Toronto, Canada

Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

Toronto General Hospital ranks 1st in the top of Canadian clinics and 7th in the world. It is the largest multi-field hospital in Canada and, without doubt, the most famous abroad.

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Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

General Hospital in Toronto, founded back in 1918, is very similar to university hospitals. This is a huge multidisciplinary clinic with an ancient history where you can find any department for a patient with any health problem. At the same time, the clinic works together with the Medical Faculty of the University of Toronto. Here doctors are also researchers and pioneers in medicine, they teach students and doctors from other cities and countries, are professors and doctors of science.

The achievements of the clinic, as well as its structure, distinguish it from the general list of clinics. According to Research Infosource, in 2017 the clinic took the 1st place in research activities. It is also particularly worth noting that the hospital shows the best results in terms of efficiency and safety in the field of heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas surgeries. Patients with the pathologies of these organs come here from all over Canada and the north of the United States to have the surgeries done at the highest level.

History of the Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

Toronto General Hospital is the largest organ transplant centre in the Western Hemisphere. Here, from 600 to 800 transplants of the heart and its valves are performed in a year. It was the first clinic to transplant three organs simultaneously: lung, liver and pancreas.

Transplantation is not the only strength of the clinic. Endocrinology has been developed here since 1922 when the hospital's specialists invented insulin and used for the first time. A pacemaker for resuscitation of an open heart was first used here as well. The clinic was the first to perform surgery on the coronary arteries.

Science and Research at the Toronto General Hospital (TGH)

TGH is Canada's largest research hospital and has a great history of innovative research and important discoveries. Researchers at TGH are focused on investigating the causes of numerous diseases and are developing new and better ways to treat them and provide better care. Research focuses on oncology, cardiology, transplantology, immunology, infectious diseases, healthcare, rehabilitation, fitness and mobility, neural and visual sciences, and the musculoskeletal system.
Dr Brad Wouters 一 UHN Executive Vice President for Science and Research

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