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The ranking of the best Italian clinics in 2023 is compiled by NewsWeek Report.
In total, there are about 1,250 private and municipal hospitals in Italy. Treatment in Italy is the best orthopedics, cardiology and oncology, plastic surgery and ophthalmology. A large number of clinical studies in the field of mammology are carried out here. Moreover, 8 guidelines for cancer treatment were developed here. People traditionally come here for rest and treatment. The reason for the this popularity is the excellent climate and the high quality of therapy, on a par with German and American, but at a reasonable price.
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milan, italy

Humanitas Research Hospital

Included in the Top-10 hospitals in Italy. Recognized as one of the four most innovative clinics in the world by Harvard University. The first one received the prestigious international JCI certificate of the gold standard of quality. It is one of the most powerful and solid in terms of innovation, the use of American protocols and the choice of extra-class specialists.
milan, italy

Ospedale San Raffaele, Gruppo San Donato

Included in the ranking of the best specialized clinics in the world in the following specialties: oncology, endocrinology, cardiology and neurology. Highly specialized multidisciplinary medical center of world importance. Combines therapy, teaching and research with advanced patient care.
Rome, Italy

San Carlo di Nancy Hospital

The Hospital San Carlo di Nancy, located in Rome, combines innovative robotic surgical techniques, highly qualified specialists and a case-by-case approach to each patient. Here you will find a wide range of medical services including orthopedics, urology, gynecology and cardiology, as well as modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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Cotignola, Italy

Maria Cecilia Hospital

The Maria Cecilia Hospital is a leading medical center, offering patients high quality and innovative medical services. The team of experienced specialists is committed to providing an individualized approach to each patient, taking into account their needs and preferences. Advanced technology and treatment methods are used here, working closely with experts in different medical fields to ensure the best possible results and to ensure patient comfort and safety at every stage of treatment.
milan, italy

Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli

Number one Italian clinic according to NewsWeek Report 2022. The hospital was named after the Franciscan friar, physician and psychologist Agostino Gemelli. This is a fundamental medical institution where doctors practice and study. For foreign patients, comfortable hotel-type wards are provided here. Thanks to scientific work and research, patients receive innovative care and treatment using the latest methods and technologies.
milan, italy

Ospedale San-Raffaele Turro

Ospedale San Raffaele Turro is part of the Gruppo San Donato hospital network. Recognized as one of the best clinics in the world in 2022, it is also among the best medical institutions in Italy.
milan, italy

Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda

Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda is one of the main clinics in Milan, Italy. It is at the same time a scientific and educational center where the treatment of complex pathologies and the continuity of patient care are combined.
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