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Sana Rummelsberg Hospital

Sana Rummelsberg Hospital is located in the charming town of Schwarzenbruck, Bavaria, Germany. It's a leading medical institution that combines advanced treatment methods with exceptional patient service. Established in 2010, it has become a hub for patients from different countries seeking top-notch medical treatment and quality healthcare. Sana Rummelsberg Hospital specializes in orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, and internal medicine and provides geriatric rehabilitation. It's unique medical departments and cutting-edge methods, combined with the cozy atmosphere of Schwarzenbruck, make this hospital a significant choice for patients seeking exceptional treatment in Germany.

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About Sana Rummelsberg Hospital

Sana Hospital Rummelsberg is a premier medical institution located southeast of Nuremberg, in the town of Schwarzenbruck, in the Bavaria region of Germany. Established in 2010, the hospital has established itself as a crucial center for high-quality medical care internationally. Sana Hospital Rummelsberg specializes in orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, internal medicine, and geriatric rehabilitation. It is also an educational institution affiliated with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

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Advantages of Sana Rummelsberg Hospital

The advantages offered by Sana Rummelsberg Hospital make it a shining example of advanced medical standards and patient care. This clinic stands out for its many awards and achievements and provides various specialized treatments. Focusing on personal care for each patient, the clinic represents the high standards expected of top medical facilities worldwide. In this part, we'll examine what makes Sana Rummelsberg Hospital a top choice for people seeking medical treatment and healthcare in Germany.

  • Diverse Specializations
    Sana Rummelsberg Hospital specializes in various medical fields, providing patients with a broad spectrum of medical services. The hospital specializes in orthopedics, trauma care, brain health, children's bone health, and spinal surgery. These departments offer treatments specially designed to meet each patient's needs.
  • Diverse Specializations
    Sana Rummelsberg Hospital leads in advanced treatment methods and technologies. Certified centers like joint replacement and foot surgery provide exceptional medical expertise and cutting-edge equipment. The hospital actively uses advanced techniques in its treatments, such as stem cell transplantation in foot surgery. This makes it an appealing choice for patients seeking cutting-edge medical care globally.

Specialization of Sana Rummelsberg Hospital

Sana Rummelsberg Hospital is a center of medical expertise that provides exceptional specialized services in orthopedics, surgery, and neurology. Patients have access to advanced diagnostic and treatment methods within its technical departments, including innovative procedures like stem cell transplantation and shoulder surgery. Sana Rummelsberg Hospital has over 10 years of experience and employs skilled medical experts. They focus on their patients' best health and well-being by providing personalized and advanced medical care.

Orthopedic Surgery of the Lower Limbs and Joint Replacement

Sana Rummelsberg Hospital takes pride in its cutting-edge orthopedic surgery of the lower limbs. Outstanding medical experts lead each of the six specialized departments, applying innovative treatment methods. The hospital performs surgical interventions and conducts exact diagnostic procedures such as 3D scanning and computer tomography. Sana Rummelsberg Hospital achieves impressive results in joint replacement, with over 1000 successful surgeries conducted annually.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

The Foot and Ankle Surgery department at Sana Rummelsberg Hospital implements advanced treatment methods, including stem cell transplantation. This method used to restore the structure and functionality of foot tissues, has proven effective in tissue regeneration. Over 80% of patients who undergo this procedure report significant improvement in their quality of life post-recovery.

Traumatology, Shoulder Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Sports Traumatology

The specialized traumatology and shoulder surgery departments at Sana Rummelsberg Hospital provide various treatments for patients with multiple injuries and traumas. From surgical correction of shoulder injuries to reconstructive surgery, the hospital employs advanced treatment methods such as arthroscopy for precise diagnostics and minimally invasive surgery. The hospital also specializes in sports medicine and sports traumatology, offering high-tech treatment to professional athletes and active patients.

Surgical and Conservative Treatment of Spinal Disorders

The Department for surgical and conservative treatment of spinal disorders at Sana Rummelsberg Hospital offers various methods, including microsurgical interventions, endoscopic procedures, and specialized rehabilitation programs. Over 3000 patients successfully undergo treatment annually, restoring their health and quality of life.

Foot Surgery Center, Joint Replacement Center, Shoulder Surgery Center, Knee Surgery Center

The specialized centers at Sana Rummelsberg Hospital focus on treating specific conditions using advanced methods. These centers provide a personalized approach to each patient and employ advanced treatment methods such as macro- and micro-implantation to restore foot, knee, and shoulder joint functions.

Pediatric, Adolescent, and Neuroorthopedics

Sana Rummelsberg Hospital specializes in treating children and adolescents with neurological problems, including spinal deformities and orthopedic issues. Individualized treatment methods, such as neuro-monitoring during surgical interventions, are used here to minimize risks and optimize outcomes. Over 95% of children and adolescents treated in the neuro orthopedics department achieve noticeable improvements in quality of life and functionality.

Services at Sana Rummelsberg Hospital

Sana Rummelsberg Hospital offers a high level of service and care for patients arriving from different countries. The international department at Sana assists in patient adaptation, helping organize medical appointments, hospitalization, accommodation, and transportation. Culturally adapted services are also provided, including catering and media.

Specialists experienced with various cultures
  • Comfortable rooms and special services for patients
  • Multilingual patient assistants at all stages of treatment
  • Culturally adapted meal plans (Halal, Kosher, etc.)
  • International media (TV, Wi-Fi)
  • Transfers to/from international airports
  • Various types of credit cards accepted
  • Continuation of service: outpatient and rehabilitation services

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