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Treatment and Clinics in South Korea

The ranking of the best hospitals in South Korea compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2021.

The ultra-modern multi-storey complexes of Korean clinics break many stereotypes about medicine. Hundreds of thousands of studies, the highest requirements for the knowledge and skills of doctors, equipment, apparatus and reagents of the latest generations work for patients in Korean hospitals. High-precision, less traumatic operations on joints, spinal cord, brain, heart, liver, kidneys are performed here - it is for the sake of inexpensive and effective surgery that thousands of patients from neighboring countries come here. Although the level of service here is somewhat lower than in Europe , this small drawback is completely compensated by the lower price and high efficiency of medical procedures.

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital of The Catholic University

Founded in 1980, the clinic underwent renovations in March 2009 to become the St. Mary's University Hospital in Seoul, with state-of-the-art infrastructure to bring the country's new medical culture to life. Today it is one of the largest clinics in Korea with 4,000 employees.

Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center ranks among the top 15 best hospitals in Asia. Based on cutting-edge medical technology, it is the center of the future in healthcare. It is also the first clinic in Korea to provide comprehensive care for oncological diseases: primary and secondary prevention, examination, treatment, training of oncologists, scientific research and rehabilitation.

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Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center ranks among the top 15 best hospitals in Asia and is the leading and largest medical complex in South Korea. Since its founding in June 1989, it has built a world-class reputation by continuing to actively invest its knowledge and skills in the development of medicine.

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH)

Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) is one of the top 15 best hospitals in Asia and has been a leader in South Korea for 130 years. This is the first clinic to be accredited by the Korean government. In 2013, the President of Korea personally presented her with the highest award "Medical Korea".

Yonsei University Severance Hospital

Yonsei University Severance Hospital is one of the top 15 best hospitals in Asia. It has been the founder of modern medical science in Korea since 1885, and for the past 130 years has served in the health sector nationwide as the country's leading medical organization.

There are 92 more hospitals in South Korea in our database.

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