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Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is a leading medical institution proudly nestled in the heart of Berlin, Germany. Its rich history dating back to 1912, has earned an excellent medical reputation. Specializing in orthopedic surgery, high-quality rehabilitation, and professional medical services, Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is a reliable partner for patients seeking optimal health recovery and quality medical care. Among its numerous achievements and distinctions, the hospital provides unique opportunities for those searching for top-tier orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation, making it an unparalleled choice for patients from Germany and abroad.

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About Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is a multi-profile hospital that combines orthopedic expertise and rehabilitation under one roof. With over 450 beds, patients can undergo all stages of comprehensive treatment, from acute care to rehabilitation, all in one place. The rehabilitation clinic boasts 185 inpatient beds and two specialized departments: pneumatology and orthopedic rehabilitation. The hospital offers single and double rooms, a sauna, a pool, and other amenities for maximum patient comfort.

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Advantages of Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld stands out due to a range of advantages that make it an attractive center for patients seeking top-tier treatment and care in the fields of orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and medical services:

  • Leading Joint Replacement Center
    Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld takes pride in being one of the leading joint replacement centers in Berlin and Brandenburg. With years of experience and expertise, it performs over 2500 joint implantations annually. The utilization of modern devices such as the Vanguard Complete Knee System and Stryker Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery enables achieving optimal results and minimally invasive procedures.
  • Orthopedic Spine Surgery
    Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld focuses on surgical treatment for back pain and spinal conditions in the spine surgery department. The application of advanced methods like minimally invasive spinal surgery and laser disc decompression allows patients to rapidly and effectively restore their activity and quality of life.
  • Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment for Back and Joint Pain
    The manual medicine department at Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is one of the largest in Germany and specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, particularly back and joint pain. Manual techniques, acupuncture, and physiotherapy help achieve significant relief and improve patients' quality of life.
  • High-Quality Rehabilitation
    Specialized departments for pneumatology and orthopedic rehabilitation enable Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld patients to undergo the recovery process under careful medical supervision. Applying pneumatic compression therapy and orthotics during repair helps patients regain functionality and mobility as quickly as possible.
  • Awards and Achievements of Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld
    The hospital is a leading joint replacement center in Berlin and Brandenburg, performing over 2500 implantations annually. In the spine surgery department, the focus is on surgical treatment for back pain and spinal conditions. The manual medicine department specializes in complex diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly back and joint pain.

Specialization of Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

The specialization of Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld reflects its outstanding position in the field of medical expertise. The hospital provides unique and extensive patient treatment and rehabilitation opportunities, combining advanced methods and years of experience to achieve optimal results. Specialized departments are concentrated within this hospital, each ensuring its area's highest level of care and treatment. From orthopedics and non-surgical orthopedics to rehabilitation and spinal surgery, each specialization area is backed by cutting-edge equipment, innovative methods, and experienced specialists, enabling patients to achieve optimal recovery and the best outcomes in their treatment.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Orthopedics

The orthopedic department of Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld represents a center for leading surgical and non-surgical orthopedics. Advanced treatment methods include arthroscopic procedures, deformity correction, reconstructive surgeries, and sports injury treatment. The hospital holds high expertise in joint replacement, guaranteeing patients optimal restoration of functionality and improved quality of life. The commitment to advanced methods is evident in using innovative devices such as the Vanguard Complete Knee System and Stryker Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery.

Manual Medicine

The manual medicine department at Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is the largest center in Germany for non-surgical orthopedic treatment and treatment of back and joint pain. Striving for comprehensive diagnosis and meticulous treatment planning, specialists use manual therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, and the Feldenkrais method of manual therapy. These individually tailored methods help patients manage pain and restore functionality.

Spinal Surgery

Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is an outstanding center for the surgical treatment of spinal conditions. Advanced methods include minimally invasive spinal surgery and laser disc decompression, ensuring highly effective and safe health restoration. Specialists in spinal surgery at Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld successfully treat back pain and spinal conditions, restoring comfort and activity to patients.


Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld provides specialized departments for pneumatology and orthopedic rehabilitation. Here, patients can receive maximum support during recovery after surgeries and treatments. Applying pneumatic compression therapy and orthotics speeds up restoration and helps patients return to an active life.

Service at Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld

The service at Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld is oriented towards maximizing patient satisfaction, providing an individualized approach, comfort, and professional care in every aspect of the medical journey.
  • Comfortable Stay Conditions
An essential aspect of choosing a medical institution is patient comfort. Sana Hospitals Sommerfeld offers the highest standard of comfort in all aspects of a patient's stay at the facility. The clinic provides cozy and modernly equipped rooms and additional amenities, including a sauna and pool. High hygiene standards apply not only to rooms but also to the dining area and shared spaces.
  • Individualized Nutrition and Media
Understanding the diversity of cultures and patient preferences, the hospital offers individualized dining options, including halal and kosher choices. Patients can also enjoy multimedia options catering to diverse needs, including television and internet access.
  • Convenient Transfers and Transparent Pricing
The hospital provides transport services to/from international airports, facilitating patients' travel. Transparent and clear pricing for medical procedures gives patients accurate knowledge of costs.
  • Continuous Care
Continuity of services is an important aspect. Patients are provided with inpatient and outpatient care and rehabilitation opportunities, ensuring continuity of treatment and recovery.

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