Düsseldorf, Germany

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim is a top-tier medical center in Germany's cultural capital, combining cutting-edge medical techniques with comfortable patient accommodations. Founded in 1971, the hospital provides various medical services, including general and oncological surgery, cardiology, plastic surgery, and pediatric neurology. Since its opening in 2012, it has delivered high-quality treatment using modern operating theaters and intensive care units. The hospital also offers multilingual support to patients, culturally tailored services, and assistance in medical and travel aspects for international patients.

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About Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim offers patients from various countries the highest medical standards and sets new benchmarks, particularly with its medical centers. Built in 2012, the hospital is centrally located with views of nature and features 250 modern, comfortable patient beds. It also has seven state-of-the-art operating theaters and a recently added intensive care unit. Each year, it treats 25,000 inpatients and 26,000 outpatients.

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim in Numbers

Year of foundation
Number of beds
50 000+
Number of patients

Advantages of Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim possesses several unique advantages that make it an appealing choice for patients seeking cutting-edge medical services in Germany:

  • Highly Qualified Specialists
    Numerous chief physicians of the hospital have been honored with prestigious awards, validating their expertise and professional mastery.
  • Wide Range of Specializations
    The hospital specializes in fields ranging from plastic surgery and cardiology to pediatric neurology, providing comprehensive and high-quality treatment.
  • State-of-the-Art Medical Services
    The hospital employs advanced treatment methods based on the latest medical advancements with new operating theaters and an intensive care unit.
  • Comfort and Hospitality
    The hospital offers comfortable rooms with exceptional amenities, multilingual patient assistants, and culturally tailored services.

Specializations of Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim

Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim is a center of advanced medical practices encompassing various medical fields. Specialized departments offer high-quality treatment and expert care in the following areas:

Specialized Sports Traumatology and Trauma Surgery

The clinic excels as an expert in sports injuries and trauma surgery. Experienced medical specialists treat athletes and active individuals, aiding them in rapid and effective recovery from injuries and enabling them to return to an active lifestyle.

General, Visceral, and Oncological Surgery

The hospital boasts experts in surgery specializing in general, visceral (organ-related), and oncological (cancer-related) surgery. This includes diagnosis, surgical treatment, and post-operative recovery.


Special gastroenterology specialists diagnose and treat gastrointestinal tract diseases, providing patients with competent medical intervention.


The hospital provides top-tier treatment for cardiovascular diseases, including diagnosis, medication-based treatment, and surgical procedures.

Vascular Surgery

Experts treat vascular diseases, performing procedures on arteries and veins to restore average blood circulation.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The hospital offers plastic and aesthetic surgery services for patients seeking restoration of appearance and self-esteem.

Services at Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim

Alongside advanced medical standards and diverse specializations, Sana Hospital Düsseldorf Gerresheim offers a wide range of high-quality services, ensuring patients a comfortable and worry-free stay. From providing comfortable rooms to specialized services for foreign patients, the hospital emphasizes meeting the needs of each patient to the fullest. Culturally adapted meal plans, multilingual assistants, and individual guidance at every stage of treatment all ensure that patients feel at home while receiving the best medical care.
The hospital provides several additional services for international patients:
  • Experienced Staff
  • Comfortable rooms with unique amenities and services
  • Multilingual patient assistants on each hospital floor
  • Culturally adapted meal plans (Halal, Kosher, etc.)
  • International media (TV, WLAN)

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