Toronto, Canada

Sunnybrook Hospital

The Sunnybrook Hospital Research Center not only treats patients, but also conducts research at a nearby research institute. Thus, it is not only the largest trauma clinic in Toronto, but also the centre of advanced medicine. The discoveries of the centre in neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiology and oncology are used by physicians around the world.

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Sunnybrook Hospital

Special programs of the medical centre

As part of the Hurvitz Brain Science Program, it provides assistance to patients with common but equally complex problems of neurology: stroke, dementia, and anxiety disorders. With the help of researchers at the Sunnybrook Institute, results can be achieved even in the most difficult cases.

The Dutch International Musculoskeletal Program is aimed at organising a consistent diagnostics, orthopedic (including joint replacement) treatment and early rehabilitation in one place. Within the framework of the program, several specialisations were combined into one. Specialists in reconstruction and joint replacement, rheumatologists, rehabilitologists and sports medicine experts are working on each case together with surgeons who specialise in complex upper and lower limb operations.

The program for the management of pregnancy, childbirth and care for newborns is created on the same principle — pregnancy planning to discharge of newborns, everything is done in one place. Here, preterm delivery is accepted and babies of any weight are cared for. There are also special conditions for pregnant women with disabilities — one of the few such departments in the world.

As part of the Sunnybrook Schulich Heart Program named after Canadian businessman and philanthropist Seymour Shulich, they perform cardiological diagnostics, open and minimally invasive heart surgeries, are engaged in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and in the rehabilitation of patients who have already been treated. Like other programs, this one is based on a multidisciplinary approach and is being developed with the support of the Sunnybrook Research Institute.

The Odette Cancer Program is designed to help patients with cancer, prevent and detect cancer at early stages and treat it at all the grades. Clinical trials help throughout the fight against cancer and give patients a chance to recover faster and easier than it was ever possible.

St. John's rehabilitation program is needed for patients who want to return to a fulfilling life after treating complex diseases: oncology, limb amputations, severe cardiovascular diseases, organ transplants, burns, strokes and other neurological diseases, as well as joint replacement and serious injuries. Research institutes in each area and the extremely good location of the clinic inevitably lead the clinic's patients to recovery and the highest possible standard of living.

Sunnybrook Hospital in Figures

  • Total number of beds — 1,325

  • Average length of stay — 6.2 days

  • Inpatient cases — 11,764 per year

  • Outpatient cases — 5,122 per year

  • Operating hours — 43,514

  • Clinic visits — 704,742

  • Medical day visits — 178,165

  • Surgical day visits — 28160

  • Emergency visits, Sunnybrook Campus — 64085

  • Mammography — 25,056

  • CT scans — 73,150

  • Ultrasound procedures — 32,415

  • Nuclear medicine procedures — 11,431

  • MRI scans — 23,029.

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