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View Plastic Surgery is one of the best medical centers for plastic surgery in South Korea. It is a amjor, prestigious beauty center, where everyone can benefit from the services of appearance improvement.

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About View Plastic Surgery

View Plastic Surgery was founded in 2005 and is located in Gangnam District, Seoul. There are Departments of Plastic surgery, Dermatology and Dentistry.
View Plastic Surgery provides a range of medical services, including diagnostics, surgical & non-surgical treatment and post-operative care.

All the necessary conditions are available: modernly equipped operating rooms, intensive rehabilitation department, and international medical assistance department for patients from other countries. Patients have access to a spacious parking lot and a cozy cafeteria.

View Plastic Surgery has been honored with the title "17 years no medical accident".
Over the years, View Plastic Surgery has not received a single negative review, and all surgeries performed here have been highly successful.

Benefits of View Plastic Surgery

View Plastic Surgery uses the most innovative methods, which greatly reduce the risk of side effects during treatment. This is a significant benefit for all the patients.
  • 3D-planning
    Before proceeding with the surgical treatment, a thorough diagnostics and preparation is conducted, using 3D-planning. This helps to avoid possible mistakes and to achieve a perfect result.
  • Total transformation
    The specialists at View Plastic Surgery are highly experienced and can perform up to 5 plastic surgeries on one patient simultaneously. This allows the patient to change their appearance faster.
  • International Patients Office
    Each international patient can receive a help from a special assistant, who organizes airport pickup, transfer and accommodation. There is also a Russian-speaking interpreter.

International Awards and Achievements

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Specializations at View Plastic Surgery

Today South Korea is one of the leaders in the field of plastic surgery.
A lot of patients from all over the world choose View Plastic Surgery to undergo the most advanced cosmetic procedures.

A team of world-renowned professionals specializes in such areas:


Specialists at View Plastic Surgery not only correct the shape of the nose, but also create the most harmonious and beautiful form, taking into account its appearance from different angles.
It is very important that the correction of one part of the nose does not interfere with the harmony of its shape and the overall harmony of the face. By analyzing the structure of the patient's face, doctors at View Plastic Surgery model the optimal length and shape of the nose.

Advantages of undergoing rhinoplasty at the View Plastic Surgery:

  • 3D-CT accurate diagnosis
    A safe procedure individually selected for each patient after a precise analysis of cosmetic and functional problems of the nose.
  • Permanent result
    The firm fixation of the nose support ensures a stable and permanent result.
  • Perfect shape
    The shape of the nose is in perect harmony with the features of your face.

Rhinoplasty with 3D modeling. This is a customized 1:1 procedure that allows you to create the most suitable implant for your nose by using a 3D printer to create the skeleton, cartilage, skin tissue and muscle with the data obtained from 3D CT images.
Since a customized implant is made to fit the nasal bone perfectly, it is safe. This greatly reduces side effects such as bending, seepage of the silicone and elevation.

Revision rhinoplasty 3D-CT. It is possible to create a more precise surgical plan based on the analysis and structure of the nose in three dimensions. Such data cannot be collected in a general consultation. In addition, functional parts such as the deviation of the nasal septum can be checked for more detailed results.

Surgery for the tip of nose. If the back of the nose is long and the tip is short, a safe procedure is performed to correct the tip of the nose without the need for artificial implants. This makes it possible to create the most harmonious angle and length of the nose individually for each patient.

Correction of the wings of the nose. In some cases, nasal reduction surgeries also reduce the width of the nostrils, which gives the nose a more refined appearance.


Liposuction is an intervention to remove fat deposits on different parts of the body.

The peculiarities of liposuction at the View Plastic Surgery:

  • Minimal cut
    A micro incision of 5 mm is made inside the armpit or along the bikini line, so the marks from these incisions will be almost invisible.
  • Microcannula
    Specialists at View Plastic Surgery minimize damage to surrounding tissues and nerves by using a long, round microcannula.

  • More fat, less bleeding
    Clearer effect and faster recovery by removing only pure fat.

Arm liposuction. One of the most problematic parts of the body is the arms. Because the skin on the arms is thin and the blood vessels and nerve endings are close to the skin, the fat removal procedure must be performed by an experienced, highly qualified specialist. With liposuction at the View Plastic Surgery, fat deposits on the arms are removed evenly.

Thighs liposuction. The thighs are an area where a lot of fat accumulates because of poor circulation, so it is difficult to lose weight only by exercising. Liposuction of the thighs is performed taking into account the condition of the muscles, sagging skin and the amount of fat. As a result, the patient can expect a firm and slender thigh line without any irregularities.

Abdominal liposuction. The abdomen is a problematic area where fatty deposits accumulate easily. Liposuction should be performed by an experienced professional to prevent skin sagging after the procedure. The type of tummy liposuction takes into account the amount of fat, sagging, and muscle condition.

Abdominoplasty. Helps remove a sagging abdomen as a result of rapid weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, and tightens the fascia, allowing for a flat stomach. The type of abdominoplasty is determined depending on the degree of sagging skin.
The result is that the sagging abdomen is removed and the relaxed muscles are strengthened and the appearance is improved.

Facial liposuction. Removal of fat from the cheeks and chin gives the face a smooth and neat appearance.
Often patients who had this procedure done in other clinics had problems such as presbyopia or left-right asymmetry, so the intervention must be performed by a qualified specialist. Doctors at View Plastic Surgery have no problem redoing the previous work. Facial liposuction at View Plastic Surgery focuses on the line of each part and performs an individualized 1:1 treatment based on the amount of fat, sagging, and muscle condition. Customized liposuction on the cheeks and chin is possible.

Facial contouring

Facial contouring is a procedure performed with injections to restore lost facial volumes and model attractive proportions.

V-shaped surgery. A procedure to aesthetically correct the contours of the lower jaw and the shape of the chin. The surgical plan at the View Plastic Surgery is created individually for each patient.

Cheekbone reduction. A procedure to reduce high-boned cheekbones, correct their size and give a more refined appearance.

Correction of a square jaw. Allows you to create a neater and more attractive jawline. In the course of the surgery the mandibular angle is removed and the chin is almost unchanged.

Chin correction. Chin correction surgery can be used to reduce an overly protruding chin or to enlarge it. The chin can also be reshaped to give the face a more symmetrical appearance and improve the profile.

Facial implant. You can create natural and voluminous features with implants placed in the problem area: the forehead, cheeks, nasolabial folds and the tip of the chin.

  • Forehead area. Custom implants are made at the View Plastic Surgery. For this purpose, each patient's forehead width and nose length are accurately analyzed and diagnosed. To create an even forehead line, specialists insert the implant into an incision made inside the hairline. This makes the scar almost unnoticed.
  • Chin implant surgery. Specialists at View Plastic Surgery make custom implants after a careful analysis of the patient's facial shape. The implant is inserted through an incision in the oral cavity, which allows the scar to be hidden. Recovery will also be quick and the chin will look beautiful.
  • Cheek area. To add volume to sunken cheeks, individual implants are made at the View Plastic Surgery after a thorough diagnostics of the patient's facial shape. After the surgery, the face looks natural and attractive.

Revision surgery. Eliminates functional problems or improves an unsatisfactory result of a previous surgery. Revision surgery is performed after a detailed examination to obtain a high-quality result.


Non-surgical lifting is a method of rejuvenation, which gives elasticity to sagging skin, using harmless to the human body medical threads or elasticum. Using a non-surgical lifting allows you to achieve a balanced and natural result.

Thread lifting is a procedure to lift and improve wrinkled skin with reduced elasticity using a medical thread that is harmless to the body.

Pecularities of Thread lifting at View Plastic Surgery:

  • Reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity
    It is effective for such problems as drooping eyelids, fine lines, nasolabial folds, sunken cheeks.
  • Accurate diagnostic systems
    You can predict the postoperative result by performing accurate analysis of the current condition and virtual modeling using 3D-CT and Morpheus 3D.

Elasticum lifting is a special tape that shows high elasticity in the form of silicone and polyester tightly wrapped like a mesh.
Like the ligaments, it stretches freely in accordance with the movement of the facial muscles and does not interfere with the movement of the skin, so you can see a more natural and stronger lifting effect.

Pecularities of Elasticum lifting at View Plastic Surgery: 

  • Special soft tape
    The soft and highly elastic tape provides a comfortable and natural long-lasting lifting. 

  • Strong lifting for the SMAS layer
    It is deeply inserted into the SMAS layer, which exists between the layer of subcutaneous fat and the muscle layer.

  • Various surgery areas
    Surgery is possible on various areas such as the forehead, cheeks, eye area, jaw line, lips and neck.
  • Lost-lasting effect
    Unlike the Thread lifting, which lasts from 1 to 2 years, Elasticum is effective for up to 5 years.

Incisional Facelift. A procedure that maximizes the lifting effect by lifting the sagging layer of fat, muscle and SMAS, not just skin. Due to the vast experience of View Plastic Surgery specialists, patients recover quickly after the procedures.

MACS lifting. The minimal incision lift, also called the MACS lift, is a procedure that smooths wrinkles by tightening and exfoliating sagging and flabby skin through a minimal incision in the ear area. The lifting effect can be maximized by tightening not only the skin tissue, but also the SMAS layer, which is the main cause of aging. Because the incision is small, it minimizes pain and recovery period.

SMAS lifting is an surgery to remove, stretch and sew together fascial tissue that has lost elasticity (SMAS) between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscular layer of the skin. It is the most effective method to simultaneously improve the mid and lower parts of the face, as well as eliminate sunken cheeks, nasolabial folds and deep neck wrinkles that are difficult to correct with threads, fat injections or laser.

Эндоскопическая подтяжка лба - процедура, при которой используется 3D-эндоскоп FULL-HD после минимального разреза внутри линии роста волос, а затем с помощью 3D-эндоскопа FULL-HD. Он удаляется и фиксируется путем натяжения мышц лба и кожи с помощью Endotine. Он может подтянуть и эффективно уменьшить глубину морщин, а также решить проблему нависшего века.

Lipofilling. A procedure in which fat is collected from areas where a lot of unwanted fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Only pure fat is extracted using a centrifuge and injected into, for example, the forehead, cheeks, and under the eyes.
By injecting fat into flat areas of the face, you can improve the shape and give it a more youthful appearance.

Breast surgery

Before surgery, specialists at View Plastic Surgery perform a thorough diagnostics and analysis of breast shape, skin thickness, etc. Based on this diagnostics analysis, the specialists select implants that perfectly fit the patient's proportions. As a result, the breasts look natural.

Breast surgery at View Plastic Surgery:
  • Size determination system
    The possibility to choose an implant of the right size, taking into account the exact measurements of the patient. The possibility to model the shape of the breast to understand how it will look after surgery.
  • Quality and safety
    View Plastic Surgery is a leader in the field of breast surgeries, thanks to the use of quality implants and the safety of surgery.
  • Premium Breast Examination
    At the View Plastic Surgery, before and after surgery, the mammary glands are thoroughly diagnosed, and a microscopic examination of the Mammotome incision is also performed.
  • Full medical care
    View Plastic Surgery provides comprehensive services from consultation to surgery and rehabilitation in the post-operative period.

Breast augmentation. After careful diagnostics, suitable implants are selected to correct small or sagging breasts.

Breast reduction. Excess breast tissue is removed to reduce the volume. The skin is also tightened and the shape of the nipples is corrected to match the new breast size.

Breast lifting. This procedure allows you to achieve an ideal breast shape by lifting sagging tissue caused by pregnancy, childbirth, diet or natural aging processes.

Implants removal. The procedure is performed when breast implants need to be replaced or taken out, in case of rupture, inflammation, pain, etc.

Eye surgery

The specialists at View Plastic Surgery offer surgical methods for solving aesthetic problems in the eye area. Individual methods are selected for each patient, taking into account all the peculiarities of facial structure and skin type.
Pecularities of Eye surgery at View Plastic Surgery:
  • Scars are small in size with minimal tissue damage.
  • Quick recovery and minimal swelling.
  • Safe anesthesia system.

Ptosis correction is a procedure to fix a weak upper eyelid muscle. The method of the procedure is determined depending on the degree of condition and sagging of the skin.

Cantoplasty is a type of eyelid correction. There are several surgical options depending on the desired eye incision, including double eyelids.

Repositioning of fat under the eyes. As we age, the lower eyelid sags and becomes darker. A rejuvenating effect can be achieved by removing and repositioning fat through the conjunctiva to eliminate under-eye sagging.

Blepharoplasty not only allows you to achieve a rejuvenating effect, but also to reshape your eyes.
An upper blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves visual clarity by removing sagging eyelids. A lower blepharoplasty removes wrinkles and under-eye bags.

Maxillofacial surgery

Orthognathic surgery is an intervention to correct positioning of one or both jaws, which allows to normalize the bite and eliminate facial imbalances.

Pecularities of Maxillofacial surgery at the View Plastic Surgery:
  • Safe procedure due to the use of a precise bone scalpel - an ultrasonic bone-cutting device.
  • Ability to achieve the ideal shape of the face, both externally and functionally, thanks to individual analysis and determination of the type of asymmetry.

Facial asymmetry. A method that corrects the balance of a distorted face. Specialists at View Plastic Surgery provide healthy and beautiful results under safe surgical conditions, comprehensively considering the degree of external asymmetry, dental occlusion, bone structure, bone thickness, skin elasticity and nerve line location.

Correction of a protruding mouth. An operation to correct a deformed upper jaw. When viewed from the side, a protruding jaw has a feature that makes the lips stand out in comparison to the tip of the nose or the chin and is also called a protruding mouth. Specialists at View Plastic Surgery will perform the surgery safely, taking into consideration the appearance of the protrusion, the occlusion of the teeth, bone structure, bone thickness, skin elasticity and nerve line location.

Tricuspid surgery. A method that can be used if there is a combination of a pronounced chin and symptoms of a protruding mouth. It is a combination of double jaw surgery and protruding mouth surgery. It can simultaneously improve the condition of the upper and lower jaw and gums. View Plastic Surgery provides healthy and beautiful results in a safe environment by comprehensively considering the occlusion of the teeth, bone structure, bone thickness, skin elasticity and nerve line location.

Doctors at View Plastic Surgery

Specialists at View Plastic Surgery have a special style in their field that guarantees the achievement of natural results. They are able to work wonders with their skills and vast experience, giving true Korean quality.

Dr. Kim Jeong Min
Former researcher at Cheongnam National University Hospital;
Former professor at Cheongnam National University Hospital;
Korean Medical Association of Plastic Surgeons;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Doctors;
Association of Practicing Physicians;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine.
Dr. Kim Ji Min
Graduate of Medical College, Catholic University of Korea;
Interned at the Catholic Medical Center;
Plastics Instructor at Seoul St. Mary's Catholic University Hospital;
Professor at Wonkwang University Hospital;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Lee Hoon Joo

Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ihwa Women's University Hospital;
Doctor of Medicine, Ihwa Women's University Hospital;
Resident of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Ihwa Women's University Hospital;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Doctors;
Society for Aesthetic Medicine;
Craniofacial Cleft Palate Association.
Dr. Choi Soon Woo
Seoul National University Graduate School;
Seoul National University Resident Hospital;
Korean Medical Association;
Korean Association of Plastic Specialists;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Doctors;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine;
Korean Society of Microsurgery;
Expert Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Jeong Jin Wook
Seoul State University Hospital, MD;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Doctors;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine;
Full member of the committee of the Society of Plastic Surgery;
Academic Association of Oculoplastic Surgery;
Academic Association of Rhinoplastic Surgeons;
Academic Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Dr. Kim Do Hyung
Korean Medical Association;
Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine;
Academic Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery;
Craniofacial Cleft Palate Association;
Research Association for Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery;
Society for Lipoplastic Surgery.
Dr. Chung Jae Hyun
Korean Medical Association;
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons;
Society of Aesthetic Medicine;
Academic Association of Aesthetic Surgery and Breasts;
Member of the International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

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