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Erlangen, Germany

University Hospital Erlangen

The whole region of Germany - Medical Valley, with its center in the city of health and medicine, Erlagen, opens the doors of its University Hospital, which, together with other partners in science, industry and politics, provides international leadership in the region in high-tech medicine.
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University Hospital Erlangen

Clinic capacity — 1,378 places


Since its founding in 1815, the University Hospital Erlangen has been offering high-quality medical care. In the diagnosis and therapy uses the latest medical research results and the most modern devices.

Unikliniki scientists develop new treatment options and strive to ensure that their results benefit patients as quickly as possible. In the spring of 2012, an infrastructure course was set up for successful, patient-oriented research and patient care, which has already been implemented. Scientists continue to organize the optimal research environment for successful participation in numerous national and international studies.

The University Hospital Erlangen provides comprehensive treatment for patients with tumors at any age. Specialists from different disciplines determine the best methods of treatment for each patient.

Specialized cancer centers have been established to treat certain types of cancer. The branches of different directions united and formed a certified oncological center. Now cancer patients are provided in accordance with the recommendations of the German Cancer Society (DKG).

The Cancer Center is closely linked to the Interdisciplinary Cancer Center of Excellence (Integrated Cancer Center Erlangen-EMN). In the structure of tripartite care in Germany, the CCC ER-EMN is the best center with a combination of healthcare, research and training. He sees himself as a common interdisciplinary platform for participating clinics, institutes and departments. Around the world, advanced advances in the field of oncology are increasingly associated with centers that have a full range of oncological knowledge and technology in both health care and research.

Together, all institutions aim to provide the best cancer treatment methods currently available to selected cancer patients.

More than 11,000 people are currently waiting for a saving donor body throughout Germany, including about 650 seriously ill patients at the University Hospital Erlangen. Its employees accompany the victims in their, often long, journey: from entering the line to the transplant and subsequent care.

Transplantation and research at the University Hospital Erlangen

The following organ and tissue transplants are performed at the University Hospital Erlangen for adults and children:

 Heart

 Kidney

 Pancreas

 Combined pancreas kidney transplantation

 Cornea

 Bone marrow / stem cells

About a third of all kidney transplants in Germany are possible thanks to the donation of a living kidney. This usually means that a close relative gives one of his two healthy kidneys. This is also possible with different blood groups: with this form of live kidney donation, the specialists of the University Hospital Erlangen have the most extensive experience in Bavaria since 2006.

In addition to organ transplantation, at the University Hospital Erlangen, special attention is paid to the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. It involves the transfer of hematopoietic progenitor cells that are capable of developing into different blood cells. For many patients with leukemia, this therapy is the only chance for recovery - the more important is the search for an individualized donor whose tissue characteristics correspond to the characteristics of the recipient. Since 2011, experts at the University Hospital Erlagen have been offering autologous (retransmitting their own stem cells) and allogeneic (stem cells from a suitable donor) stem cell transplants, as well as cord blood transfer. The most innovative method is the transplantation of haploidentical stem cells.

The Erlangen-Nuremberg Transplantation Center is one of the two main Bavarian transplant centers in addition to the center in Munich-Grosshadern. Doctors of all disciplines involved in the transplantation process work closely together for the welfare of donors and recipients, as well as for the optimization and success of procedures. This is coordinated by the transplant center office. He also maintains contacts with the Eurotransplant organ placement agency and with the organ donation coordination office, the German organ transplantation fund.

Since the founding of the Transplantation Center in Erlangen-Nuremberg in 1966, more than 3,800 organ transplants have been performed.

Since the summer of 2012, doctors from various disciplines at the University Hospital Erlangen have used a modern surgical system called "Da Vinci" for minimally invasive procedures. The surgeon controls the device: every minute the movements of his hands are transmitted in real time, without shaking, extremely precisely to miniature instruments inside the body. The four-handed device is still the only one in Central Franconia and allows, especially in hard-to-reach areas of the body, extremely precise and gentle surgery with visible benefits for patients and doctors.

Research and teaching at the University Hospital Erlangen are among the main tasks of the medical faculty of the University. Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nuremberg. It consists of preclinical and clinical theoretical institutes, as well as a university hospital. The central idea is a close interdisciplinary interaction between experimental and clinical research. The result of this approach is numerous collaborative research centers and interdisciplinary research networks. Currently, more than 3,560 students are studying in the field of human medicine, management of medical processes, dentistry and molecular medicine.

Hospital patients are the first to receive new research results. In particularly difficult cases, doctors often offer new procedures that are not available elsewhere.

Erlangen University Hospital - International Awards and Achievements

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