Bern, Switzerland

University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital)

Founded in 1354, the University Hospital of Bern today has 8,300 employees and serves approximately 44,000 patients annually.

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University Hospital of Bern

Inselspital is among the top 10 clinics in Switzerland and in the top 30 clinics in Europe. The University Hospital of Bern occupies an important place in the Swiss healthcare system. The clinic offers highly specialised tertiary level medical services, including transplant medicine, with pronounced interdisciplinarity and high quality patient care.

The clinic is a centre of medical knowledge, high technology and a meeting place for scientists and researchers, as the University Hospital Bern supports high-quality patient care through innovative research and education.

This philosophy of the Insel Group is implemented in close educational and research collaboration with the University of Bern and the Faculty of Medicine with strong networking structures. This close relationship provides a unique combination of patient-oriented basis and laboratory research, as well as translational and clinical research. Thus, data and ideas obtained in the laboratory can be quickly applied in daily clinical practice.

Location of Inselspital Bern

The University Hospital of Bern is located in the city of Bern. Being the political center of Switzerland, Bern is also closely connected with economic and medical centers around the world. The city as well as the region of Bern are impressive for their excellent quality of life.

The wealth of culture, leisure and pleasure does not converge in any other city in Switzerland as it does in Bern. Since 1983, the old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The scenic area around Bern is diverse and amazing. Large forests, idyllic villages, lakes, valleys, hills — Eldorado for pedestrians, hikers, cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts.

Inselspital Bern — Awards and Achievements

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