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Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin)

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is a leading medical center in Germany, providing high-tech and innovative treatment for patients from different countries. With a history spanning over a century, this academic teaching hospital is a pride of the German capital and one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. Leading specialists and modern equipment ensure patients receive highly effective treatment in various medical fields.

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About Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin)

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is owned by Sana Hospitals Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH. It is an academic teaching hospital of the renowned Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, one of the world-class university medical centers. It specializes in providing high-tech medical care and currently has 661 beds. Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) has received numerous awards in regional, national, and international rankings, making it one of the most renowned hospitals in Germany. It reflects the world-class quality of medical services, ensuring patients from different countries receive the best possible treatment.

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) in Numbers

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Advantages of Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin)

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is a medical center that combines the highest level of medical care, innovative technologies, and personalized attention to each patient. Its prestigious awards, decades of experience, and quality of services make it an optimal choice for patients seeking treatment at the highest level in one of Europe's most culturally rich and attractive cities.

  • Leading Specialists and Innovative Treatment Methods
    Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) attracts patients from different countries with its outstanding medical staff. Experienced doctors with international reputation work here, many of whom have been recognized and awarded for their scientific research and innovative treatment methods. The hospital actively implements cutting-edge technologies and treatment methods, such as robotic surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and telemedicine, ensuring the highest level of medical care.
  • Unique Programs and Treatment Approaches
    Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) offers an individual approach to each patient, making it particularly attractive to international patients. Doctors develop innovative and comprehensive treatment programs, combining various diagnostic and therapeutic methods. It includes the use of advanced medical equipment and modern diagnostic techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), endoscopy, and laboratory tests, ensuring high accuracy of diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.
  • International Service and Personalized Care
    Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) provides top-class international service for patients from different countries. Multilingual patient assistants provide support in organizing medical appointments, hospitalization, and accommodation, as well as assisting with visa arrangements and transportation. Additionally, the hospital offers comfortable rooms with unique amenities and culturally adapted conditions for stay, including a multilingual food menu. This individual and caring approach creates a homely atmosphere for international patients and their relatives.
  • High-Quality Standards and Hygiene
    Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) adheres to strict standards of high-quality medical care and patient safety. Modern clinical and diagnostic facilities, as well as departments, are equipped with all hygiene and comfort requirements, providing optimal conditions for treatment and recovery. The hospital undergoes regular accreditation and certification, confirming the high quality of the provided medical services.

Multifunctional Medical Centers

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) has several medical centers specializing in various areas of healthcare, including:

Specializations of Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin)

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is leading in global medicine due to its wide range of specializations and outstanding achievements. Its field covers the following areas of medicine, each providing a high level of medical care with the use of advanced methods and equipment:

General and Visceral Surgery

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is one of the leading centers in general and visceral surgery. Advanced surgical treatment methods are applied here, including minimally invasive surgical interventions using laparoscopy and robotic surgery. It reduces the risk of complications, accelerates the recovery process of patients, and ensures the best treatment outcomes.

Women's Health: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Specialists in obstetrics and gynecology at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) provide high-quality care for women during pregnancy and beyond, regardless of age. Advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases are carried out here, and childbirth is conducted using modern pain relief methods.


The department of internal medicine with a focus on gastroenterology specializes in diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal diseases. Advanced equipment is used in the clinic for conducting endoscopic examinations, such as esophagogastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy, allowing the detection of pathologies at an early stage and providing timely treatment.


The cardiology department at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is equipped with modern devices for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography (ultrasound examination of the heart), and stress testing are used here to assess the patient's cardiac activity and develop optimal treatment plans.


The geriatric department at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) specializes in treating elderly patients and provides comprehensive medical care, taking into account age-specific characteristics. Advanced treatment methods for chronic diseases and rehabilitation procedures are used here, as well as support and care for elderly patients.

Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

The pediatric department at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) provides high-quality medical care for children and adolescents. Specialists take care of the health of young patients, conduct preventive examinations, and ensure timely diagnosis and treatment of children's diseases.

Pediatric Surgery

The pediatric surgery department at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) is staffed with experienced surgeons specializing in treating surgical conditions in children. Complex operations are performed here using modern surgical methods and technologies, ensuring high safety and treatment effectiveness.

Orthopedics, Traumatology, and Reconstructive Surgery

The Department of orthopedics, traumatology, and reconstructive surgery treats musculoskeletal disorders and traumatic injuries. Advanced rehabilitation and patient recovery methods after injuries and surgeries are applied here, promoting their quick return to an active life.

Services at Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin)

Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) aims to provide exceptional service and comfort to all international patients who choose this medical center for their treatment. Special attention is given to creating a favorable atmosphere and providing amenities that help patients feel at home despite being geographically distant from their home country. Below are some of the services available to international patients:

  • Culturally Competent Staff as the First Point of Contact:
Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) takes pride in its culturally aware staff, providing the best service to international patients. The team appreciates the diversity of cultures and languages and strives to approach each patient individually.
  • Comfortable Bedside Facilities and Services:
Special accommodations are provided for international patients, ensuring comfort and coziness during their stay at the hospital. Single and double rooms offer patients privacy and a resting place after medical procedures.
  • Multilingual Patient Assistants at Each Hospital Facility:
To make things more convenient for international patients, each hospital facility provides multilingual patient assistants who can communicate in various languages. It allows patients to share in their native language, receive all necessary information about treatment and services, and feel supported in an unfamiliar country.
  • Culturally Adapted Meal Plans (Halal, Kosher, etc.):
Sana Lichtenberg Hospital (Berlin) offers culturally adapted meal plans, considering international patients' religious and cultural preferences. The menu includes options for Halal and Kosher meals to cater to the needs of all patients.
  • International Media (TV, WLAN):
During their hospital stay, international patients have access to multilingual media channels on televisions and wireless internet (WLAN), enabling them to stay connected with family and loved ones and enjoy comfort and entertainment in their free time.
  • Transportation to/from International Airports:
The hospital provides transportation services for international patients, including transfers to/from international airports. This facilitates the arrival and departure process for patients and their companions.
  • Acceptance of Multiple Credit Cards:
For payment convenience for medical services and treatment, the hospital accepts multiple types of credit cards, making the payment process easier for international patients.
  • Provision of Transparent Cost Reports for Medical Procedures:
The hospital ensures transparent cost reports for medical procedures and services, allowing patients to understand expenses and plan their budgets accordingly.
  • Continuity of Services: Outpatient and Rehabilitation Care Available:
After discharge from the hospital, international patients have access to outpatient and rehabilitation services. It allows them to continue treatment and recovery after release, maintaining positive treatment outcomes throughout the healing process.

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