Zurich, Switzerland

University Hospital of Zürich (UZH)

University Hospital of Zürich is ranked 3rd of the Swiss clinics and is among the top 15 best clinics in Europe. This level was achieved thanks to the close cooperation of doctors, teachers and researchers of the clinic. Work aimed at one goal equals to the quick recovery of their patients.

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University Hospital of Zürich (UZH)

Zürich is considered to be the cultural Mecca, it attracts writers, artists and composers from all around the globe. It is a place of origin for many avant-garde movements and a homeland to 27 Nobel laureates, who studied the Federal Higher Polytechnic School of Zürich and the University of Zürich.

The first hospital in Zürich was founded in around 1200. The University Hospital of Zürich takes its origin from the Heiliggeist-Spital, which was located not far from the modern Hirschenplatz in the old city of Zürich. For more than 800 years of its existence, the modern University Hospital of Zürich has a lot to share with the world.

Today it is the first-class clinic. It has an outpatient centre right near the Zürich Airport, which makes it as accessible as possible to international patients.

For 20 years, more than 800 lung transplantation surgeries have been performed here, and today the hospital is considered one of the most successful in the world in this sphere of medicine. The Department of Ophthalmology recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, and an immunology professor who worked here is one of the few Nobel Prize winners.

At the University Hospital of Zürich, Andreas Grünzig invented and began using a balloon catheter, which became the basis of modern minimally invasive catheter cardiac surgery. Here, 5 years later, Mahmut Gazi Yasargil became the founder of modern microneurosurgery. He suggested using a microscope for brain surgery to bypass blood vessels. For his achievements in the industry, he is renowned as a Neurosurgeon of the Century.

Location of the University Hospital of Zürich

Most importantly, the hospital's glorious past raised the clinic to a new level of its development, and over the past decades the clinic has not yet taken a single step back. Thus, the strongest cardiac surgery, microneurosurgery and transplantation, as well as the widest range of medical procedures in Switzerland are available to patients around the world at a level that only a few clinics around the world could reach.

Zürich is the unofficial capital of Switzerland, which impresses with its luxury and wealth, homeland of Swiss watches and banks. This is a beautiful city, rich in history and traditions. According to many international surveys, Zürich is one of the best places in terms of comfort in the world.

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