Best hospitals for medical tourism in Spain

The ranking of the best clinics in Spain was compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2023.

Treatment in Spain is on par with Germany and the USA. According to WHO, Spain's healthcare system is in 7th place among all countries. Spanish oncologists specialize in the treatment of cancer in children and defeat the disease in 70% of cases. More than 200,000 intenational patients come to Spain every year. Spanish doctors conduct online consultations for patients from all over the world, while the cost of a consultation is lower than in the USA or Turkey, and the quality remains at a high level.

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Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital has been working for more than 150 years and helps a large number of children all over the world.
It is a private center run by the Catalan Health Service, which belongs to the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, a religious organization. The same organization runs almost 300 medical centers around the world.
The multidisciplinary Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital has become one of the leading hospitals in Europe and the main hospital in Spain for children and adolescents. It comprehensively treats all childhood diseases. Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital is based at the University of Barcelona and is closely linked to the Hospital Clínica de Barcelona.

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Hospital Universitario Quirónsalud Madrid (Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital)

Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital is part of the large Quirónsalud complex. The hospital was founded in 2007, and in a short time has become one of the best in Spain and Europe. The hospital has received the prestigious ISO and JCI accreditation certificates. The huge Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital is spread over more than 60,000 square meters in a unique building in Pozuelo de Alarcón. Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital is a general hospital with 39 medical-surgical specialties.

El Hospital Universitari Dexeus — Grupo Quirónsalud (Dexeus University Hospital)

Dexeus University Hospitall in Barcelona is part of the Quirónsalud Group. Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona has more than 30 departments, specializing in all the complex diseases of children and adults. Approximately 49,000 patients are accepted to Dexeus University Hospital every year; more than 85,000 emergencies are performed (approximately 230 per day); more than 10,000 surgeries are performed here annually; more than 2,500 childbirths take place here; and around 50 clinical trials are conducted.

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Centro Médico Teknon (Teknon Medical Center)

Centro Médico Teknon is renowned for the excellent quality of provided medical care. It holds a leading position among Spanish medical institutions.
Centro Médico Teknon is part of the Quirónsalud network. It employs highly qualified specialists and uses innovative medical technology.

Hospital Clinic de Barcelona

Hospital Clinic de Barcelona is a modern multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic clinic with a long history and an excellent reputation. High-tech equipment, the latest medical technologies, many of which were developed by the clinic's specialists, as well as advanced treatment methods, raised it to the top 10 Spanish hospitals.

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