Istanbul, Turkey

Birinci Eye Hospital

The construction and equipment of Birinci Eye Hospital required more than $40 000 000.
Today the clinic specializes exclusively in eye diseases and has a staff of the most narrow specialists, who use the highest level of equipment aimed at a specific type of pathology.

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Birinci Eye Hospital

Birinci Eye Hospital is a specialized ophthalmology clinic in Istanbul. The clinic is part of the First Health Group and is equipped with the most advanced technological devices. Due to the edge-cut technological equipment and highly specialized focus of each individual doctor, the clinic achieved a correct diagnosis in 96-98% of the cases and up to 99% in various sectors of healing as a result of well-coordinated medical team and accurate diagnostic work.

Each specialist of the clinic has its own narrow specialization and treats a certain part of the eye, taking up to 7,000 patients a year and performing up to 1,500 suergeries exclusively in their own direction annually, which guarantees the refinement of surgical skills and a positive result of the treatment.

National and international health innovations and developments are closely monitored. The clinic devotes a significant amount of energy to research and development to create a reliable technical infrastructure, which is considered one of the first conditions for providing high-quality services.

Benefits of Birinci Eye Hospital

Due to the fact that the eye is an extremely complex structure, ophthalmology is one of the most high-tech branches in medicine. To make an accurate diagnosis, or during the operation, only equipment that has been certified by the American FDA and which directly affects the achievement of successful results is used.

The construction and equipment of Birinci Eye Hospital required more than $40 000 000 and today the clinic specializes exclusively in eye diseases. It has the most narrowly qualified specialists and the highest level of equipment, aimed at certain types of pathologies.

The clinic has a wide partner network in Turkey and provides an opportunity for a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients. As for the problems of vision, the primary damage to the eye is not always the cause, such an approach helps patients with secondary damage to the sensory system.

The clinic is also not lagging behind in providing the service, since the patient's comfort contributes to recovery only slightly below the therapy itself. The hospital has separate wards for patients with a comfort level of a 5-star hotel, 41 beds for inpatients, 25 examination rooms and 8 operating rooms, controlled by the American FDA.

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