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Mainz, Germany

Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center

Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center is in the top 20 best clinics in Germany and is a globally recognized scientific center. The whole range of modern medical services is provided in more than 60 clinics, institutes and departments of the medical center.
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To contact us
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Medical reports, photos, scans etc.
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Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center

Clinic capacity — 1,662 places


At the Johannes Gutenberg University, which is located in the city of Mainz, there is a highly professional medical institution - the University Hospital. It is located in the central part of the city (in the south-western part of Germany), belongs to the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate. Location The Mainz University Hospital is very convenient, it is close to Frankfurt Airport (about 15 minutes drive). A public organization called the "Körperschaft des Öffentlichen Rechts" manages the activities of a medical institution.

The full work of the medical institution is provided by:

- 57 divisions of the clinic;

- about five thousand medical staff, of which 1.3 thousand are senior medical staff;

- The work of the outpatient and inpatient (1640 inpatient places) departments, every year the medical institution specialists serve about 306 thousand patients, of which about 240 thousand stay in the clinic on an outpatient basis, and the rest are inpatient.

- highly effective diagnostic and therapeutic equipment;

- research activities of medical institutions;

- clinical research.

Specialist medical institutions of the city of Mainz provide a full range of medical services at the highest level. Doctors apply innovative diagnostic and treatment methods, develop effective treatment programs for even the most serious diseases. During various procedures, modern technological equipment of the departments is used by the doctors of the medical center. The equipment helps to perform all manipulations with high accuracy and thus not affect the healthy tissues of the body.

In addition to departments, clinics and research institutes, a multidisciplinary medical facility includes a blood transfusion station and a certified pharmacy.

Research at the medical center. Johannes Gutenberg

The clinic became famous, in particular, thanks to the work of the Center of Otorhinolaryngology, in which they practice surgical interventions in the head and neck, upper respiratory tract and esophagus, and practice plastic facial correction techniques. All operating rooms are equipped with modern equipment that allows for endoscopic, microscopic surgical interventions, manipulations with the help of laser, computer navigation, robotics, etc.

Priority directions in the activity of the medical center are:

- Center for Ophthalmology, in which they practice laser vision correction, implantation of optical lenses, etc .;

- Department of Pediatric Surgery, whose specialists conduct sparing surgical interventions in the abdominal cavity, the urological field. Innovative robotic equipment is used that performs all procedures with maximum accuracy and does not affect the healthy tissues of the body;

- Cardiothoracic surgery, the scope of activities of which includes artery bypass surgery, endovascular surgical interventions;

- The neurosurgical department, whose doctors practice microsurgical interventions aimed at removing tumors, as well as various abnormalities in the development of blood vessels, treatment of the spine, etc .;

- Department of neuro x-ray, equipped with modern magnetic resonance imagers;

- Center for General and Abdominal Surgery. During surgical interventions, medical center specialists use intrasurgical navigation, as well as 3D planning and other modern equipment.

Uniclinic units are practiced by qualified, many of them are known in the world scientific community. For example, Dr. Joachim V. Tyuroff, who is the head of the urology department. The doctor takes part in medical conferences, takes scientific and practical research. He is also a specialist in the following areas: organ-sparing surgical procedures for cancer, kidney transplants, radical cystectomy, pediatric and female urology, etc.

Dr. Pernecki, who practices at the Center for Neurosurgery, has gained worldwide recognition through unique surgical interventions designed to remove aneurysms of the brain. Works of a specialist are printed in specialized medical journals.

The ophthalmological center is managed by a qualified specialist Pfeiffer, who is internationally renowned for their significant contribution to the development of methods for treating eye diseases, including tumors, plastic eye surgery, etc.

All departments of the University Hospital Mainz are equipped with modern high-tech equipment that meets modern standards of medicine. Due to the availability of this equipment, specialists of the medical institution have the opportunity to conduct an examination of each patient attending the clinic, with maximum efficiency. Also, this equipment is used in the treatment of various diseases, while allowing you to act directly on the focus of the disease, without affecting healthy tissues and organs. The priority in the activities of the departments of the clinic is an individual approach to each patient, thanks to which all methods of treatment are applied only depending on the individual indicators of the organism, the scope of the patient's activities, and his preferences. Also, patients of medical institutions have the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation course, which will help consolidate the results obtained during treatment.

Mainz University Hospital - International Awards and Achievements

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