Milan, Italy

San Raffaele Hospital
(IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele Gruppo San Donato)

A recognized leader in oncology, oncohematology, neurosurgery, gynecology, rare diseases and stem cell therapy. San Raffaele Hospital offers patients minimally invasive, state-of-the-art treatment methods.

It is one of Europe's foremost research centers.

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Features of San Raffaele Hospital

One of the oldest clinics in Italy, opened back in 1971, one of the best research centers in Europe, the best quality of medical services in Italy. The diagnosis made here will be accurate and complete, so it is worth going to San Raffaele to diagnose any disease.

Special emphasis is on surgery with minimally invasive procedures and technological innovation, for which the hospital is recognized by the IRCCS, the scientific institute for research and health care. It is an advanced, highly specialized hospital, providing its effective services also to foreign clients.

Treatment of rare, complex and chronic diseases at
San Raffaele Clinic

Here, the chance of curing many complex and rare diseases increases with the help of the latest medications and technical equipment.

Those illnesses that are not a verdict, but exhausting for the patient, with the help of Italian doctors can not only be transferred to a milder stage, but can be cured altogether. In the CIS countries, only palliative therapy is offered for carriers of such diseases.

That is why it is worth turning to such an Italian clinic, which will give hope for a cure.

Numerous studies conducted at the University Clinical Research Center in San Raffaele make it possible to cure diseases such as Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and metachromatic leukodystrophy with the help of gene therapy. They also discovered the cause of a rare histiocytosis, also called Erdheim-Chester disease.

There are also successful treatments for:

  • Polycystic kidney disease
    A drug that can interfere with macrophage activation, 2DG, is being developed by Alessandra Boletta's group at the San Raffaele Research Hospital.
  • Endometriosis
    The clinic uses a CO2 laser, which acts on endometriosis by vaporizing endometrial tissue and any cysts, further protecting the healthy tissue behind them.
  • Mesothelioma and colon cancer
    The clinic is developing Dr. Marco Bianchi's technique: a mechanism that forces cancer cells to excrete a basic protein. In this way, the cancer cells become visible and submit to the immune system. This will help with the treatment of various cancerous diseases.
  • Psoriasis
    Psoriasis is a painful disease that affects many people around the world. With the help of the latest psoriasis medications developed at the hospital, it is possible to improve the condition of patients, to make their lives easier or to cure them completely.
  • Hurler syndrome (MPS I-H)
    The first 8 children who received the innovative treatment at the San Raffaele Gene Therapy Institute are growing and doing well. Even such rare and complex diseases are successfully cured at the clinic through the latest scientific research.

San Raffaele Clinic Departments

San Raffaele's departments are well equipped with advanced medical technology, with a large number of top-class specialists who are happy to help international patients in such areas:

Cardiac Surgery

The San Raffaele Clinic has its own Department of Cardiac Surgery, which is rightly called the International Center for Reconstructive Surgery.
Features of the surgeries performed here are:

  • on the mitral valve
  • surgical fibrillation of heart failure as well as atria
  • coronary vascular surgery
People also go here for treatment of the aortic arch, ascending and descending aorta, surgical minimally invasive and hybrid methods. More than 100 left ventricular implants have been placed here. The highly qualified cardiac surgeons of San Raffaele have saved the lives of hundreds of foreign patients.


Injuries and cancer, various childhood pathologies and vascular diseases are all treated by the first-class neurosurgeons at the San Raffaele Clinic. A first-class diagnosis will be made and an individual treatment plan will be drawn up.

Orthopedics and Traumatology

In the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, special attention is paid to various malformations and genetic diseases, successfully treating them and helping patients. They also deal with injuries of the upper and lower extremities. Wave therapy (EVT) and Tecar therapy of musculoskeletal disorders are successfully used.


All the latest treatments for urological diseases are researched and improved in the international department of the San Raffaele Center for Urology. New markers for prostate cancer are being developed, and clinical studies related to laparoscopic and endourological surgery are regularly conducted.
Thus, patients who come to the clinic are diagnosed, treated and cared according to the latest protocols and therapies.

Rare Disease Center

The San Raffaele Clinic also deals with rare diseases that affect a small percentage of people (5 patients out of 10,000 inhabitants). To date, there is virtually no method of treatment for such ailments and no measures of treatment and diagnosis have been developed. The hospital is also developing protocols to improve therapy.
The doctors here are happy to help all patients with rare diseases.

Oncology Center

It is one of the leading cancer treatment centers in Italy. The doctors know a lot and can do a lot.
The priority here is a highly specialized, comprehensive approach. It allows 800-1000 cases a year of esophageal, stomach, colorectal and gynecological cancer to be cured.The doctors have a truly unprecedented ability to heal tumors. New drugs and new methods are making patients' lives easier.
Each type of cancer is different, so the right therapies are selected and guaranteed to be correct and effective.

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San Raffaele's Recommended Physicians: Experience and Innovation

Get to know the professionals at the hospital who are happy to provide professional care for international patients in their specialty:
  • Cascinu Stefano

    Head of Clinical Oncology Department


    Specialization: lung cancer, brain tumors, complex treatment with ionizing radiation.

  • Bianchini Giampaolo

    Head of the Breast Cancer Group



    Specialization: breast cancer specialist.

  • Aldrighetti Luca

    Head of the Department of Hepatobiliary and General Surgery

    Specialization: liver oncology, carcinomas, liver excision techniques.

  • Massimo Falconi

    Oncologist, pancreatic surgeon

    Specialization: pancreatic oncology

Pediatric immunohematology at the San Raffaele Clinic

The department offers the following services and referrals:

  • Pediatric Immunology

Primitive immunodeficiency and various autoimmune diseases are treated here.

  • Pediatric Hematology: Cures Anemia and Neuropenia, Platelet Disease
  • Various neuropediatric metabolic diseases.

Technical and scientific equipment of San Raffaele Clinic

The treatment of complex diseases is unthinkable without the quality of state-of-the-art equipment. Oncology, rare diseases and common ones are all successfully treated thanks to the fact that Italian doctors have all the power of medical technical science at their disposal. We invite you to see for yourself.

The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment
The clinic has PET, PET/CT, CyberKnife, and Rapid Arc. This improves diagnosis and treatment methods as well as the accuracy of irradiation and the speed of procedures. The tumor receives the maximum dose of radiation, while healthy organs receive the minimum dose.
Numerous treatment protocols have been developed for prostate cancer, breast cancer
The hospital's Oncology Board, made up of diagnosticians, clinical oncologists, immunologists, surgeons and radiotherapists, meets weekly for a multidisciplinary discussion of the way forward in cancer treatment.

Online consultations with the San Raffaele Clinic

If you have questions about the disease, but you are not sure if treatment abroad is necessary, it is worth ordering an online consultation with an Italian doctor. The high qualification of Italian doctors and continuous scientific research put them beyond competition in any field of medicine.

The things to consider are:

  • TIME
    Agree on a date and time for the consultation.
    It is necessary to clarify the availability of an interpreter, because often Italian doctors do not know Russian.
    The patient is required to prepare in advance and preferably write down all the questions that are important to get an answer to. They are also sent to the doctor in advance.
    Choose the platform by which to communicate: Skype, Zoom, Teams (very rarely WhatApp).
    After the patient pays for the consultation on the appointed day and time, the clinic sends a link, everyone goes into the created conference and gets acquainted.
    The doctor collects the anamnesis personally (although he has already seen the documents). Important details and nuances often emerge in the process of studying the material.
    Then he gives his recommendations and answers questions in detail. Sometimes, if desired, the patient's attending physician is present. A report on the results is also provided.

Services of the San Raffaele Clinic

The hospital provides clients not only with high-class treatment, but also a number of related services: gym and excellent nutrition, green area for walks, excellent shuttle service. All this contributes to the recovery of patients and a comfortable stay for relatives, makes San Raffaele not only an advanced institution, but a whole complex, which is easy to get to and pleasant to convalesce in.

The hospital has a large gym for rehabilitation activities. In a number of diseases, movement is not only not contraindicated, but also recommended. The various modern exercise equipment at the San Raffaele Clinic will help you quickly get into the shape you want.

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