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The largest network of private clinics in Germany and whole Europe. A feature of the Helios holding is that here you can undergo a full cycle of treatment — from diagnostics to rehabilitation.

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About Helios Hospital Group

The Helios Hospital Group has been providing premium class services at an affordable price for over 30 years. The holding includes: highly specialized clinics (oncology, gynecology, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology and other areas), emergency departments, rehabilitation and diagnostic centers. It is worth noting that Helios is a private network of clinics, which means that it has first-class service, patient focus and the latest equipment.

Helios Hospital Group in figures

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Advantages of the Helios Hospital Group

For just 30 years of existence, Helios Hospital Group has become the largest in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of patients come here every year for accurate diagnostics, quality treatment, and effective rehabilitation.
Highly qualified employees
All medical workers of the Helios network are famous not only in Germany, but also far beyond the borders of the country. Doctors also actively cooperate with foreign colleagues and constantly improve their skills and improve their qualifications.
Patient above all
Here, all the wishes of the patient are taken into account. Transfer, interpreter, service in the clinic, comfort in the wards and much more have been created to make each patient feel special.
Medicine of the future
The network's hospitals have the latest generation equipment which ensures the quality and accuracy of diagnostics and therapy. Also, the latest techniques are used here which give a chance for recovery to many seriously ill people.
First class service
The Germans, like no one else, love service and quality, thanks to which all clinics of the Helios network have comfortable rooms with all amenities. Also, specialists here provide psychological support at all stages of therapy.

Helios Hospital Group — International Awards and Achievements

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Medical Spheres

Helios Hospital Group organizes a full cycle of necessary treatment: diagnostics, therapy, surgical interventions, rehabilitation. Here, the methods of each procedure are perfected to perfection: doctors create an individual therapy plan for each patient. In hospitals, only original drugs are used and high-precision surgical interventions are performed. Medical errors, poor-quality drugs and rude attitude are excluded here.


Research at the Helios prevention centers gives a correct picture of the patient's condition. During a comprehensive examination, experienced diagnosticians examine the main points for an accurate diagnostics. When certain pathologies are detected, doctors describe the diet, give advice on physical activity and may prescribe additional tests to further study the picture of the disease. It also reveals a predisposition to oncological, genetic and other diseases. Doctors prescribe preventive measures to prevent the development of the disease. One of the most popular diagnostic institutions is the Helios Prevention Center.


In Germany, the network of Helios clinics consists of more than 80 specialized centers, of which seven hospitals have a broad specialization in Berlin-Buch, Duisburg, Erfurt, Krefeld, Schwerin, Wiesbaden and Wuppertal. Every year Helios treats five million local patients and thousands of foreign patients.

Popular spheres at Helios Hospital Group:
  • Angiology (pathology of blood vessels);
  • Ophthalmology (eye diseases);
  • Dermatology (skin diseases);
  • Gynecology (pathology of the female reproductive system);
  • Gastroenterology (treatment of the digestive system);
  • Cardiac surgery (surgical treatment of the organs of the cardiovascular system);
  • Otolaryngology (diseases of the ear, throat and nose);
  • Hematology (blood diseases);
  • Cardiology (pathology of the heart and blood vessels);
  • Pediatrics (childhood diseases);
  • Nephrology (kidney disease);
  • Neurosurgery ((surgical treatment of the central and peripheral nervous system);
  • Neurology (diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system);
  • Oncology (malignant neoplasms);
  • Orthopedics and traumatology (pathologies and injuries of the musculoskeletal system);
  • Plastic surgery;
  • Pulmonology (respiratory diseases);
  • Rheumatology (inflammatory processes in the joints);
  • Urology (treatment of the genitourinary system);
  • Dentistry and orthodontics.


Fresenius Vamed's 17 rehabilitation centers are actively working with Helios Hospital Group. Patients can easily and quickly move from leading treatment to quality rehabilitation.

Main rehabilitation spheres:
  • neurological diseases,
  • orthopedic pathology,
  • diseases of the internal organs and the cardiovascular system,
  • post surgical and conservative treatment of oncology.
It helps patients from initial rehabilitation in severe cases and return to active life. Children and adolescents are helped in 3 neurological rehabilitation facilities. Professionally trained rehabilitators, therapists and nurses teach patients with certain motor limitations to live anew, they become independent and active again within their capabilities.

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Best Clinics of Helios Hospital Group

The Helios Hospital Group includes more than 115 centers and hospitals, each of which provides high-quality and effective treatment. Modern equipment is installed here, the latest treatment protocols are applied and the best doctors work.
However, the most popular clinics among foreign patients are:
Helios Berlin-Buch
The largest and most modern clinic in Berlin, closely cooperates with the university, using the innovations of medicine. The percentage of recovery of cancer patients exceeds the national average. There is also a children's cancer center.
Helios Krefeld
This is a large multidisciplinary German clinic. In addition to surgical methods of cancer treatment, innovative technologies and the latest pharmacological preparations are actively used here.
Helios Prevention Center
This is a large multidisciplinary German clinic. In addition to surgical methods of cancer treatment, innovative technologies and the latest pharmacological preparations are actively used here.
Helios Clinic Emil von Behring
The hospital provides high-quality diagnostics and treatment, accompanied by special service and comfort. Here specialists deal with diseases of the chest, lung cancer, blood vessels, diabetes. The clinic also performs general, visceral and minimally invasive surgery, pain therapy, plastic and aesthetic surgical interventions.
Helios Munich-West
One of the largest specialized medical institutions. It is famous for its impeccable reputation in the field of oncology treatment.

Service at Helios Hospital Group

For Helios Hospital Group doctors, each patient is important with their own problems. Here everyone will feel special and will be surrounded by the care of doctors, nurses and all clinic specialists.

The Germans are known throughout the world for their pedantry, love for comfort and order. The network of Helios clinics provides a transfer, an interpreter, accommodation in comfortable rooms and much more.

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