Cologne, Germany

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne)

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) is one of the most modern medical centers in the Rhine-Erft district. Over 300 employees in four specialized departments and institutes work together to provide healthcare under one roof. The hospital admits around 20,000 patients annually. Our experts in medicine and medical care ensure a high level of competence in the treatment and care of their patients. The medical practice mainly focuses on treating problems with the stomach, intestines, and heart, including diseases and tumors. They also specialize in joint replacements for the hips and knees.

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Advantages of Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne)

Sana Hospital Hürth, located in Cologne, offers several advantages that set it apart. It has become one of Germany's best choices for international patients seeking quality medical treatment.

  • High Level of Expertise
    Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) takes pride in its highly qualified team of doctors and medical staff, who possess extensive experience and expertise in various medical fields. The clinic's specialists regularly engage in educational programs to stay up-to-date with modern methods and technologies. Their participation in scientific research also ensures that these advanced techniques are applied in treatment.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technologies
    The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipment and utilizes the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment. It enables the provision of precise procedures and surgeries with minimal risks to patients.
  • Comprehensive Approach to Treatment
    The fundamental principle of Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) is a comprehensive approach to treating each patient. Medical staff develop personalized treatment plans, considering the disease's specificities and the patient's needs. It allows for achieving the best treatment outcomes and maximum comfort for patients.
  • Wide Range of Medical Services
    The hospital offers a wide range of medical services in various specialized departments. Whether a patient requires surgery, diagnosis, or rehabilitation, Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) provides a full spectrum of high-quality medical services.
  • International Services
    Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) welcomes patients from different countries and provides special services for their comfort and convenience. Multilingual patient assistants, culturally adapted meal plans, and a dedicated office for international patients make treatment at the clinic accessible and convenient.
  • Excellent Hygiene and Comfort Levels
    The hospital aims to ensure high levels of hygiene and comfort for its patients. The clinic offers modern and pleasant facilities, comfortable patient rooms, cozy common areas, and a cafeteria with diverse food options.

Specializations of Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne)

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) is a leading medical center specializing in various fields of medicine. The clinic offers high-class treatment and diagnostics, providing patients with quality medical care at the highest level.

Center for Internal Medicine

The Center for Internal Medicine at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) offers comprehensive treatment for various internal organ diseases. The medical practice includes diagnosing and treating cardiovascular and endocrine disorders, which are conditions related to the heart and hormone systems. It also focuses on the needs of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. The clinic has advanced medical equipment for precise diagnostics and innovative medical procedures.

Over the past 5 years, the Center for Internal Medicine at Sana Hospital Hürth in Cologne has received awards from the German Society of Internal Medicine for its outstanding work in cardiology and endocrinology.

General and Abdominal Surgery

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) offers highly qualified surgeons specializing in various general and abdominal surgeries. The medical practice includes performing complex surgeries on the stomach and intestines and other procedures to treat tumors and multiple diseases of the abdominal organs. The clinic uses advanced surgical techniques and minimally invasive methods to ensure faster patient recovery.

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) successfully performed surgery to remove a complex stomach tumor for a patient from another country, resulting in the patient's full recovery and return to everyday active life.

Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) specialists provide exceptional thyroid and parathyroid surgery services. It includes surgical treatment for various glandular disorders, such as tumors, adenomas, and other pathologies. The clinic has experienced surgeons and specialized equipment for accurate and safe operations.

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) has been recognized as a leader in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, with the highest percentage of successful surgeries and low complication rates.

Obesity Center

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) is a leading center for combating obesity in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The clinic's specialists offer individualized treatment programs for patients with obesity, including dietary therapy, physical exercises, and surgical treatment methods such as bariatric surgery.

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) received an award from the European Association for the Study of Obesity for innovative approaches to obesity treatment and complication prevention.

Orthopedics and Neurology Center

The Orthopedics and Neurology Center at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) specializes in treating musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders. The clinic offers advanced diagnostic and treatment methods, including conservative approaches and surgical interventions to restore functions and alleviate pain symptoms.

The Orthopedics and Neurology Center at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) performed a unique nerve transplantation surgery for a patient with a shoulder injury, restoring their motor functions and reducing pain sensations.

Joint Replacement Center

The Joint Replacement Center at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) specializes in successful hip and knee replacement surgeries. The clinic provides a wide selection of prosthetics and ensures high accuracy of implantation, allowing patients to regain mobility and quality of life quickly.

As confirmed by international research data, Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) has a high success rate in joint replacement surgeries with minimal complication rates.

Service at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne)

Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) takes pride in providing outstanding service for patients from different countries. Understanding that visiting another country for medical treatment can be challenging and stressful, the clinic offers special services for international patients to make their stay in Germany as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

  • Multilingual Patient Assistants
Every department of Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) has multilingual patient assistants who help foreign patients with communication and treatment organization. These assistants speak various languages, making it easier for international patients to understand and making their stay in the clinic more comfortable.
  • Culturally Adapted Meal Plans
Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) offers culturally adapted meal plans to meet the diverse needs of patients from different cultures and religions. The clinic considers halal and kosher requirements, allowing patients to choose food that aligns with their religious or cultural principles.
  • International Media (TV, WLAN)
The hospital provides international media channels on televisions in the rooms and access to Wi-Fi, allowing patients from different countries to enjoy a variety of world programs and stay connected with their loved ones during their stay at the clinic.
  • Transportation to/from International Airports
Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) offers transportation services for foreign patients to and from international airports. Patients can rely on convenient and reliable transportation support during their visit if needed.
  • Transparent Rates for Medical Procedures
An essential aspect of the clinic's service is transparency in the payment for medical procedures. Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne) provides clear and understandable invoices for medical procedures, helping patients to have a clear understanding of the overall cost of treatment and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Follow-Up Services
After completing inpatient treatment at Sana Hospital Hürth (Cologne), patients can receive outpatient care and rehabilitation to ensure full recovery and maintain the achieved results.

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