkey

Doctors in Turkey give quick responses and schedule appointments very fast. The patient will be welcomed to the Istanbul Airport, a large transportation hub, one of the best and most accessible. The flight time will be short, which is valuable for the patient. Tickets are always available, and no visa is required.
Лечение онкологии в Турции
It has a historically comfortable infrastructure: 2870 hotels in the country are glad to accommodate a large number of international visitors. 10% of the state budget is allocated for health care.
44 hospitals in Turkey have earned the world accreditation of the International Commission on Safety and JCI, they have impeccable management and gold standard certification. Twice a year, Turkish hospitals are inspected by the Ministry of Health. Such accessibility, experience and service make Turkey an ideal country for cancer therapy at any stage.
Лечение онкологии в Турции

Original medication for resonable pricing

Not the last factor that makes treatment so effective is high quality of medication. It will be cheaper to buy tickets, undergo treatment and purchase medications in Turkey than to just find them at home.
More than 20% of medicines in the former Soviet Union are fakes, 60% are generics (low-efficiency budget analogues), many of them are banned in their country.

Interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to oncology treatment in Turkey

Turkish oncologists bravely undertake the treatment of many diseases every day.
A great deal of experience with complex cases increases the chances of a positive result and gives specificity and certainty in the therapy.
Different tumor localizations and diagnoses often require a team of doctors from different fields: chemotherapists, surgeons and radiologists, who are able to apply different therapies and methods.
Лечение онкологии в Турции
That is why a comprehensive approach is used: a board of specialists is formed, each of whom is a professional in his or her field: surgeons, radiologists, and specialists in related pathologies.
It is also important to mention that Turkish doctors are highly specialized. The patient does not just go to an oncologist, but to an oncopulmonologist or oncogynecologist, who is experienced in a particular complex disease.
The latest protocols approved by the Food and Drug Administration are used during cancer treatment. They reduce the time of procedures, leaving only the necessary ones to receive positive results.
Лечение онкологии в Турции

Reasonable cost of cancer treatment in Turkey

With high quality of services and treatment, the prices for diagnostics, therapy and subsequent rehabilitation of oncological diseases are very affordable for intrenational patients. You can save up to 50%, compared to the same treatment options in Europe, while the quality of therapy will not be lower, and in some cases even higher, than in Germany and the USA.
Doctors take on cases that they are 100% sure about. They do not make empty promises and do not treat for profit.

Best clinics for cancer treatment in Turkey

Turkish medicine is steadily gaining ground in the global oncology treatment market. Many hospitals form groups and have branches all over the country, which ensures the greatest coverage and accessibility of treatment.
Anadolu Medical Center

One of the best clinics for oncology, oncohematology and bone marrow transplantation. It focuses specifically on international patients. The hospital is OECI-certified for the quality of oncological treatment. Collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital (repeatedly recognized as the best hospital in the U.S.) and practice there allows the clinic to deal with unique and complex cases.
LIV Hospital

LIV Hospital network has 6 private luxury medical facilities, located throughout the country. It specializes in all types of cancer, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. It combines a scientific approach (the clinic operates on the basis of University of İstinye) with impeccable service. Every year, all the medical equipment here is updated.
Medipol Global

Medipol global is the largest clinic network in Turkey; it is a JCI-standardized wellness facility that accepts patients from all over the world.
A distinctive feature is the use of next-generation technology and medication-assisted treatment of malignant tumors.
Memorial Hospital Group

Clinics of Medipol Hospital Groups offer patients a full range of services. In addition, the hospital's scope of expertise also includes autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Specialists are combined in an interdisciplinary team that includes surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, and others.
Medicana Health Group

A network consists of 14 clinics. Each provides a wide range of services for oncology treatment: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, symptomatic treatment, post-chemotherapy nutrition and psychological support services.
Medical Park International

It is the largest hospital network of 30 clinics in 17 cities of Turkey. 4 of the hospitals have received the world's most prestigious JCI accreditation. All types of cancer are treated here, including breast, lung, prostate and colorectal cancer.

Cancer treatment in Turkey: leading specialists

Years of experience and cooperation with clinics around the world have created a base of oncology specialists, who perform the most complex operations and undergo continuous training in the United States and Europe. They are constantly engaged in scientific and clinical research.
Here is a list of medical professionals.
  • Duygu Derin
    Professor of Medicine
    Clinic: LIV Hospital
    Specializations: breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer
  • Mehmet Ufuk Abacioglu
    Professor of Medicine

    Clinic: Acıbadem Taksim

    Specializations: glioblastoma, nerve lymphoma, glioma, lung cancer.

  • İbrahim Tek
    Professor of Medicine
    Clinic: Medicana Health Group
    Specializations: stem cell transplantation, lymphoma, breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer.
  • Hüseyin Beşok

    Professor of Medicine

    Clinic: Medipol Mega

    Specializations: myeloma, lymphoma, acute and chronic leukemia, bone marrow transplantation.

  • Zafer Gülbaş

    Professor of Medicine

    Clinic: Anadolu Medical Center

    Specializations: myeloma, thrombocytopenia, leukemia, Ewing's sarcoma, and various lymphomas.

  • Tahsin Özatlı

    Professor of Medicine

    Clinuc: LIV Hospital

    Specializations: skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, neuro-oncology, tonsil cancer, lung cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, spinal oncology, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, adrenal cancer.

Best urologist of Turkey

There are many famous and talented doctors and professors working in clinics in Turkey. People from all over the world go to Turkey to see different doctors, but for the treatment of urological diseases in most cases they choose Professor Semih Ayan.

Semih Ayan
Professor of Urology, Medical Park Florya

He received his medical degree from Sivas Jumhuriyet University in 1997. Then he became a specialist in urology. In 1999, he became a Fellow in Pediatric Urology at Harvard University. He became Associate Professor of Urology in 2003. Since 2009 Semih Ayan is the Professor of Medicine.

In 2015, Ayan completed his training in Minimally Invasive Urologic Oncology (Clinical Fellow) at the University of Chicago and supplemented his professional education and vast experience with research work. He now works at the Medical Park Florya Clinic.

His brilliant experience in urology is more than 25 years. His main areas of work in Urological oncology are surgical treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney tumors.

Hundreds of patients with cancer or congenital abnormalities turn to Semih Ayhan in Turkey. Thanks to his experience and high qualification in the field of adult and pediatric urology, many patients become healthy.

Prices for cancer treatment in Turkey in 2023

Prices for cancer therapy in Turkey are much more affordable than in Europe.
More than 50 Turkish clinics are JCI accredited, highly rated according to the gold standard of quality.
Quality, level of service and specialists' experience combined with moderate price make a unique offer for patients with oncology.

The story of Professor Barysh Metin's surprisingly accurate diagnosis establishment at NPIstanbul for a young patient from Ukraine

In September 2021, we were contacted by the father of a little patient Matvey,  who is only 3 years old. In May this year, the boy badly hit his head, a day later he complained of severe headaches and loss of sensitivity in some parts of the body. There were serious problems with his speech, decreased reaction rate, vestibular system disorders, a shaky gait and lack of sleep.

Matvey underwent diagnostics in Ukraine, and the tests showed low hormone levels. Doctors said that it was Encephalitis - inflammation of the brain, as 2 weeks before the baby suffered pneumonia and COVID-19. CT scan never showed Encephalitis. The correct diagnosis could not be made and treatment brought no results for a long time. Matvey's father turned to us to find a multidisciplinary clinic and a good, qualified specialist.

We organized a trip to the clinic NPIstanbul in Turkey. So that the family could focus only on what was important, we took care of all current issues: accommodation, interpreter services, transportation, airfare and control of the medical program at the clinic. For several months, our manager Lala Al-Miari led the preparations for the trip.

At NPIstanbul, the boy was treated by a highly qualified specialist, Associate Professor of medical sciences - Barysh Metin. After a physical examination, the professor referred the patient for an ultrasound of the abdomen. Since doctors in Ukraine initially assumed that the problems were related to hormonal background and head trauma, the parents insisted on an MRI of the brain. After examinations, the diagnosis was made - Neuroblastoma. Prof. Barysh Metin found the tumor in the abdominal cavity by conducting the RIGHT instrumental examinations.

The tumor was removed. Now Matvey is feeling great, and all the tests show that he is a completely healthy child! The whole family is insanely grateful for the work we did. Quote: "I don't know what we would do without you...Thank you, thank you so much! Barysh Metin is an amazing doctor, UNICLINICS are amazing trip organizers!"

Modern equipment for cancer treatment in Turkey

Medical equipment in Turkey is sometimes better than in Germany: doctors use the latest innovative methods and technological devices in practice and seek advice from international authorities.
A number of hospitals in Turkey are among the TOP-10 in terms of the equipment of their operating rooms.
They have the newest equipment: CyberKnife, da Vinci Surgical System, Gamma Knife, Varian Edge CT system, Radixact, robotic navigation, and imaging methods that show the smallest changes in the body.
These machines act directly on the tumor site, protecting vital organs and heakthy tissue, helping to cope with the disease more quickly and reducing the risk of recurrence.

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Cancer treatment in Turkey: where to start

Having being diagnosed with cancer can leave a person in a state of shock that is not easy to overcome. However, statistics show that I and II cancer stages can be cured with the right treatment in 95% of cases. Full recovery requires an experienced doctor, proper diagnostics and therapy, high-quality medication. You can find all of it in Turkey. It is very important to treat the disease correctly: not as a verdict, but as a solvable problem.
Below you can find detailed information on how to start cancer treatment in Turkey.

How to prepare for the trip to Turkey for cancer treatment

If you are going abroad for treatment, there are many small, but important things to keep in mind. Here are some of them:
Choice of specialist:

Your first priority will be to choose a doctor and a hospital. Then you will need to provide medical reports, so that the doctor could create a preliminary diagnostics/treatment plan. After that, we will help you to prepare the documents for the border crossing. UNICLINICS managers will always be there to help you.

Choosing a place to stay:
It is important to buy plane tickets and book the hotel in advance. With this information we will arrange transfers for you. The flight from Moscow to Istanbul will take 3 hours, from Kyiv - 2 hours, from Nur-Sultan - 5 hours.
Preparation of documents:
Since a visa is not required to enter the country, the next step is to prepare a passport with a validity of at least 150 days from the date of entry. Passport information, plane ticket and hotel address will be needed to fill out the entry form.
Upon arrival, it is desirable to be constantly in touch with our manager. For this purpose, you can choose one of three options: to keep in touch via messenger, to buy a local SIM-card at the airport with access to the Internet (Vodafone, Turkcell), or to arrange roaming with the telecommunications operator before departure. Our manager will arrange the transfer; the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign of the hotel.

Cancer treatment in Turkey: accomodation

The patient and relatives will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort of Turkish hospitals. They are cozy and welcoming, the patient stays in the rooms with modern design, which have: a bathroom, a bed on the remote control, Wi-Fi, refrigerator, TV and a nurse call button. In short, everything is created to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

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