Toronto, Canada

North York General Hospital (NYGH)

North York General Hospital is in the top 10 best clinics in Canada and is the second most rated academic clinic in the country and is among the 100 best hospitals in the world.

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North York General Hospital (NYGH)

North York General Hospital is a public academic hospital actively involved in the training of future healthcare professionals. North York Hospital mainly serves the northern part of central Toronto and the southern part of the York region. Associated with the University of Toronto, the hospital's strong teaching role is supported by many academic connections.

Statistics of the General Hospital of North York (NYGH)

One of the largest clinics boasts of the experience of its doctors, because every year more than 30,000 people undergo inpatient treatment at the clinic, an average of 5,000 deliveries take place here, outpatient clinic accept more than 220,000 patients, 32,000 of which are admitted for surgical treatment. Here, 1,804 employees with 485 qualified doctors work for the sake of their patients' health.

The Research and Innovation Department brings together people who are passionate about improving the quality of healthcare. Clinic research focuses on significant changes aimed at improving the medical care of patients and families.

North York General Hospital — International Awards and Achievements

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