Seoul, South Korea

Severance Hospital

Severance Hospital is in the list of TOP 15 best clinics in Asia. It has been the founder of modern medical science in Korea since 1885. This is the first Korean hospital that received the prestigious international JCI certificate.

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Severance Hospital

Capacity: 2,595 beds

Specializations: Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Psychology, Pulmonology, Neurology, Diabetology, Gastroenterology, Visceral surgery, Palliative care, Pediatrics, Otolaryngology, Plastic surgery, Oncology, Radiology, Rheumatology, Traumatology, Gynecology, Urology.

Severance Hospital has been providing the highest level of medical care in Korea for almost 140 years. It is the first hospital in Korea, to have received an international JCI certification.
Nowadays, it is extremely popular far beyond the borders of its own country. It is now the place that has helped tens of millions of patients from around the world go back to a normal healthy life.

Severance Hospital has 5 highly specialized centers that have long outgrown the status of only a department. These are: Oncology center, Rehabilitation center, Cardiovascular center, Ophthalmology center and Otolaryngology center.
In order to help patients and at the same time create comfortable conditions for their recovery, the clinic first introduced the practice of customer satisfaction testing and created its own Quality Control Department.

Benefits of Severance Hospital

In Severance Hospital university specialists, medical doctors and professors work with the ultramodern equipment. The hospital uses tomotherapy, MRI and robotic surgery. The hospital is a training center for "Da Vinci" surgery. It means that not only a "Da Vinci" robotic surgical system is used here, but the competence of specialists is so high that they teach specialists from all over the world how to use it.
Severance Hospital belongs to the university, so local specialists are both doctors and researchers in the field of medicine. That is why they can use all the capabilities of the research center and include advanced techniques that have appeared recently, but have already proven their effectiveness during the treatment process.

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