Fukuoka, Japan

Kyushu University Hospital

Kyushu University Hospital is the largest national university hospital in Japan with more than 1,400 beds and about 3,000 employees. It offers the latest and greatest care as a "last resort" in regional medicine.

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Kyushu University Hospital

Hospital capacity: 1,275 beds.

Kyushu University Hospital is one of the world's biggest centers for Genomic cancer medicine and Transplantology. The total number of outpatients is 724,496 (2969.2 per day) and the total number of hospitalizations is 418,427 (1146.4 per day) annually.

In addition, as the only "main teaching hospital" in Kyushu, Kyushu University Hospital conducts clinical research in collaboration with various universities and hospitals, focusing on the ARO Next Generation Medical Center. The clinic continues to accept new clinical trials and is focused on developing innovative medicines and medical devices. Also, the Department of Medical Safety Management has been directly subordinated to the head of the hospital to ensure the management of medical care safety for the entire hospital, as well as an organization that evaluates high-tech medical care.

One of the important roles that this clinic plays as a national university hospital, which is the backbone of a vast medical field, is to train excellent medical personnel. A new system of specialist doctors was launched in 2019. Kyushu University Hospital provides a multi-faceted education that integrates various fields and meets the needs of both the original resident and major doctors. In addition, the clinic has a comprehensive educational environment in which foreign doctors can learn from clinical trials to clinical practice and touch advanced medicine such as transplantology and robotics.

With regard to internationalization, which is one of the characteristics of this clinic, in recent years the number of international patients and medical support for them has increased dramatically, 1239 cases of medical care (end March 30, 2019) have been processed.

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