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Best hospitals for medical tourism in Turkey

The ranking of the best clinics in Turkey was compiled by UNICLINICS Digest in 2022.
More than 1000 clinics across the country are ready to accept international patients.
Most of these clinics meet international standards, 49 clinics in Turkey have received the prestigious international JCI certificate (evaluation of clinics according to 1300 parameters and certification if they meet at least 1100 key criteria).
It is especially necessary to highlight the 4th most technologically advanced Anadolu Cancer Center in the world and the vast experience of doctors in several areas. After practicing in the US, Germany or France, local doctors perform thousands of kidney, liver, bone marrow, cornea and hair transplants - industries in which Turkey has no equal.
In addition, to help patients in the most difficult cases, the best clinics in Turkey work with leading hospitals and institutes in the USA.

Medicana International Ankara

Medicana International in Ankara is one of the largest multidisciplinary clinics in Turkey. Today, it is the most sought-after hospital in the country. The area of 20 thousand m² accommodates 215 beds for inpatients, equipped with the latest technology of the department. Cozy wards for patients, picturesque facade and well-groomed territory.
Istanbul, Turkey

NPİSTANBUL — Brain Hospital

NPİSTANBUL has become the first neuro hospital in Turkey, which provides high-level medical services to patients with the most complex forms of diseases. The clinic is equipped and technologically advanced. The most advanced methods of treatment are used here, the main specializations are: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and others.

Acıbadem Taksim Hospital

Acıbadem Taksim Hospital is the 18th in the Acıbadem Healthcare Group. The hospital has 93 rooms and 6 operating rooms. The intensive care unit has 10 beds, 2 of which are isolated, and the neonatal intensive care unit has 7 beds, 1 of which is isolated.

Medipol University Hospital

Medipol University Hospital is the largest healthcare investment project in Turkey. As a university hospital, Medipol Istanbul includes general clinics, cardiovascular surgery, oncology and dentistry.

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Medicana International Istanbul

Medicana International in Istanbul has a reputation of a modern-equipped center with highly professional doctors and an efficient and attentive approach to each particular patient. Thanks to these and many other qualities, the clinic has been certified with the prestigious JCI quality mark.

Medicana Bahçelievler

Medicana Bahçelievler is one of the TOP 10 clinics in Turkey and belongs to the largest and most sought-after network of clinics in the country. The therapeutic specialties cover all possible outpatient needs of Turkish and international patients.

Birinci Eye Hospital

It took more than 40 million dollars to build and equip Birinci Eye Hospital and today the clinic specializes exclusively in eye diseases and has the most qualified staff and the highest level of equipment aimed at a precisely defined type of ophthalmic pathology.

Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical Center is ranked # 2 in the list of the best international clinics in Turkey and is the 4th most equipped clinic in the world. The clinic has MTQUA 2019 award and accreditation from JCI - one of the most prestigious awards for medical institutions.

Estetik International

Estetik International specializes in aesthetic, reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. For almost two decades, the clinic has treated more than 70,000 patients and is renowned for its experienced staff, the latest technology and the high quality services.

Skin Health Turkey

Skin Health Turkey is a private clinic in Istanbul specializing in hair transplantation. This clinic is recommended by all patients who have visited Turkey to have a hair transplantation or to improve their overall appearance.

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Clinics in Turkey - Overview and Specializations

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Maximum specialization
Oncology — Anadolu Medical Center
Dermatology — Skin Health Turkey
Hair transplant — Skin Health Turkey
Ophthalmology — Birinci Eye Hospital
Plastic surgery — Estetik International
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