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Changi General Hospital

Changi General Hospital is an award-winning public hospital with over 1,000 beds, which welcomes over 1 million patients from around the world per year.

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Changi General Hospital

Capacity: 1,000 beds.

Changi General Hospital offers a wide range of medical specialties and services, led by a highly trained and experienced team of healthcare professionals, who consistently deliver excellent health outcomes and patient care. The hospital is a member of the SingHealth Medical Complex.

The vision of the Changi General Hospital campus is to focus on promoting holistic, patient-centered care for the residents of eastern Singapore. This is achieved through integrated and innovative tools that ensure the provision of quality medical services.

In line with this vision, the hospital has added two new facilities, the Comprehensive building and the Medical center.
Opened in December 2014, the Comprehensive building provides a supportive treatment environment for patients in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, including the possible transfer of patients back to their homes.
The Medical center houses various outpatient centers with more than 130 outpatient specialist rooms and rooms for minor surgeries. It is designed to provide interdisciplinary counseling and comprehensive outpatient care for professionals. This facility is part of the Campus' broader transition towards one-stop centers that provide more patient care.

Changi General Hospital — Awards and Achievements


Singapore Customer Satisfaction Index (CSISG) 2017
GCEO Excellence Awards 2018
Human Health Award 2018
National Award 2018
Nursing Merit Awards 2018
Singapore Health Service Awards
SingHealth Excellence Awards一 Outstanding Leader Award
SingHealth Excellence Award一 Award for Outstanding Young Leader
Singapore Health Awards for Patients and Carers
Civil Service Transformation Award一Innovation and Productivity Project


AWWA Model Caregiver Awards - honorable mention for pioneers
Ann Wee NUS Social Work Alumni Award 2017
Public Service Excellence Awards一PS21 Star Service Award
Public Service Excellence Awards一PS21 Award for Excellence in Management
Public Service Excellence Awards一PS21 Star Manager Award
Human Health Award 2017
National Award 2017
Outstanding Social Worker Award
Presidential Nursing Awards
SingHealth Nursing Awards 2017


Caring Awards 2016
Platinum prize from the Chest Share community
Singapore Customer Satisfaction Index (CISG) 2016
Human Health Award 2016
HR Excellence Awards 2016
National Day Award 2016
Nursing Merit Award 2016
Presidential Nursing Award 2016
Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS) 2015
PS21 ExCEL Awards一 Best Practice Award (Organizational Design)
PS21 ExCEL 一 Best Practice Award (Interagency Collaboration)
PS21 ExCEL Award - Best Practice Award (Stakeholder Engagement)
PS21 ExCEL一Star Service Award

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