Göttingen, Germany

University Medical Center Göttingen of Georg August University (UMG)

UMG is ranked in the top-20 best clinics in Germany and successfully copes with the three main objectives of the University Hospital: treating patients, training new generation of doctors, and scientific development. The clinic has achieved particular success in the treatment of neurological diseases, oncological cases, and cardiovascular system care.

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University Medical Center Göttingen of Georg August University (UMG)

Capacity — 1,554 beds.

The University Medical Center Göttingen of Georg August University has united a medical research centre and a hospital under one roof. This guarantees providing care to a patient with any pathology immediately, by an adjacent specialist, and with the assistance of powerful interdisciplinary base. Such an approach is called the "Integration Model" and due to its effectiveness, the lives of thousands of patients with severe and combined pathologies were saved.

The clinic comprises 40 departments, and research work is carried out in all areas of medicine. Outstanding research results have been noted in the field of neurophysiology, cardiology and oncology, and those are the priorities in the medical development in this region. Huge amount of international patients come to the clinic annually.

The outpatient departments of the UKG make a significant contribution to high-quality medical care in the South Lower Saxony and far beyond. Qualified care services are offered in the outpatient sector, especially for severe, complex and rare diseases.

University Medical Center Göttingen of Georg August University (UMG)

The University Medical Center Göttingen has several research centres of national and international levels:

  • Neuroscience (particularly neurogenesis, synaptogenesis and neural networks)
  • Neurobiology of inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  • Quantitative Molecular and Multimodal Imaging
  • Cardiovascular research (with an emphasis on cardiac insufficiency and regenerative capacity of heart)
  • Certain types of cancer and individually targeted therapy

Based on the research results, the possibilities of treating these diseases in the clinic are becoming more extensive and complex.
Every patient here receives an individually selected treatment option.

University Medical Center Göttingen of Georg August University (UMG) — International Awards and Achievements

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