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Seoul, South Korea

JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK Plastic Surgery Center was founded in 1998. More than 6,200 patients who come from different countries are treated here annually. In JK's 20 years of experience, there has not been a single case of infection, and that is why the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Korea awarded the title of "Best Medical Institution for Foreign Patients".
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JK Plastic Surgery Center

Every day, the center's plastic surgeons make a lot of efforts to underline the merits of the client's appearance with the help of their work, to bring natural beauty to the ideal while maintaining naturalness. JK specializations: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, contour plastic surgery, anti-aging procedures, mammoplasty, corrective facial plastic surgery, hair treatment.

Advantages of JK Plastic Surgery Center
JK's Specializations
JK's Leading Specialists
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Innovative equipment and methods of JK Plastic Surgery Center
Have a look at JK's patients

Advantages of JK Plastic Surgery Center

The JK Plastic Surgery Center has received many awards and honorary awards, and the doctors of the center are considered to be among the best plastic surgeons in South Korea. Thanks to many years of experience and responsibility, thousands of patients from all over the world come to the clinic.
Prestigious Accreditation
JK is the first plastic surgery clinic to receive state accreditation for the high quality of service KAHF Accredited Hospital.
Safety and Reliability
Innovative implantation methods Motiva, Doulblo HIFU Gold Lifting, JK 3D threads and other modern equipment with which top-level operations are performed. Sterile operating system according to US 209D standard.
Thousands of Successful Surgeries
During the entire existence of the Center for Plastic Surgery, more than 85,000 successful surgeries have been performed. Doctors improve the appearance of patients, performing miracles of transformation.

JK Plastic Surgery Center — Awards and Achievements

Specialization of the JK Center

At the JK Plastic Surgery Center, doctors help to achieve the desired result in a short time, thanks to minimally invasive and non-traumatic operations. Surgeons have tremendous experience in narrowly focused industries which eliminates errors and side effects. Thousands of patients trust their appearance to the doctors of the JK Clinic.
Facial Contouring
Hair Loss Treatment

Facial Contouring

The specialists of the clinic will create perfect proportions, transform the oval of the face and do everything possible to make you feel better.
Osteotomy of the upper and lower jaws
The procedure is aimed at eliminating: hooked chin, facial asymmetry.

Preparation before the surgery:
  • To begin with, a scheduled examination by the attending surgeon is carried out.
  • Then analyzes, CT, fluorography, consultations with dentists take palce.
  • Before the intervention, a 3D model of the area where surgical interventions will be performed is made.
  • Duration of the surgery is about 2-4 hours, then the patient is transferred to the ward, usually for 3 days, then the sutures are removed.
Resection of the jaw angles
The range of areas of surgical intervention:
  • Resection of the angles of the lower jaw;
  • Removal of the upper layer of the lower jaw;
  • Chin resection.
The purpose of the operation is to change the zygomatic areas and the oval of the face. Doctors perform bone resection, the face acquires softness, contour, proportionality.
Taking into account the appearance's features, JK specialists draw up a detailed plan of the operation in order to form a harmonious contour of the chin. Mentoplasty is performed to correct a long, sunken, wide or asymmetrical chin. Surgical interventions are performed under general anesthesia and last about 2 hours. As a rule, the patient is hospitalized for 1 day.
Face liposuction
JK clinic services:
  • Cheek liposuction;
  • Removal of Bish's lumps;
  • Double chin liposuction.
The liposuction procedure is performed under sedative anesthesia and lasts approximately one hour. Bandage is removed in 2 weeks.
Facial rejuvenation surgeries
The clinic conducts:
  • Endoscopic forehead lift;
  • Mini facelift;
  • Non-invasive facelift;
  • Botox;
  • Filler;
  • Hardware lifting;
  • Rejuvenating injections.
JK Plastic Surgery Center — Before&Afterr:
Facial plastic surgery:

Rhinoplasty in JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK Service:

Experienced surgeons at the JK clinic perform operations at the highest level, paying special attention to the shape and lines of the nose, emphasizing the advantages and hiding the shortcomings. When planning a trip for the purpose of rhinoplasty, the doctor will need to send a photo of the nose from different angles and photo examples of the desired result. The clinic guarantees confidentiality.
JK Plastic Surgery Center's Services:
  • Rhinoplasty of the nose flat back;
  • Rhinoplasty of the nose tip;
  • Revision rhinoplasty;
  • Transplantation of autogenous tissues;
  • Rhinoplasty of the nose back;
  • Removal of the implant;
  • Filler for the correction of the nose back;
  • Raised tips of the nose.
JK Center's surgeons will select the right high-quality implant based on your wishes.
Gore-Tex Implant
Silicone implant
Gore-Tex Implant

High rate of seccessful implantation;
Used for thin skin.
Silicone implant

Does not change shape
Does not dissolve in the body.
Donor zones
Surgeries at the JK are conducted without implant rejection. The results' main feature is naturalness.
Септальный хрящ
Реберный хрящ
Хрящ ушной раковины
JK Plastic Surgery Center Before&After:


Surgery at the JK Center

JK plastic surgeons perform surgeries to change the incision and shape of the eyes. To create the optimal image, an accurate design of the eye, eyelid, analysis of the condition of the skin, fat volume, folds, and muscles is carried out.
The JK Center offers surgeries for:
  • Ptosis correction;
  • Creation of a double eyelid by a non-invasive method;
  • Lowering of the corners of the eye;
  • Epicanthoplasty;
  • Contoplasty;
  • Lower blepharoplasty.
Surgical interventions are performed by non-incisional, incisional and partially incisional methods.

JK Plastic Surgery Center Before&After:



Preparation for Mammoplasty at the JK Center:

First you need to undergo an examination, then pass the necessary tests, ultrasound, mammography. When planning a trip, the doctor will need to see the current photo of the breast and photo examples of the desired result. The clinic guarantees confidentiality.

JK Center offers its patietns:
  • Breast augmentation;
  • Reduction mammoplasty;
  • Mastopexy;
  • Correction of the nipple-areolar complex;
  • Gynecomastia surgery.
Breast Augmentation
First you need to undergo an examination, then pass the necessary tests, ultrasound, mammography. When planning a trip, the doctor will need to view the current photo of the breast and photo examples of the desired result.
Teardrop implant
Round implant
Teardrop implant
It is recommended to those who has:

  • a high chest;
  • not enough volume on the upper and lower chest;
  • lowerings;
  • a narrow chest.
Round implant
Recommended for those who has:

  • the breast is located at a high level;
  • not enough volume on the upper part of the chest;
  • no lowering;
  • wide chest.

Breast augmentation with Motiva Ergonomiс implant:

The implants have a number of advantages: durability (5 year warranty), natural teardrop shape and natural line of spread, excellent viscoelasticity.

Outer Shell is of excellent elasticity, and this allows to reduce the size of incision during surgery.

Filling consists of silicone gel, that can be injected into the human body for a long time, BluSeal protective layer, and UDI microtransponder.

Breast Augmentation with Own Fat Layer
This is an amazing opportunity to correct the body, increase the volume of the breast, getting the most natural look. The technique is ideal for those who are not ready for the operation associated with the implantation.
Photo by Marion
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Jason
Photo by Hal

Hair Loss Treatment

First of all, specialists conduct a consultation. Then a series of procedures aimed at diagnosing problems with the scalp, hair follicles are carried out. After that, the relaxation of the skin is done — removing of dead cells, toxins, ion ultrasonic steam, laser procedures, mesotherapy.
Methods of Hair Loss Treatment at JK Plastic Surgery Center
PRP Method (Platelet Rich Plasma)
The method is basically activation of the hair follicle by injecting a preparation that contains active substances that prevent hair loss. In addition, they strengthen connective tissues, differentiate cells, improve blood circulation, and nourish the scalp.
ISO, GMP approved.

JK Center's Leading Specialists

JK Plastic Surgery Center employs only narrow-profile plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists with vast experience who provide top-level services.

JK Plastic Surgery Center: Before&After

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Innovative equipment and methods of the JK Plastic Surgery Center

In this Center, doctors use a popular technology — 3D-H rhinoplasty. They also use high-quality Motiva breast implants — an innovative technique and other modern methods.

Vaser Device
Modern technology of liposuction, practically does not injure the skin. Allows you to save the vital activity of fat cells, correcting problem areas. Hemostatic and anesthetic substances are injected into the area to be corrected, then ultrasound melts the adipose tissue, after which it is taken out.
JK 3D Threads
Non-surgical facelift, state-of-the-art technology used for lifting. The threads are made of polydioxanone, which is compatible with the human body, the technique is approved by the FDA, USA.
Doulblo HIFU Gold Lifting
The latest ultrasonic device, does not injure the skin, is used for lifting procedures.
Air Lifting
With its help, lifting procedures are carried out without damage, the device saturates the skin with hyaluronic acid, provokes the production of collagen, makes it supple and elastic.
The device with which intimate rejuvenation procedures are carried out is approved by the FDA and the EC of Europe.
Breakdown of subcutaneous fat with cold energy. After the procedure, there is no swelling, bruising and a long-term effect is maintained.

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