Graz, Austria

Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe

Specializations: physiotherapy, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy,
sports science, diet therapy.

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Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe

Lassnitz-Höhe is one of the most modern and equipped clinics in Austria. A well-trained team of the private clinic of Lassnitz-Höheis always approaches each patient with professionalism, joy and enthusiasm.

For over a hundred years, those who need help have been successfully treated at the private clinic of Lassnitz-Höhe, which is located near the provincial capital of Styria, Graz. Today the clinic has 229 distributed single and double rooms, the total area of which is about 11,000 m2. Spacious therapy rooms, modern large indoor pool, beautiful view of the health resort in the midst of greenery, and the attractive combination of the historical and the new creates a special atmosphere, which also has a positive effect on quick recovery.

The clinic's staff is multilingual and speaks English, Russian, Arabic, French, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian. They are always ready to discuss individual needs of all patients. The goal of an individual rehabilitation plan is to improve the quality of life and performance, to allow patients to live their lives to the fullest again.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system usually come with severe pain and loss of movement in the spine and joints. Patients choose the Lassnitz-Höhe Private Clinic for orthopedic post-surgery rehabilitation and to achieve pain relief without surgery. The goals of rehabilitation are relieving pain, improving of joint mobility, strengthening of muscles and returning to normal lifestyle.

Neurological Rehabilitation

In diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system, various and long-lasting disorders of the body functions can occur. In the foreground — paralysis, impaired sensitivity, and language, vision, swallowing, and mental disabilities. These impaired functions are restored anew, so the patients can achieve as independent a life as possible and receive a better quality of it after rehabilitation.

Modern Equipment in the Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe

Private Hospital Laßnitzhöhe has the most modern equipment to support rehabilitation therapy. One of these devices is the modern G-EO walking robot system (G-EO System), which can simulate not only walking in an airplane, but also climbing stairs. At the moment, Klinik Lassnitz-Höhe is the only institution in Austria that has this system. Also treadmills with weight support, advanced gait video analysis, MOTOmed, Motoletto, ergometer, Galileo are available here.

Occupational therapy includes Bi Manu Track, Pablo, Amadeo, Timo, Myro, and a computerised shoulder training device which is aimed at supporting upper limb rehabilitation.

Psychology has several computer workstations for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the brain. In case of the field of view limitations, the projection programs can be used to restore and compensate the view. The most advanced equipment for electrotherapy (floating modulation), soft laser, ultrasound and magnetic field therapy, optimally help the patients.

Some of the diagnostic procedures (laboratory, ECG, ultrasound, 24-hour blood pressure) are performed directly in the clinic, others (such as X-ray, CT) are done in a private clinic of a Leech subsidiary in Graz.

LassnitzHöhe Clinic — International Awards and Achievements

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