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The rating of the best hospitals in Israel was compiled by NewsWeek Report in 2023. In Israel, at the end of the last millennium, priority was given to the development of medicine. Today they provide the highest level of medical care in the Middle East. The requirements are very high: all hospitals in Israel, regardless of ownership, must be equipped with the latest technologies and have a high percentage of implementation of scientific innovations. Sheba Medical Center is among the top 10 best clinics in the world and puts Israel on the list of 7 countries with the best medicine in the world and the second most popular country for international patients. In Israel, there are also centres of excellence for military medicine, which, unfortunately, had vast experience in the treatment of Israeli and American soldiers.
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Ramat Gan, Israel

Sheba Medical Center — Sheba Tel Hashomer

Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer is the largest comprehensive medical centre in the Middle East, the best clinic in Israel and the only one in the country among the top 10 best clinics in the world.

Specialisations: anesthesiology, gastroenterology, visceral surgery, gynecology, neurology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, dermatology, diabetology, pediatrics, plastic surgery, psychiatry, oncology, rheumatology, traumatology, urology, pulmonology.
Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital)

Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv is in the top 10 clinics in the Middle East, as it provides excellent medical care and patient care with the help of qualified doctors and medical teams. The doctors here treat every patient equally, combining excellence in clinical care with research and development for the benefit of the Israeli residents and the population around the world.

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Haifa, Israel

Rambam Health Care Campus

The Rambam Medical Center is in the top 10 clinics in the Middle East — a place where medicine, technology and humanity unite to improve health and quality of life in Israel and abroad, for a better future, for the sake of the patient.

Specialisations: anesthesiology, traumatology, urology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, plastic surgery, psychology, pulmonology, pediatrics, oncology, radiology, rheumatology, dermatology, diabetology, gastroenterology, visceral surgery, gynecology.
Jerusalem, Israel

Hadassah Medical Center

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital is among the top 5 clinics in Israel and the top 10 clinics in the Middle East.
Hadassah Medical Center is one of the oldest and largest hospitals in Israel, located in Jerusalem. It consists of two hospitals, Hadassah Har Ha Tsofim and Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Specialisations: anesthesiology, visceral surgery, gynecology, rheumatology, traumatology, urology, cardiology, psychology, diabetology, radiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, pulmonology, neurology, plastic surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, pedistrics, otorhinolaryngology.
Ramla, Israel

Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh)

Shamir Medical Center is in the top 10 clinics in the Middle East and is the fourth largest public hospital in Israel. A multidisciplinary hospital, 20 kilometres away from Tel Aviv, provides a full range of medical care — laboratory and instrumental diagnostics of any complexity, treatment and early recovery in all existing medical areas.

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