Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is making big progress in such areas as oncology, kidney and liver transplantation, pediatrics and cardiology.
The management of the hospital constantly invests in staff training and uses the latest generations of medical equipment.
This makes the treatment fast, comfortable and effective.

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About Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is a part of Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals, where the high quality of treatment is confirmed by ISO and JCI international certificates. It is worth coming here to undergo high-quality diagnostics of complex diseases, including oncological ones. Here, targeted therapy, radioembolization, the use of liquid biopsy for cancer screening, genetic analysis and digital mammography are implemented at a high level. Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is also famous for the treatment of pediatric diseases. It is a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the region.

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital in figures

The hospital has come a long way, growing from a small 50-bed clinic to a global network of 4 hospitals and 2 medical centers.


Foundation year


Beds for patients




Heart surgeries

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital — healthcare leader

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is the pride of Turkish medicine and the leader of the region. The benefits of diagnostics and treatment here include:

Advanced diagnostic methods
Here, it is possible to detect Alzheimer's disease at a very early stage with the help of innovative diagnostic methods.
Computed tomography allows to assess the condition of the heart, lungs and coronary vessels in a small amount of time.
Breast examinations are conducted with the lowest radiation doses and provide high diagnostic accuracy of the condition.
Pathology laboratories, tissue typing and immunology laboratories also work at a high level.
Advanced methods of liver and kidney transplantation from living donors
Only a few clinics perform cross-transplantation of a kidney from an unrelated donor. This procedure is available at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. Here, specialists with vast experience use advanced transplantation methods. However, it should be taken into account that transplants are not done to foreigners from non-relatives.
International partnership
Cooperation with leading American institutions (Columbia University Medical Center, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Baylor College of Medicine) allows the doctors to do internships abroad, gain more experience from the partners and, therefore, offer innovative treatment options for the patients.
Cut-edge equipment
Modern equipment is the key to accurate diagnostics and proper treatment, which entail a quicker recovery. This is what patients from all over the world come to Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital for.

Treatment of complex pediatric diseases

Not all clinics abroad take up the complex art of treating children. Here, the responsibility is greater, and the result is more unpredictable due to the fact that the child's body is still growing and developing. Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital provides treatment for children with different diseases, including cardiological ones.

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital — awards and achievements

Centers of Advanced Medicine at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

The focus of any medical center is the narrow-profile medicine, where specialists study the diseases of one specific organ or deeply investigate one of the types of the disease. Below, you can learn about medical centers of Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, where you can undergo treatment or rehabilitation:

Comprehensive Transplant Center

Heart, kidney, liver and pancreas transplants are performed here, as well as bone marrow transplantation. The transplantation process is always incredibly complex and requires the coordinated work of a large number of specialists.

Comprehensive Transplant Center at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital has everything you need: team of higly-experienced doctors, who take on complex cases every day, international-level services, qualified staff, an EFI-certified tissue laboratory.

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Comprehensive Cancer Center at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is known far beyond the borders of Turkey.

In 2010, Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital opened a "smart hospital", where they perform robotic lung cancer surgery.

Doctors at Comprehensive Cancer Center specialize in minimally invasive surgical interventions (for example, retroperitoneoscopy).

The combination of innovative treatment methods and special attention to each patient and his condition leads to the successful treatment.

Therefore, you should without hesitation apply for treatment at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital.

Spine Center & Orthopedics

Spine Center & Orthopedics is known far beyond the borders of Turkey thanks to the talent of its founder, Professor Azmi Hamzaoglu. Here, such pathologies as scoliosis, kyphosis, stenosis and spondylosis are treated; specialists also install stents and perform vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for spinal diseases in the elderly.

Specialists also take on such complex diseases as Chiari malformation, syringomyelia, and spina bifida.

Doctors at Spine Center & Orthopedics literally work miracles, minimizing the need for repeated operations in children with spinal problems with the help of unique treatment methods.

Robotic Surgery

Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is rightfully proud of their center of Robotic surgery.

Robotic laparoscopic surgery makes it possible not to damage even the smallest vessels and nerves.

Benefits of treatment in this center include:

  • quick recovery after procedures;
  • aesthetic appearance after surgery;
  • minimization of scars;
  • short hospital stay;
  • fewer infections and minimization of the need for blood transfusions;
  • minimization of the risk of physician failure;
  • complete elimination of the risk of injury of the healthy tissues;
  • minimization of pain and compliactions.

Specializations at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

Even though the quality of provided medical services at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is extremely high, it is important to know the soecializations of the clinic in order to get an appointment with the best specialist. Take a look at specializations at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital:

Gynecology and obstetrics


Orthopedics and traumatology


Diagnostics of genetic diseases


Gynecology and obstetrics

In the department of Gynecology and obstetrics, the mother-to-be undergoes ultrasound, amniocentesis, cordocentesis, monitoring of the child's heart rate and double or quadruple screening, a test for the genetic health of the child. In addition, such pathologies as amenorrhea, gynecological cancers, endometriosis, infertility, menorrhagia and fibroids are treated here.


Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital uses medications that match the type of tumor and its genetic mutations. All cancer tests are also individualized. Here, an interdisciplinary approach is taken as a basis, involving oncopsychologists, nutritionists, nursing specialists, so the doctors could provide patients with all the latest treatment methods using a wide range of medical technologies.

Orthopedics and traumatology

In the department of Orthopedics and traumatology, specialists perform shoulder, elbow and wrist surgeries, spinal surgeries and knee surgeries. Scoliosis for both children and adults, hernia of the lower back and neck, various dislocations of the spine, nerve compressions, tendon injuries, tumors and displacements - all of is treated at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital.
All procedures are performed with the latest scientific achievements in this field.
And the EOS scanner (the first in the country), an ultra-low dose orthopedic scanner, minimizes exposure during orthopedic imaging. At the same time, front and side digital images of any length are obtained simultaneously, creating an accurate and clear 3D effect.


At Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital gives very special attention to the babies.
Here, cardiac catheterization and angiography procedure in children were performed more than 5000 times.
Other areas of interest include:
  • heart diseases and heart defects in children under 18 (including the fetus);
  • pediatric rheumatology;
  • orthopedics;
  • diseases of the thoracic organs;
  • pediatric gastroenterology;
  • pediatric nephrology (including a kidney transplant for a child).
Also, diseases of the urinary system and anomalies of various organs are treated in utero.

Diagnostics of genetic diseases

Diagnostics of genetic diseases at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is carried out at a high medical level. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a method that combines recent significant advances in molecular genetics and assisted reproductive technologies. The patients, who are at high risk of having children with serious genetic problems come here to find a solution.


Patients here successfully undergo coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, aortic aneurysm surgery. Specialists here also perform the most complex manipulations on the heart, treating an atrial septal defect and stenosis. The department of Cardiology works under the aegis of the Turkish Cardiology Foundation.

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Doctors at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

Only the best doctors work at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. Next, you can learn about some of the leading specialists.
Azmi Hamzaoglu
Professor, MD
The specialist treats diseases of the spine: lumbar hernia and stenosis, tumors of the spinal cord, spinal infections. He uses his own unique techniques for the treatment of pediatric spine diseases.
Sezer Saglam
Professor, MD
The specialist treats cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and stomach, Ewing's sarcoma.
He is one of the leading oncologists in Turkey.
Akhmet Dzhem Iyibozkurt
Professor, MD
The specialist treats gynecological and oncogynecological diseases.
Baris Akin
Professor, MD
Director of the kidney transplant center, Baris Akin is the creator of the method of safe kidney extraction from donors. He has conducted more than 250 kidney transplants.

Reviews about Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital

See the reviws about Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital from patients who have already been treated there. The reviews confirm that that the quality of diagnostics and treatment is at a very high level.
Muratcan G.
First of all, many thanks to our Dr. Ali Tirtir. Our two-year-old daughter was sick with an intestinal infection, which she picked up from the pool during the covid process. Our Dr. Ali is a great person and we are relieved every time we see him when we come to the hospital. Wherever we are, we prefer this hospital... Thanks to all the staff and the hospital.
Ercan Kılıçaslan
My wife had surgery 3 days ago. First of all, I would like to thank our Dr. Vahit Özmen. The hospital staff is friendly and the rooms are clean and spacious.
I came to Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital for breast treatment, it was a long and difficult process, and in this process I would like to especially thank my Dr. Esat and his team, and then the entire staff of the hospital as well.

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