Regensburg, Germany

University Hospital of Regensburg (UKR)

University Hospital of Regensburg is in the top 20 best clinics in Germany and ranks first in Germany by patient severity index, helping in the most difficult clinical cases.

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University Hospital of Regensburg (UKR)

Capacity — 1,087 beds.

Specialisations: anesthesiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, visceral surgery, gynecology, dermatology, diabetology, neurology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, ocnology, radiology, otorhinolaryngology, palliative therapy, pediatrics, plastic surgery, physiology, rheumatology, truamatology, urology.

The University Hospital of Regensburg is one of the most modern clinics in Germany and is not afraid of difficulties. A feature of the clinic is that it successfully examines the most complex cases, including the oncological and cardiological ones. UKR offers state-of-the-art medicine, well-prepared and equipped in all areas.

Since 1992, the hospital has offered a full range of high-quality services. Here, patients with the problems of any complexity are accepted and provided assistance, from diagnostics to postoperative rehabilitation, in 28 medical spheres. Interdisciplinary collaboration within the clinic helps doctors cope with this enormous load. Quality standards are clearly defined, treatment programs are specially adapted to the clinical picture of a particular patient.

A high level of performance could not be achieved without a powerful scientific base of the clinic. The institution has specialised research centres, which today are the second largest centres for research and development of biotechnology in Bavaria.

Regensburg University Hospital in Facts and Figures

UKR annually accepts more than 35,000 inpatients and more than 150,000 outpatients. For effective assistance to such a number of people, almost 5,000 of staff work here.

From the point of view of moderate severity of the disease ("case-combination index"), UKR ranks first, reviewing the most severe clinical pictures throughout the country. The overall goal of all employees is optimal medical care and patient care, as well as tight teamwork.

The purpose of the medical centre's work is its patients' health, and the hospital successfully achieves it every day.

University Hospital of Regensburg — International Awards and Achievements

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