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Sana Hospital Duisburg

Sana Hospital Duisburg is a leading medical center in Germany, renowned for its high-quality healthcare services and advanced treatment methods. Founded in 1972, it provides comprehensive medical care to over 22,000 inpatients and 60,000 outpatients each year. As an academic teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Duisburg-Essen, it specializes in neurosurgery, oncology, obstetrics, geriatrics, orthopedics, and other medical fields. Modern technologies and experienced physicians make Sana Hospital Duisburg an attractive choice for patients seeking treatment from different countries. In this article, we will explore the advantages and specializations of this unique medical center, making it a reliable source of medical assistance for patients and their families.

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About Sana Hospital Duisburg

Sana Hospital Duisburg offers a broad spectrum of medical services within its 18 specialized departments and four institutes. Its outstanding German healthcare quality has earned recognition and trust. Sana Hospital Duisburg is an academic teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Duisburg-Essen. It provides cutting-edge treatment methods and serves as a center for medical research. Annually, more than 22,000 patients receive inpatient treatment, and 60,000 outpatient patients seek medical care from Germany and various countries worldwide, entrusting their health to this prestigious medical institution.

Sana Hospital Duisburg in Numbers

Year of foundation
82 000+
Patients Annually
Number of beds

Advantages of Sana Hospital Duisburg

Sana Hospital Duisburg takes pride in its achievements and excellence in healthcare. Its specialized centers – the Neurocenter, Oncology Center, and Perinatal Center – led by renowned chief physicians- are the main pillars of Sana Hospital Duisburg's award-winning services. Additionally, the Therapy and Mobility Center offers assistance in maintaining health and mobility at any age, along with adequate rehabilitation and sports activities. The hospital's top priority is the quality of patient care, with a strong emphasis on individual patient needs.

  • Outstanding Specialized Centers
    Sana Hospital Duisburg boasts specialized centers that offer top-class medical services. The Neurocenter provides expert services in neurosurgery, oncology, and neuropediatrics, making it a key center for treating neurological conditions. The Oncology Center leads successful programs for treating cancer diseases using advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment. The Perinatal Center ensures high-quality care for pregnant women and newborns.
  • Internationally Recognized Leaders
    The chief physicians heading the specialized centers are globally recognized doctors with extensive expertise in their respective fields. Their professionalism and skill ensure patients receive treatment at the highest level.
  • Therapy and Mobility Center
    Sana Hospital Duisburg actively cares for the health and mobility of patients of all ages. The center offers various programs for maintaining health, rehabilitation, and sports activities, helping patients return to an active life.
  • Individualized Approach to Patients
    Sana Hospital Duisburg values each patient and pays special attention to their needs. Every treatment is tailored to the patient's circumstances, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Specializations of Sana Hospital Duisburg

Sana Hospital Duisburg offers a wide range of medical specializations and is a leading regional healthcare center. Its outstanding departments and expert teams include:

Services at Sana Hospital Duisburg

Sana Hospital Duisburg provides individualized solutions for international patients. It offers modern and comfortable stay conditions, high hygiene standards in patient rooms and the clinic, and diverse and quality meals in the cafeteria.
  • Rooms with Special Comfort and Service
For the convenience of international patients, the hospital has multilingual patient assistants who act as the first point of contact for patients and assist them throughout the service process. It makes patients feel comfortable and confident, even if they don't speak German.
  • Adapted Meal Plans (Halal, Kosher, etc.)
Sana Hospital Duisburg considers the diverse religious and cultural needs of its patients. The catering departments offer adapted meal plans, including halal, kosher, and other dietary requirements, catering to patients with various beliefs and convictions.
  • Acceptance of Multiple Credit Cards
Sana Hospital Duisburg accepts several credit cards to simplify the payment process, providing convenience for patients from different countries.
  • Transparent Invoices for Medical Procedures
Transparency and clarity in financial matters are essential aspects of service. Sana Hospital Duisburg provides transparent invoices for medical procedures, allowing patients to assess their expenses and plan their treatment easily.
  • Continuity of Services: Ambulatory and Rehabilitation Care Available
Sana Hospital Duisburg strives to provide continuity of services for its patients. After inpatient treatment, patients can receive ambulatory and rehabilitation care, offering extended support and medical assistance after discharge and ensuring a more successful recovery.

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