Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) is a multidisciplinary medical center in Germany.
All doctors here are specialists of the highest professional level and regularly improve their qualifications.

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About Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) is an academic hospital of the Charité Berlin. It is one of the most modern medical centers in eastern Germany which is fitted up with the latest equipment for high-quality diagnostics. Highly qualified specialists treat a wide range of diseases, including complex ones. Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) has specialist centers offering patients a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to disease control. Despite the fact that Frankfurt (Oder) is an academic Charite clinic, the prices for treatment here remain very affordable.

Advantages of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

Many patients choose German clinics due to the high standards of medical services, as well as highly qualified specialists of a narrow profile. Frankfurt (Oder) enjoys an excellent reputation among patients from all over the world. Here, patients receive maximum support and attention from the medical staff, which allows feeling comfortable and cozy.
  • Innovative equipment
    Thanks to the latest diagnostic equipment and comprehensive examinations, the doctors of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) can accurately diagnose the disease and determine its stage.
  • Latest treatment methods
    Innovative methods are different from standard ones. These are minimally invasive techniques that are more effective, safe and comfortable.
  • Professionalism of doctors
    Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) employs only the best specialists who are highly qualified and have the necessary practical skills. Doctors take a series of examinations before entering general practice.

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) — International Awards and Achievements

Франкфурт (Одер)
Франкфурт (Одер)
Франкфурт (Одер)
Франкфурт (Одер)
Франкфурт (Одер)

Clinic's Specialization

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) employs doctors of the highest qualification, including narrowly specialized ones in the field of diagnostics and treatment of rare diseases. Many of them are known not only in Germany. The staff of the clinic is attentive to each patient, provides a cozy atmosphere, cleanliness and order in each ward.
Patients who visited Frankfurt (Oder) leave only positive feedback. The clinic tries to make the cost of treatment procedures affordable for each patient.


Highly qualified specialists of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) apply the most effective methods of treatment in accordance with international standards and protocols. In the Department of Gastroenterology, not only conservative methods of therapy are used, but also radical surgical, minimally invasive, endoscopic methods for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system. In addition to the effective fight against the disease, patients of the clinic receive important recommendations regarding rehabilitation.


Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) offers comprehensive diagnostics and effective medical services for cancer patients. About 1,200 outpatients and inpatients are treated here annually.

The department's activity profile is wide and includes the entire spectrum of modern radiation treatment in the context of radiation oncology. It treats malignant and benign diseases, disorders of endocrine hyperfunction and tumor formations, alone or in combination with modern chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

In close cooperation with other centers of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder), interdisciplinary treatment concepts for individual patients are developed and implemented.

The main area of work is intracranial and extracranial non-invasive imaging and robotic stereotactic radiosurgery, as well as high-precision irradiation.

Patients with neurological diseases receive interdisciplinary consultations and medical services at the Berdyn-Brandenburg Center for Neurocompetence.


Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) provides surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves.

The experienced team of doctors of the clinic offers a full range of procedures for effective diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Every year, a huge number of operations are performed here, the algorithms for which are based on generally accepted world standards. Frankfurt (Oder) works on the principle of medical care: patients are taken care of by competent and friendly doctors. All neurological symptoms are treated in cooperation with the Department of Neurology, Institute of Radiology and Interventional Neuroradiology and Radiation Radiation Oncology.

Thanks to modern technical equipment, the risks of operations in functionally important areas of the brain are significantly reduced due to constant monitoring. In addition, the possibility of radical, but at the same time sparing surgical intervention, increases the chances of recovery, especially in patients with neurosurgical and oncological diseases.


Treatment of neurological diseases in Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) has a huge number of advantages. It provides treatment for all diseases of the nervous system and muscles. The specialists of the clinic undergo long-term training. Each doctor has a narrow specialization, which allows an in-depth approach to the problem of each patient. Frankfurt (Oder) has the most modern technology, which makes it possible to conduct an examination in a short time, to make an accurate diagnosis with the smallest features. These factors are quite significant when choosing a clinic.

The doctors of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) also specialize in the treatment of strokes. To this end, a certified Stroke Center has been organized here. It is designed for patients with ischemic stroke or intracerebral hemorrhage.


The Ophthalmology Department of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) provides a huge diagnostic base and modern equipment. This is what allows us to provide high-quality and comfortable patient care.

Approximately 1,900 surgeries are performed on the eyes, eye sockets and eyelid area at Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) annually. In addition, another 1,300 procedures are performed using various laser devices for the treatment of diseases of the retina, secondary cataracts, and glaucoma. The team of doctors provides an individual approach at every stage.

In Frankfurt (Oder) diagnostic procedures that are distinguished by extraordinary accuracy are carried out. The ophthalmologists of the clinic do everything possible to ensure that the patient recovers as soon as possible and gains the ability to see.

Depending on what will be most effective in each individual case, the patient is selected conservative, surgical or laser treatment.

Eye diseases are very difficult to treat, but Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) uses modern techniques and equipment, which allows solving issues of any complexity.

Employees of Frankfurt (Oder) treat each patient with attention and care and provide services at the highest level.

Types of treatment:

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) provides the full range of surgical and conservative treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The team of orthopedists has vast experience and offers the latest standards in diagnostics and therapy. The hospital effectively deal with rare or particularly complex diseases and injuries.

The key focus is on arthroscopic and open joint surgery, joint arthroplasty and spinal treatment. Other important areas are rheumatic orthopedic interventions, tumor surgery and pediatric orthopedics.

The doctors of Frankfurt (Oder) are constantly improving the quality of service through clinical and scientific work in collaboration with various research institutes and clinics. Minimally invasive surgical procedures and modern technologies are used here, which allows for gentle, fast and safe therapy for the patient.

Frankfurt (Oder) specialists do everything to make the stay in the clinic as comfortable as possible, taking into account the individual needs of the patient.


The Department of Cardiology at Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) diagnoses and treats diseases of the cardiovascular system. The focus here is on modern therapy for coronary heart disease, valvular heart disease, catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, and evaluating the need for pacemaker or defibrillator therapy. The experienced specialists of the clinic have at their disposal the latest technical equipment and use the most modern methods. This provides patients with comprehensive individual therapy.

Close cooperation with other departments of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) makes it possible to carry out accurate diagnostics, as well as to deal with comorbidities of the cardiovascular system.

The Department of Cardiology at Frankfurt (Oder) is part of the interdisciplinary vascular center. Collaboration partners in the field of therapy requiring the participation of the cardiac surgery department are the maximum care clinics in Brandenburg and Berlin.

Range of services:

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Every year, many patients of different ages come to Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) for qualified help. This is due to the fact that professionals work here, advanced diagnostic methods are used.

In the field of gynecology, they provide services for blood clotting disorders, infertility, uterine tumors, urinary incontinence and prolapse. Minimally invasive surgical methods are also used. Another focus is breast cancer, as well as gynecological cancer.

Breast Center. Many patients with suspected breast cancer come to the Breast Center of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder). Before and after each step of diagnostics, the mammologist conducts detailed conversations with the patient to clarify the treatment plan. Gynecologists, radiologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, psychologists, and social workers work closely together to achieve an effective result at Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder).

Service of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder)

The patients of Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) are provided with comfortable rooms. Each room has a TV that can be used free of charge. Headphones are also available at the reception for an additional fee. Each bed has a telephone that can be called free of charge throughout Germany. For security reasons, the use of mobile phones in Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) is prohibited.

An ATM for cash withdrawals is installed on the territory of the clinic. Also, there are large and small cafeterias. In sunny weather there is an outdoor terrace with chairs and umbrellas. The shop sells newspapers, magazines, drinks, postcards, stamps and daily items.

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