Tokyo, Japan

Juntendo University Hospital

Juntendo University Hospital is in the list of TOP 5 best clinics in Japan and is in the list of TOP 20 best clinics in Asia according to the Newsweek magazine ranking.
The clinic has also received the prestigious JCI accreditation.

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Juntendo University Hospital

Hospital capacity: 1,026 beds.

Juntendo University Hospital was founded in 1838 and was the first hospital in Japan to adopt Western medical practices. This excellence has continued for centuries and the clinic became the first Japanese medical institution to receive prestigious accreditation from JCI, an American non-profit organization that evaluates safety standards and quality of healthcare.

Juntendo University Hospital was first established as the first medical school in Japan to adopt Western medicine. Since then, the hospital has continuously worked to provide patients with better, safer and more advanced medical care.

Juntendo Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with Juntendo University of Tokyo. It is a multidisciplinary university in Japan focusing on medical research. Along with the provision of a wide range of doctoral degrees, clinical observation and short-term research fellowships are among the educational opportunities offered for the training of medical professionals at Juntendo University.

Juntendo University Hospital location

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the capital prefecture in Japan, in the Kanto region. Located in the eastern part of the island of Honshu, on the coast of the Tokyo Bay of the Pacific Ocean.

Tokyo is one of the leading political, economic, financial, educational, scientific and cultural centers of the world. There are the Imperial Palace, the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, the central authorities of the country; numerous historical and cultural monuments and institutions - the ruins of Edo Castle, the Shinto shrines of Meiji and Yasukuni, the Buddhist monastery of Senso, the Tokyo National Museum, as well as the leading Japanese educational institutions - the University of Tokyo, Sofia University, Waseda University, Keio University and others.

Juntendo University Hospital - Awards and Achievements

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