Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto University Hospital

Kyoto University Hospital has the largest number of emergency patients in Japan. A large multidisciplinary clinic not only has the ability to receive and provide assistance to several thousand patients a day, but also has the opportunity to provide them with full treatment in departments of other profiles.

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Kyoto University Hospital

Capacity of the hospital: 1,121 beds.

Kyoto University Hospital has an annual renewal of equipment and uses the latest achievements of medicine in Japan and the world in prescriptions for each patient. During the existence of the hospital and in close cooperation with the Kyoto University Hospital Institute, they have produced a record 18 Nobel Prize winners, 2 Fields winners and one Gauss winner - these are the most laureates in all of Asia. These specialists raised the level of the clinic, and today its employees do not lower the bar, so every patient here is in good hands.

In 2007, Kyoto University Hospital became the first hospital affiliated with a National University to open an Oncology center, where various clinical departments and medical professionals collaborate in cancer treatment under the direction of the clinical Oncology department, rather than each clinical department treating its patients separately. Recent advances in genomic medicine and ICT have led to the development of innovative personalized medicine that combines information about the cancer genome of individual patients and provides the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

Kyoto University Hospital is one of 11 hospitals in Japan designated as regional centers for genome-based cancer treatment and therefore provides genome-based personalized medicines in cooperation with 28 partner hospitals.

The surgical department of Kyoto University Hospital is equipped with a high-field intraoperative MRI system and a highly reliable navigation system using a portable CT scanner that is only available at Kyoto University Hospital, not to mention the "da Vinci" robotic surgical system, which provides less invasive and safer surgery and thus, used in many hospitals in Japan. The clinic ranks highly among the national university hospitals throughout Japan in terms of the number of surgical operations and offers an unrivaled, advanced medical environment, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Research at Kyoto University Hospital

Carrying out research in the field of medical innovation and developing new medical technologies is an important mission of Kyoto University Hospital as it is the main clinical research hospital. The clinic is working with Kyoto University's iPS Cell Research and Application Center to develop new treatments for intractable diseases, such as transplanting iPS cell-derived neurons into patients with Parkinson's disease and drug discovery based on research using disease-specific iPS cells.

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