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Medical tourism ㅡ countries, hospitals and prices

Here you will find detailed information about health tourism ㅡ 89 hospitals from 11 countries are available on the website and other 803 best hospitals in the world are in a closed database and available for UNICININICSⓇ patients. There are also prices for 5860 diagnoses abroad and practical recommendations for patients on the website.
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Medical travel to Austria

Austria is the home for best private hospitals in the world. There advanced technologies are used, comprehensive services are provided and specialized departments (including comprehensive rehabilitation clinics that focus on physical and mental health) works for one aim ㅡ their patients` health. By the way, Austria has some of the best cancer survival rates in Europe. The International Joint Commission (JCI) has accredited one hospital, one laboratory and two rehabilitation centers that offer sports, orthopedic and other rehabilitation in Austria.

Medical travel to Great Britain

United Kingdom has always stood apart from Europe.Now, as well as before, with the largest and most famous research institutes in the Eastern Hemisphere (Cambridge, Oxford, NICE), the country does not always share its knowledge, not forgetting to use the achievements of the whole world. So, English doctors always have a wider choice of possibilities and treatment options for their patients, which gives the highest efficiency indicators in the world.

Medical travel to Germany

Germany is the place for patients who are looking for advanced medical technology, high standards, safety and fast treatment. The main directions are artificial replacement of the cervical disc, bone marrow transplantation, brain surgery, cardiovascular surgery, colon surgery, endoprosthesis replacement, surgery of the upper respiratory tract and others. Qualified medical consultants, outstanding university and private hospitals in Germany guarantee high quality patient care.

Medical travel to Israel

Excellent medical standards and an impressive doctor-to-population ratio have made Israel a popular destination for medical tourists. Researchers in the country, in collaboration with centers around the world, open up new methods of treatment every year, giving their patients a new chance, and train them to doctors from abroad. People come here to treat the most difficult cases in neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, for the treatment of cancer and organ transplantation.

Medical travel to Canada

Prices are lower than in the USA and, often, than in Europe are combined with an extremely high level of medicine. The survival rate of patients with kidney disease is the highest in the world, and thousands of US citizens travel to Canada for local orthopedics and cardiac surgery every year. The mountains, rivers, forests and the climate of the country as a whole creates the best conditions for rehabilitation in the world, so there are world-famous Full Cycle Centers ー from the start of diagnostics to the end of rehabilitation is provided in one hospital for patients to come home completely recovered.

Looking for a best specialized hospital abroad?

You want to know which hospital and doctor shows the best results in treating your disease, how exactly to go to treatment to this clinic, how to do it at the precise desired time without waiting for 3-6 months — these are questions that we are specialized in and we manage that every day.

On this page you are able to compare 89 hospitals from our open database on the website. Over 900 more hospitals in 11 countries are available for you in consultation with our doctors — we will select the best option taking into account your every wish and medical indications.
900 hospitals from 11 countries in the UNICLINICSⓇ database are at your service — just request the advice of our doctor.

Medical travel to Singapore

Singapore attracts patients with its world-famous medical infrastructure, cleanliness, order and English-speaking medical staff. The Joint International Commission accredited 15 hospitals and medical centers in Singapore that offer a wide range of services: from dentistry, orthopedics, urology, dermatology, cardiology, sports medicine, ophthalmology, endocrinology and cosmetic procedures to alternative medicines, such as traditional Chinese medicine, which includes acupuncture and herbal medicines.

Medical travel to USA

The United States is known as a country with the best hospitals in the world, the most innovative medical approaches and state-of-the-art medical equipment. World-famous hospitals such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins attract patients from all over the globe. Taking into account recent exponential increase in medical care, some US hospitals and clinics have lowered their prices to attract not only wealthy domestic and foreign patients. On the other hand, the World Health Organization has rated the health care system in the United States as the most expensive in the world.

Medical travel to Turkey

Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey is conveniently located for most medical tourists in the Eastern Hemisphere. It became popular with the opening of innovative clinics in Turkey ー the fourth most equipped cancer clinic in the world is located here, most of IVF are performed in the country, kidney and liver transplants, hair transplants and plastic surgeries are the most popular in the turkey hospitals. Most doctors studied at leading US medical universities, and the hospitals work closely with world-class mother ships such as the Harvard Medical Center and the John Hopkins Clinic.

Medical travel to Switzerland

Large private hospitals are located in Lausanne, Bern and Geneva. Despite the fact that prices in Switzerland are more expensive than in other European countries, the world famous plastic surgeons work here and the country is known for spa treatment, cosmetic surgery, IVF, neurosurgery, obesity surgery and orthopedic surgery. However, Swiss hospitals also offer many other treatment options, including dentistry and laser eye surgery.

Medical travel to Japan

In a small and populous country special conditions for the close development of technology and medicine have formed. The best clinics in the world take pride in medical equipment from Japan. It is is ordinary here. To become a doctor in Japan everyone need to overcome such competition that the concept of a bad doctor simply cannot exist here. There are thousands of people per doctor, and life expectancy in the country continues to grow. Such experience, the number of innovations and technological capabilities began to attract millions of patients with the most complex diseases to the country. In Japan they can be helped.

Medical travel to South Korea

South Korea is filled with first-class private and university hospitals, most of them have international departments that understand and serve the needs of foreign patients.
Popular treatments in South Korea include cosmetology, gynecology, stem cell treatment, neurology, endocrinology, otolaryngology (ENT), dental, eye, laser treatment, cardiology, transplantation and medical examinations.

Useful information about medical tourism

The most important thing you need to know while searching for medical travel is how to understand that it is time to look for options in other countries, how to choose the right clinic, its cost and what to take with you.

Read all about that below.
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How to understand that it is time to find a medical travel

Many patients choose health tourism only in case the medicine in their country can not help. There are other reasons requiring the help of foreign hospitals and doctors:

Accurate diagnostic impossibility. Since the exact diagnosis of the illness causes is the key to recovery, an approach is practiced when diagnostics is carried out in hospitals abroad, and subsequent treatment is already in the patient's home country, under the supervision of foreign doctors.

Prescribed therapy did not bring results. The reasons may be an incorrect diagnosis, an ineffective method of treatment is prescribed, not original medications (often fakes), low level of qualification of local doctors.

The disease is developing rapidly and extremely complex surgery is necessary. In these cases, the treatment of the disease requires state-of-the-art surgery methods like robotic surgery or new methods that are not yet available in the patient`s country.

Too radical treatment is prescribed ㅡ for example, resection, removal, amputation of organs that are important in everyday and social life. In 40% of cases, it is possible to select less invasive methods in order to preserve the organ. However, even if the decision to remove is confirmed in foreign clinics, the risk for the operation itself will be much less, and the subsequent recovery process after the operation will be easier and shorter.

The best hospitals in the world rely on a strong scientific base of their universities and medical research centers. Therefore, the qualifications of medical personnel, doctors and the scale of their medical thinking are many times higher, which ultimately affects the result.

How to choose a country and hospital for medical travel?

The first thing to consider when choosing a country for medical tourism is the diagnosis and the necessary type of medical intervention. There are general medical centers, such as the General Clinic in Singapore or Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. These centers are usually suitable for all patients who do not require special cutting-edge treatments.

However, given the fact that 70% of patients who choose medical tourism to be treated have non-standard diagnoses and complex situations, the best solution would be to select a specialized foreign hospital and search for a doctor who has enough expertise to provide the correct diagnostic and therapy for this disease. This approach has the greatest chance to lead to recovery.

The UNICLINICSⓇ team has a strong medical competence in the selection of highly specialized treatment solutions. In our database, in total, more than 900 hospitals in 11 countries and 45397 proven doctors. The search time of the best option usually ranges from 1 to 72 hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

Prices on medical travels

Here you can find the exact prices on medical travels. This cost already includes all necessary expenses for inpatients ㅡ the ward for the entire period of stay, food, the cost of all drugs and supplies, the services of the attending physicians and medical staff.

It is worth knowing that the cost of individual procedures and tests abroad might be more expensive, but the cost of the entire treatment cycle abroad is often cheaper. This is due to the fact that the best hospitals in the world have a large flow of foreign patients and have learned how to optimize the cost. The second reason is the 95% success rate in treating diseases during the first treatment in specialized countries and significantly shorter treatment periods ㅡ for example, in the CIS, therapy can be delayed for months, which entails daily fixed costs. Original medicines certified by the European Commission and less invasive surgery methods are used in clinics abroad. All these factors reduces the cost of treatment abroad as a result, because its duration and terms of recovery are reduced.

How to prepare for a medical travel

When the appointment is made and the professor is already familiar with the history of the disease it is time to plan other aspects of the medical travel:

Flight. If the patient is transportable, can move independently and has experience of air travel, then no problems should arise. In any other case, it is necessary to describe the situation in detail when booking air tickets and to request additional assistance from the personnel of the board and the airport. It would not be superfluous to call the airline and talk through all the details on the phone.

Accompanying person. If the patient is a child under 18 years old, a person in old age or needs help in everyday life, it is strongly recommended to undergo treatment abroad accompanied by someone. As a rule, it is someone from relatives and (or) close friends. The accompanying person will be the main contact for solving service issues and provide support, because any stay in the hospital, especially in another country, is a stressful situation for the patient.

Transfer from airport. If you have not booked services, and want to independently organize the whole process, you should take care of the transfer in advance, study the cost and order a car suitable for the patient's needs.

Accommodation. Outpatient patients (diagnostics, consultations with doctors) need to book a hotel. You should choose a hotel near the hospital and book in advance. For inpatients, it is necessary to stay in the clinic, however, it is worth deciding in advance where the accompanying person will live. There are options for staying at the hotel or with the patient in a 2-bed ward.

Language barrier and professional medical terminology. Even if you are proficient in languages, it is recommended to use the services of professional medical translators since they usually have medical education and use complex terminology. You must book in advance the services of an interpreter who will accompany you during your medical travel and coordinate all the details.

Necessary things, toiletries. Some foreign hospitals, especially in Singapore and Switzerland, provide a full all inclusive for the patient. The wards have everything you need for a comfortable stay ㅡ shower, bathrobe, towels, slippers, cosmetics, hair dryer etc. It is necessary to clarify what will be provided in your ward. It is recommended in any case to take with you everything you need for the entire period of your medical travel.
To contact us
Fill out the following lines and send us a request. Then you will get all the necessary information — countries, best hospitals, prices for treatment and practical recommendations.
Upload your medical reports
Medical reports, photos, scans etc.
Connection security is provided by the SSL protocol. This information will not be sent yet. All consultation services are free for patients.