Calgary, Canada

Rockyview General Hospital

Rockyview General Hospital is in the top 10 clinics in Canada and is one of the largest multidisciplinary hospitals in the country.

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Rockyview General Hospital

Rockyview General is a multidisciplinary clinic. This means that there are many departments and patients come here from all over the region, searching for solutions for all kinds of pathologies. However, not all areas of the hospital are equally developed. The hospital's department of urology should definitely be distinguished, since the clinic is the leader of urology in Canada. Patients from all over Canada and the United States come here to treat urological and oncourological diseases.

Rockyview General Hospital Infrastructure

The hospital building was designed by Valentin Kalem Pedersen and built at a cost of 90,000,000 million of dollars. Its total area was 69,952 m2 and extra 23,000 m2 was added in 1995. Further expansion in 2004 added another 100 beds.

The hospital was made wider and modernised, with two operating theatres added to the surgical complex and a vertical extension of the Highwood Building. In addition, construction included an additional 100 beds, as well as 3 floors added to the North Tower of the hospital and 5 floors to the south side of the hospital. These developments were completed in 2008.

More about Calgary

Calgary is a large city in southern Canada, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Mountains, forests, several national parks, rivers and valleys are located in close proximity to the city. The air and views here are fantastic. At the same time, the developed infrastructure will be comfortable for residents of large cities, and Calgary International Airport is only 17 kilometres away from the city centre.

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