Istanbul, Turkey

Memorial Sisli Clinic
(Memorial Şişli Hastanesi)

This is the first clinic of the Memorial Hospital Group. Heart diseases, oncology are excellently treated here; bone marrow and organ transplantation and IVF are performed at this clinic as well. In addition, one of its main sphere of activity is the exceptionally effective treatment of pediartic diseases.

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About Memorial Sisli Clinic

Memorial Sisli Clinic is an international medical institution of high quality, the first of the Memorial network in Turkey.
It provides medical services of the European level, which is testified by the prestigious JCI certificate which the clinic received two years after its opening. It is at the forefront in many areas and positions:

  • The first ECO-laboratory certified by TÜRKAK and ISO was founded here; the first liver transplant from a non-hemocompatible donor in Turkey was performed at this hospital, and the first regeneration of the heart muscles with the help of embryonic stem cells was also carried out here.
  • Doctors here can really do the impossible and solve complex health problems. Their high qualifications and the desire to improve the skills and abilities of therapy make the clinic an object of attention for many foreign patients. About 15,000 foreign patients come here for treatment annually.
  • The hospital is conveniently located in the central part of Istanbul. Medical aviation and ground ambulance services are provided.

Memorial Sisli Clinic in Figures

53000 m2

total area


beds for inpatients


operating theatres

Advantages of Memorial Sisli Clinic

The hospital has its own characteristics which attracts patients. A particular understanding of various pediatric diseases, the ability to choose therapy for the smallest patients distinguishes this clinic from other Memorial hospitals.
  • 1
    Ability to treat pediatric diseases
    If there is a need of a therapy for a child, you should opt for the Sisli Memorial. This will be the key to the success of the treatment. One of the advantages of the hospital is the effective treatment of a variety of childhood diseases. The clinic's doctors will carry out treatment, taking into account the child's age, select the latest safe medications, and give the necessary recommendations.
    In the surgical pediatric department, children with various urological diseases undergo skilful surgeries. The treatment of the child is carried out in the most comfortable and painless way, in order to minimize the impact on health and psyche.

    One should consider Memorial Sisli for treatment of:
    • non-cardiac chest surgery;
    • oncological surgery;
    • surgery of the digestive system;
    • pediatric endocrine surgery, gynecology;
    • laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and interventional endoscopic procedures for infants;
    • trauma and pediatric surgery.
  • 2
    Specialisation of Memorial Şişli Hastanesi
    The clinic has a rare specialisation that gives hope for recovery in a number of complex ailments: cardiology, oncology, bone marrow transplantation, artificial insemination IVF, neurology and organ transplantation. In each of these disciplines, Memorial Şişli doctors are leading doctors with high qualifications and deep knowledge that are constantly being improved. The extraordinary experience of doctors, their best practices and successful treatment of the most complex diseases is the reason to choose this clinic from many other institutions.
  • 3
    High qualification of doctors
    Professors and doctors of medicine who work here regularly study and train abroad, both in the USA and Europe. You can trust their experience, the most advanced and reasonably priced in the world. Quite often, patients come here for a second opinion of a specialist about their illness. Such a consultation is deep, conscientious and usually consists of specific recommendations that have nothing to do with the formal advice of doctors from the former CIS.
  • 4
    Interdisciplinary centers: a special approach
    The clinic has a Colorectal Surgery Center, a Robotic Surgery Center, a Rehabilitation Center and a Breast Health Center. This enables doctors to communicate within the framework of interdisciplinary consultations, and, therefore, makes the patient's therapy more individualised, suitable for their particular condition, taking into account all the characteristics of the body, age and needs. There is no formal relationship to the patient, and it minimises and nullifies all methods and forms of treatment.
  • 5
    Convenient stay
    Memorial Şişli Clinic provides accommodation for patients in single and double rooms, which are distinguished by increased comfort: bathroom, TV, telephone, nurse call button, air conditioning, free Internet access. The hospital itself is universally equipped for people with disabilities. In addition, there is a five-star "Guest House", where relatives of the patient can stay.

Memorial Şişli Clinic — International Awards and Achievements

Мемориал Шишли
Мемориал Шишли
Мемориал Шишли
Мемориал Шишли
Мемориал Шишли

Specialisation of the Memorial Şişli Clinic

Doctors of Memorial Sisli are craftsman, highly specialised professionals who know everything about a particular disease. The rich experience of Turkish doctors and many thousands of practices with the most complex cases provide invaluable experience that specialists from other countries do not have. Combined with a reasonable price, treatment at Sisli Memorial becomes the best option for many patients from the former CIS countries.

The main areas where Şişli Memorial can help are:
pediatric diseases, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, IVF and neurology.


With the help of robotic surgery, many oncological diseases are treated here. Minimal incisions using the laparoscopic method allow the patient to return to normal life in 1-2 days after interention. High accuracy and reliability of the equipment allows you to treat here:

  • Prostate cancer, oncogynecology;
  • Kidney, bladder cancer;
  • Different tumours of stomach and bowel;
  • Hernia and enuresis;
  • Crohn's disease and achalasia;
  • Obesity;
  • Obstructive sleep apnea.
If the patient's local doctors cannot determine the disease, and the funds do not allow treatment abroad, it is worth going to the Memorial Şişli Clinic for an oncological check-up. This is a less expensive service that allows you to carry out a blood test for tumor markers, biopsy, CT / MRI / PET-CT, detailed consultations with an oncologist.


Services are provided in the field of examination and diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of various heart diseases. Here, heart diseases can be detected even in the womb. The department of pediatric cardiology performs heart surgeries in newborns.
It was the first clinic in Turkey to perform arrhythmia radiofrequency ablation.

One should consider Memorial Sisli for treatment of:
  • Vascular stenting;
  • Heart valve replacements;
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery;
  • Angioplasty (vascular reconstruction);
  • Pacemaker insertion;
  • Ablation.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Many methods of treating the heart and blood vessels were either developed within the walls of this hospital, or were used here for the first time. The now well-known and widely used method of coronary artery bypass surgery (when a vessel is taken from the upper limb to be replaced in the required place) was developed precisely at the Şişli Memorial Clinic.
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery is done using a special AESOP robot. These procedures are minimally invasive and carry a lower risk of complications. Şişli Memorial often uses thermal imagers during operations, which increases the accuracy of the surgeon's work.
  • At the Şişli Memorial Clinic, angina pectoris can be treated with enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP). This is a new non-surgical method for the treatment of coronary heart disease. It is only available in 200 hospitals around the world.
  • The intensive care unit is equipped with temperature, lighting, air humidity control systems; soft soothing music plays throughout the day. The wards are also equipped with video surveillance cameras and telephones for communication.

Organ Transplantation

Live-donor transplants were once thought to be potentially impossible. Now the statistics on transplantation at the Şişli Memorial Clinic speak for itself: more than 1,000 successful cases of liver transplantation have been performed here.

For this, doctors work in a team of professionals, in a tight cooperation with specialists from the department of visual diagnostics, intensive care and surgery, and inpatient observation.

Today Turkey competes with South Korea in terms of the quality of internal organ transplantation and often wins this competition. In addition, every year doctors from the United States, where the most innovative medicine in the world, come to the Şişli Memorial to take part in educational programs.

All of this makes the organ transplantation department incredibly successful and promising, helping save the lives and health of thousands of foreign patients.

IVF and Reproductive Medicine

Under the leadership of Professor Semra Kahraman, the department has become one of the most successful in the country.
Couples from the CIS, the USA, Germany, Italy, who have lost hope, turn to her experience and get an excellent result. More than ten thousand children have already been given birth within these walls.
In 2015, the International Medical Tourism Journal (IMTJ) awarded the Sisli Memorial Clinic with the title of “Reproductive Clinic of the Year”. All modern methods of artificial insemination are available at the hospital.

In addition, patients often come here for the diagnostics of infertility, namely:
  • Hystero- and laparoscopy;
  • Spermogram;
  • HALO-test;
  • TESA;
  • misro-TSE.
This is not a complete list of examinations on the most modern equipment that can be carried out here.

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Operating rooms are equipped with special filters and airflow systems, which provide absolute sterility and reduce the risk of infections after operations and manipulations. Specialised neurological rehabilitation will enable the patient to return to normal life faster.

Main specialisation: diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. For their diagnostics, the most advanced equipment is used: MRI, CT, EEG, EMG, angiography, and invasive neuroradiology. Specialists from other medical fields are involved in the study of symptoms, since neurological symptoms can be caused by diseases of different systems.

What can be treated in the Memorial Sisli Clinic:
  • Cerebrovascular diseases;
  • Epilepsy and headaches;
  • Different forms of neurooncology;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Peripheral nerve disorders;
  • Sleep disorders and muscle diseases.
Complex brain surgeries are carried out using precise high-tech equipment, which minimises all risks. These are neuronavigation systems, microsurgery, stereotaxy and laser surgery, including the CUSA method.

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