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Beta Klinik

Beta Klinik is a private clinic in Bonn. It offers first-class medical care and a high level of comfort for all the patients.
Neurological, orthopedic, urological, gastroenterological and cardiological diseases and sleep problems are excellently treated here.

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More about Beta Klinik

Clinic capacity — 200 beds.

According to the basic principle of Beta Klinik, the health of the patient is the competence of the doctor. That is why this German clinic is chosen by more and more international patients, who seek high quality medicine as well as special treatment and attention.

Benefits of Beta Klinik
Specializations of Beta Klinik
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Benefits of Beta Klinik

The main benefits of the Beta Klinik are great German experience and the highest quality of German medicine.
Despite the fact that all clinics in Germany provide a high level of service, they are often characterized by a narrow specialization of the doctor. That is why it is worth choosing a clinic specifically for your illness and study the specialization of the medical institution where you are going. Specialists at Beta Klinik professionally treat many illnesses, here are the specializations.
  • Clinic specializations
    Beta Klinik specializes in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology and Urology. The Sleep laboratory helps to solve various problems related to night rest. Many neurological diseases affect the quality of sleep, so they should be treated in a complex.
  • Making an appointment
    Beta Klinik is not owned by the state. That means it has individual features and laws. This makes it possible to make an appointment for a patient from abroad as quickly as possible and to give him special attention and more time.
  • Comprehensive medical care
    If a patient wastes time going to different laboratories and clinics for treatment, here in Bonn the in-house laboratory gives a reliable diagnosis already during the first visit, and the doctors are able to prescribe therapy almost immediately.
    A physiotherapy and rehabilitation center and modern diagnostic procedures right on the spot speed up the diagnostics process. This is important for many serious diseases.
  • Timing and multidisciplinary approach
    In 2008, Prof. Thomas Gasser and Dr. Axel Jung founded a hospital that took into account the previous experience of other institutions in treatment of neurological diseases. In addition, Beta Klinik devotes a great deal of time and attention to the patient. The disease is treated as a whole, taking into account the accompanying diseases and the peculiarities of the body.

Beta Klinik Awards

Бета Клиник
Бета Клиник
Бета Клиник
Бета Клиник

Beta Klinik statistics

2008 foundation year

Private specialized clinical center

60 leading specialists

Professional approach to work

20 special disciplines

In-depth studies provide an amazing amount of practice and experience

Specializations of Beta Klinik

The high competence of the doctors at Beta Klinik meets the highest first-class standards.
However, there are medical disciplines to which the hospital pays special attention.
For example, they specialize in:


Cardiology department at Beta Klinik deals with a variety of diseases of the Cardiovascular system. The doctors are highly experienced in the treatment of such diseases.

Diagnostic services include:
  • Stress and rest ECG;
  • 24-hour ECG;
  • Blood pressure measurements;
  • Cardiac MRI;
  • Postoperative care after pacemakers and other similar devices;
  • Telemonitoring of patients with heart failure and pacemakers.
Cardiology team at Beta Klinik is constantly implementing the latest research methods, such as Echocardiography and MRI.
To prevent heart attacks, comprehensive diagnostics, therapy for cardiac arrhythmias and catheter studies for the elimination of coronary artery constrictions are performed.

Severe heart failure is also treated here: a specialized form of therapy is selected and supported by devices. The implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators (ICDs), which provide comprehensive monitoring, is not to be neglected.
At Beta Klinik, Professor of Medicine Jörg Otto Schwab also diagnoses and treats cardiac arrhythmias.
Telemonitoring and ablation (catheter treatment) are used for this purpose.



Here, such stars of German medicine as Axel Jung and Professor Thomas Gasser deal with complex neurosurgical diseases. Such malfunctions often cause problems in the entire body. Beta Klinik specializes in general neurosurgery and surgery of the head, back and spine, problems of the skull base, degenerative diseases of the spine, diseases of the cervical spine, blood vessels, peripheral nerves, stereotactic removal of brain tumors. Interventional neuroradiology, which is used to treat aneurysm and stenosis of the carotid arteries, is also actively developing here.

Spine neurosurgery
Spinal diseases are often associated with wear and tear on the vertebrae. Various hernias, trauma-related tumors, and infections occur. It is worth seeking a consultation at Beta Klinik if there is disturbing pain in this area, if the patient suffers from hemangioma, metastases, spondylodiscitis, myelitis, abscess, syringomyelia. One of the excruciating spinal diseases, with which Beta Klinik can help, is osteochondrosis, accompanied by pain in the neck, lower back, that can lead to various complications.
Vascular diseases of the brain
The diseases encountered in this area are quite varied. Beta Klinik treats such pathologies as stroke, cerebral vascular obstruction paralysis, hemorrhages in the brain tissue, sleeping sickness. Frequent headaches may be the cause of about 20 different diseases, and neurosurgeons can also help with their elimination.

State-of-the-art equipment includes a surgical microscope, neuroendoscopy, neuromonitoring equipment, and a high quality stereotactic system. First-class medical postoperative care is provided.

Here such complex diseases are treated:
  • Parkinson's disease and essential tremor;
  • Tremor in multiple sclerosis;
  • Rare movement disorders;
  • Treatment-refractory depression;
  • Pain after spinal surgery;
  • Phantom and chronic pain;
  • Unexplained epileptic seizures;
  • Brain tumors of various etiologies.
Unique procedure - Visualase
Бета Клиник
Here, minimally invasive surgical procedures are offered to treat epilepsy and brain tumors using the modern Visualase surgical laser.
Only two hospitals in Germany carry out such procedures, Beta Klinik being one of them.
Visualase is gentle high-precision laser ablation technology, exposure to laser energy through a small catheter.
Advantages of this method:
  • Visualase is used to treat inoperable brain tumors;
  • Laser ablation of this kind is minimally invasive;
  • The risk of damage to important structures or areas of the brain and the body is minimal;
  • Works for patients with brain tumors and patients with pharmacoresistant epilepsy;
  • In most cases, the patient can go home the day after the procedure.



The department is ruled by Professor Christian Elger, an internationally recognized specialist with extensive experience. The department works closely with neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, and the sleep laboratory, because many diseases must be treated in complex.
Dr. Jeube and Professor Elger are the true stars of medicine, together with their team they treat all types of neurological disorders, covering the entire spectrum of diseases of the nervous system, spinal motor and central motor disorders, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. The department offers diagnostics and individualized forms of therapy for neurological diseases in patients of all ages.
Бета Клиник
Note that there is also the world-renowned National Epilepsy Center, which examines children and adults under the direction of Prof. Christian Elger.
Treatment here is the best option available. If the patient has epilepsy, the therapy will be most effective. It is no exaggeration to say that Christian Elger knows everything about the disease, his opinion can be trusted.
The causes of the disease are identified on the basis of detailed clinical and instrumental diagnostics. The necessary treatment, medication, surgical, rehabilitative, or psychotherapeutic, is prescribed. Attentive and caring attitude to the patient allows us to provide the best possible option. Advanced methods such as the installation of stereotactic electrodes to localize the focus of epilepsy are used here. MRI-guided ablation is also frequently used.


Sleep Laboratory

If you have trouble sleeping, welcome to the Katharina Diamantis Laboratory. She works in close interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists in neurology, making rest closer to the ideal.
Sleep is an important part of our lives. It is known that the average person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. And such rest should be deep and continuous, and the quality of sleep itself can be measured on the basis of 5 basic cycles.
Not all patients are aware that sleep disorders are treatable.
The sleep lab is also available for patients whose neurological dysfunctions or psychological problems prevent them from getting a good night's sleep.
It is here that they will be helped to overcome this problem.
Бета Клиник


Psychiatry and psychotherapy at Beta Klinik

A good base of specialists makes the clinic extremely useful for people with psychological and mental problems. Everyone who suffers from depression, anxiety or traumatic disorders has the opportunity to see experienced doctors. And the treatment will be multivariate, there are several therapy options.

Beta Klinik provides two possible options, which are:

  • Dr. Havellek's private practice, which allows the smallest nuances of problems to be discussed in a one-on-one conversation format;
  • Comprehensive therapy at BetaGenese Klinik with a variety of options and approaches.
An extensive range of therapies also includes physical and special therapeutic and creative modules.
Burnout, pain syndromes and various psychosomatic problems are perfectly treated here.
BetaGenese has been cooperating with Beta Klinik for many years.
A multimodal concept of work is maintained here, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.

Thus, you can be treated here both, on an inpatient or an outpatient basis.



German orthopedists are competent and attentive to their patients. They are trusted by international patients throughout the world. Their treatment is always a comprehensive package of measures that provides significant relief and cures orthopedic problems.
The German orthopedic team at Beta Klinik treats all diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
  • Limb deformities;
  • Degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis);
  • Various sports injuries in children and adults.

They perform endoprosthetics and arthroscopy, foot surgery and treatment after injuries in sports.
Endoprosthetics and total endoprosthetics services include:
  • All modern procedures for hip, knee and shoulder prosthetics;
  • All radiological examinations needed for custom-made prostheses;
  • Hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty;
  • Implantation of special endoprostheses;
  • Hip arthroplasties with a short stem;
  • Replacement surgeries in cases of joint replacement and wear and tear, dislocation of the endoprosthesis;
  • Bone augmentation procedures in cases of bone loss;
  • Treatment of bone fractures near the joint.

At the same time, the methods may include, among other things, a large set of recovery procedures:
  • Manual medicine;
  • Analysis of movements in functional complaints;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Magnetotherapy;
  • Injection therapy of all joints;
  • Supply and fitting of orthotic devices such as bandages, orthotics, and insoles;
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation therapy.