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Treatment and Clinics in Japan

The ranking of the best hospitals in Japan compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2021.

The list of the best clinics in Japan includes hospitals that are equipped at a high level even by the standards of the most technologically advanced state in the world. Clinics' doctors are also researchers, scientific associates and teachers. You can become a doctor only after going through colossal competition. It is very prestigious to be a doctor here, and given the huge population density and the number of applicants, even a usual general practitioner must be the best out of 400 people by the end of the training to complete it. There is only the best medicine and a variety of diagnostic and treatment options. In 2019, Japan opened its doors to international patients and began issuing medical visas. Now clinics that are in the world's top 20 can admit you at a price lower than in Europe and with quality and comfort available only in Japan.

The University of Tokyo Hospital

The clinic is ranked 1st in the ranking of clinics in Japan and 8th in the ranking of clinics in the world according to the rating of Newsweek magazine. The University of Tokyo Hospital was originally founded in 1858, has a long history of 160 years and is one of Japan's leading university hospitals.

St. Luke's International Hospital

St. Luke's International Hospital 一 it is a large general hospital serving the city of Tokyo and an internationally recognized training center for medical professionals, including doctors and postgraduate nurses.

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Kyoto University Hospital

This large multidisciplinary clinic not only has the ability to receive and provide assistance to several thousand patients a day, but also provides them with full treatment in departments of other profiles. During its existence the clinic in close cooperation with the institute, has had a record 18 Nobel laureates, 2 Fields and one Gauss laureate graduated from Kyoto University Hospital - this is the majority of laureates throughout Asia.

Juntendo University Hospital

Juntendo University Hospital is ranked 4th in Japan and is a university hospital affiliated with Juntendo University of Tokyo. It is a multidisciplinary university in Japan specializing in medical research.

Kyushu University Hospital

Kyushu University Hospital is the largest national university hospital in Japan with over 1400 beds and about 3000 staff, offering the latest and greatest care as a last resort in regional medicine. The clinic is one of the world centers for cancer genomic medicine and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

There are 98 more hospitals in Japan in our database.

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Useful information about clinics in Japan

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According to patient reviews UNICLINICSⓇ в 2018-2019
No. 8 in the world ranking of clinics
Maximum specialization
Oncology - Kyushu University Hospital
Cardiology - Tokyo University Hospital
Obstetrics and Gynecology - Tokyo University Hospital
Gastroenterology - St. Luke International Hospital Tokyo
Breast Cancer - St. Luke International Hospital Tokyo
Nephrology - St. Luke International Hospital Tokyo
Microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery - Kyoto University Hospital
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