Best hospitals for medical tourism in Austria

The rating of the best hospitals in Austria was compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2023. Features of Austrian medicine originate from the size of the country, its ecology and exceptional beauty. Instead of the huge University hospitals like in Germany, in its picturesque places there are the best rehabilitation hospitals in Europe. Diagnostic and preventive hospitals can identify a disease at an early stage or exclude any and combine this process with sightseeing in Vienna and Salzburg. Psychological rehabilitation, treatment of the occupational burnout syndrome in Austria give the best results in the world. At the same time, specialised departments are fitted up with the latest medical equipment, and clinics encourage their patients by a wide range of medical areas and productive interdisciplinary work.
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Graz, Austria


Specializations: physiotherapy, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sports science, diet therapy.

Lassnitz-Höhe is one of the most modern and equipped clinics in Austria. A well-trained team of the private clinic of Lassnitz-Höheis always approaches each patient with professionalism, joy and enthusiasm.

University Hospital Salzburg
(Uniklinikum Salzburg)

The family of the Salzburg Regional Hospital Extension (SALK) consists of University Hospital Salzburg, two of the Christian-Doppler-Klinik (CDK) and Landeskrankenhaus (LKH), Landesklinik Hallein, Landesklinik Sankt Veit im Pongau, and Landesklinik Tamsweg.

University Hospital of Salzburg and public hospitals provide healthcare to the population of Salzburg, and also work with foreign patients.

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private Hospital Leech (Privatklinik Leech)

The Leech Private Hospital has all the equipment for diagnostics, an X-ray room, modern computed tomography and two fully-equipped operating rooms. Specialists and doctors working here have the necessary professional qualification and vast medical experience.

Revital Aspach (Rehabilitationszentrum Aspach)

In addition to orthopedic rehabilitation clinic also has another jurisdiction — treatment of sports injuries. Thanks to many years of experience combined with well-coordinated treatment programs, Revital Aspach Rehabilitation Clinic helps guests to shorten the healing process and quickly restore optimal condition.
Vienna, Austria

Rudolfinerhaus PRIVATKLINIK

The clinic is distinguished not only by the quality of service (which are certified by the international quality mark ISO) but also by the conditions and conveniences for offered the patients. Wards and 'a 5-star hotel' patient care will satisfy even the most experienced traveler. Combine this with the quality of medical services and the beauty of Vienna, and you get the most comfortable solution to a medical problem in the world.

Specialisations: obstetrics, comprehensive diagnostics, internal medicine, clinical psychology, dermatology, dietology, pain treatments, invasive cardiology / angiography, sleep laboratory, neurology, orthopedics, traumatology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, surgery, nuclear medicine.
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