Oncological (cancer) treatment in Germany

Germany is famous for high-tech medical care, excellent quality of treatment and modern innovations. This country is the leader of medical technologies. It cannot be denied that the prices here are among the most expensive in Europe. This therapy is for those who prefer guaranteed results and German methodology.

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Cancer treatment in Germany: renowned German quality

Oncological treatment should be undergone with the best doctors. More than 52,000 patients diagnosed with cancer come to Germany every year. According to the Tourism Review magazine, more than 250,000 people from 177 countries of the world annually become patients in German clinics. There are 43 cancer centers specializing in 300 services. Coming here for treatment is already half the success.

Let's see what its components are.
  • Medicine as an investment
    Successful cancer treatment requires annual scientific innovation. More than 80% of all world research is carried out in this country. The financing of German hospitals by the state is more than 300 billion euros annually, it allows you to purchase high-precision equipment, explore various fields of medicine, improving the fight against the disease every day. Cases that are considered hopeless are successfully treated here. In Germany, the disease will be studied at the university level. If active treatment is not possible, the patient will be offered palliative care, effectively relieving him of pain.
  • Best diagnostics, fast recovery
    The whole world trusts the diagnostics conducted by German doctors, scrupulous and punctual. If there are doubts about the diagnosis made by domestic oncologists, then the best solution would be to apply to Germany. Symptomatic therapy is carried out in parallel with the main manipulations and makes the patient's life full, eliminating the side symptoms of chemo- and radiotherapy. Well-established care and precisely selected medicines allow you to quickly get back to normal life.
  • Honest Cost
    There is a widespread opinion that the cost of medicine in Germany is one of the highest in the world. Yes, it is quite high, but controlled by the state, justified with the help of DRG pricing statistics. This is a single billing system. More than 1,500 cases of treatment meticulously standardized and counted. Full diagnostics of the body before the start of treatment and the risks for the patient are taken into account. Here, unnecessary procedures will not be assigned, and the cost will not be unreasonably high. At the same time, doctors themselves do not influence pricing in any way.
  • Modern Equipment
    Each medical center, university clinic has its own diagnostic base and laboratory. All examinations and diagnoses are done on the spot. Photodynamic therapy, gene therapy, ultrasound, laser and biotherapy are used; Radiation and nuclear, stereotactic radiosurgery (Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, TrueBeam, 177Lu-PSMA) are available as well. In short, German medicine is well equipped.

Best clinics for oncological treatment in Germany

The system of German clinics is rather complicated. They are divided into university and state, city and private. Each has its own specifics. Many German clinics are called university because they are merged directly with the educational institution itself. Doctors here not only treat, but also research; science and treatment go hand in hand. They have in their arsenal many accurate methods for determining the tumor and sparing resection methods, they are fluent in minimally invasive sparing methods for neoplasms resection.
University Hospital Heidelberg

Many scientists and doctors who fought against tumors worked here for 600 years, including Vincenz Czerny and Karl Heinrich Bauer. The clinic is widely involved in innovations in the treatment of cancer. The hospital cooperates closely with the German Cancer Research Center.
Charité University Hospital

The clinic has exceptional experience in the treatment of particularly complex cases of oncology. There is a huge medical team here: 4,225 doctors and scientists, more than 4,500 medical personnel. The Charite Clinic combines highly qualified staff, innovative diagnostic methods and excellent technical equipment.
University Hospital Bonn

This is a multidisciplinary medical institution, one of the largest in Germany, a huge structure which includes 31 specialized hospitals. The United Cancer Center which is part of this structure is also world famous. He develops the latest methods of cancer treatment. All this attracts a large number of patients from other countries.
Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch

The largest and most modern clinic in Berlin, closely cooperates with the university, using the innovations of medicine. The recovery rate of cancer patients exceeds the national average. There is also a children's cancer center.
University Hospital Cologne

This is a large multidisciplinary German clinic. In addition to surgical methods of cancer treatment, innovative technologies and the latest pharmacological preparations are actively used here.
Academic Hospital Charité Vivantes Humboldt

One of the largest specialized medical institutions. It is famous for its impeccable reputation in the field of oncology treatment.

Peculiarities of treatment in Germany

Common oncological diseases that German treat are leukemia, including bone marrow transplantation, neoplasms of the brain and spinal cord. They also treat prostate cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer and kidney cancer. Patients with cancer of the intestines, breast, cervix, ovaries and so on are treated. In addition, Lutetium isotope radiotherapy, developed by oncologists at the University Hospital of Cologne, is performed here.

Multidisciplinary Board

If the case is complex and the disease is systemic, doctors conduct a multidisciplinary council to help the patient and take into account related pathologies. This does not require additional payment and is included in the general algorithm of actions.

The correct selection of targeted drugs and radiation therapy, as well as palliative care, are at a high level here. Robotic surgery guarantees minimal pain, accelerates the recovery period and almost completely eliminates the possibility of postoperative complications. This enables the patient to experience a difficult condition less painfully, significantly improves the quality of life in the future.
Лечение онкологии в Германии

Online-consultations with German Oncologists

Online-consultations with German professors who have a lot of experience in complex and rare diseases contribute to the correct treatment and effective therapy. For example, Professor Christian Scholz from the German clinic Vivantes conducted an online consultation for patient H. regarding cystodenocarcinoma of the small salivary glands.
Лечение онкологии в Германии
The diagnosis was establish in 2019, the condition after complex treatment with positive dynamics. Since October 2021, unfortunately, the progression of the disease began: a secondary brain lesion with the appearance of a new focus in the occipital lobe. The consultation took place on November 22, 2021 at 14.00 Berlin time.

Online-consultations for severe cases are difficult to organize, but they are very important for the patient and his family. The patient's wife is very grateful to all the staff for their well-coordinated work.

German doctors provide online-consultations on all diagnoses for foreign patients around the world.

Oncological treatment in Germany: costs 2023

Therapy in Germany is always of excellent quality and the responsibility of professional doctors for the work done. Paying for treatment at home can be more expensive if the patient is not 100% sure of the quality and spends valuable time searching for and selecting the ideal treatment.

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Cancer treatment in Germany: leading oncologists

The experience of German doctors is colossal, as well as their qualifications. For hundreds of them, treatment is not a way to make money, but a vocation and a mission. Many of them are doctors in their third generation, they participate in scientific research, conferences, and are aware of the latest achievements in medicine. Our medical consultant will help you choose an experienced doctor who can deal with a specific type of onological disease. Our database contains only proven clinics and oncologists which we are pleased to bring to your attention.
  • Wolfram Malter

    Doctor of Medical Sciences
    Clinic: Breast Cancer Center at the University Hospital Cologne
    Specialization: All types of cancer, bone marrow and stem cell transplantation
  • Steffen Weikert
    Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
    Clinic: Vivantes Humboldt Urology Clinic, Berlin
    Specialization: surgery of oncological diseases of the genitourinary system, prostate cancer, kidney tumors
  • Ulrich Adam

    Professor of Medicine
    Clinic: Vivantes Humboldt
    Specialization: breast cancer, liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer
  • Klaus Garbe

    Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
    Clinic: University Hospital Tübingen
    Specialization: Areas of specialization:
    clinical trials, immunotherapy, medical oncology, melanoma
  • Manuel Ritter
    Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
    Clinic: University Hospital Bonn
    Specialization: urology, uro-oncology in children and adults, prostate cancer
  • Johannes Schultz

    Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences
    Clinic: Helios Krefeld
    Specialization: head and neck cancer

Main misconceptions about treatment in Germany

Неверный диагноз, длительная терапия без существенных положительных изменений, деньги уходящие в никуда, — это лишь часть того, что ожидает онкологического больного, если он решит ограничиться отечественной медициной. Чтобы не совершать распространенных ошибок, следует внимательно изучить информацию ниже.

  • It is more expensive through intermediaries
    Exactly the opposite. In fact, successful treatment without the services of an intermediary is almost impossible. Those who want to get advice run the risk of simply not getting through or not understanding the information provided in a foreign clinic. Also, on the way of independent searches, prices are doubled, unscrupulous assistants, queues of several months to successful doctors, problems with transfers, a language barrier, and the specifics of staying in another country. All this can be successfully avoided by contacting UNICLINICS.
  • Famous hospital is the best for specific cancer treatment
    What is more important — to find a doctor who specializes in this disease, who knows a successful method of treatment from diagnostics to rehabilitation, or to choose an expensive clinic with a worldwide reputation? First of all, it is more important to find a narrow-profile doctor who deals with this type of oncology, who is able to take on a specific case and has agreed to an appointment.
  • Healing is the same everywhere
    As a solution to the problem, local oncologists often offer either complete removal of the organ, or long-term general therapy with drugs, chemotherapy without a guarantee. For example, a child was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder. In the CIS countries, organ resection with chemo- and radiotherapy will be offered. Only specialists from abroad will undertake full-fledged treatment with a successful recovery.
  • Domestic drugs help in the same way as foreign ones
    It is not necessary to reduce the value of drug treatment. It is important in most cases and types of oncology. Drugs sold in our homeland are often either not available, or cost a lot of money, or are fakes with a lot of side effects. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay for a full range of treatment abroad than to swallow generics and counterfeits at a extremely high price that give no result.
  • You can undergo diagnostics at home to save money
    Often, a patient who came to Germany for treatment had a CT scan or MRI done more than 2 months ago. At the same time, the quality is often imperfect, it is difficult to evaluate and understand it, domestic equipment (1.5 Tesla instead of the standard 3) does not reflect the whole situation.
  • Doctors' diagnostics is always objective
    The accuracy of the diagnostics is also affected by subjective factors: the thickness of the applied gel on ultrasound, the interpretation of the information by the physician. There is no need to waste precious time on inaccurate diagnostics, it will be faster and more correct to immediately get help abroad, along with a guarantee of recovery.

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