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The University of Tokyo Hospital

Tokyo University Hospital is the best hospital in Japan due to its national ranking and holds the 8th position in the world hospitals ranking according to Newsweek magazine. The hospital was originally founded in 1858 and is proud of a long history of 160 years, being one of Japan's leading university hospitals.

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The University of Tokyo Hospital

Nowadays, The University of Tokyo Hospital annually serves a total of 700,000 outpatients (an average of 2,900 per day) and 360,000 inpatients (an average of 980 per day); and annually performs more than 11,000 surgeries, which is one of the highest indicators among national university hospitals. A total of 4,000 clinic representatives meet patient needs. These specialists are not limited to doctors and nurses only, but also pharmacists, registered dietitians, physiotherapists, occupational health specialists, clinical radiologists, technicians from clinical laboratories, clinical engineers and administrative staff.

From the dawn of modern medicine in Japan, the University of Tokyo Hospital has contributed to the development of medicine and medical care, as well as medical education by growing countless outstanding medical professionals. As any university hospital, it has three missions: medical care, education and research.

Benefits of The University of Tokyo Hospital

The University of Tokyo Clinic was recognized as the main clinical research hospital (one of 12 in the country) in accordance with the "Medical Care Law", as it plays a central role in local and international medical trials - a mandatory condition for the development of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical products. It has been also certified as an advanced treatment hospital (one of 86 nationwide) in recognition of its ability to provide the most up-to-date medical care, develop modern medical technologies and, offer training in new types of medical care.
The University of Tokyo Hospital was also designated to be the main hospital for genomic oncology medicine (one of 11 in the country), which is a crucial area in the field of cancer treatment in the nearest future. Covering all of these distinctive roles, the clinic is proud of daily providing world-class medical care during appointments, using a multidisciplinary approach to medical cases, and consolidating experience gained from all departments throughout the hospital. The top priority is to put patients first and improve medical care every day.

The University of Tokyo Hospital - Awards and Achievements

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