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Istanbul, Turkey

NPİSTANBUL — Brain Hospital

NPİSTANBUL is a neuro-psychiatric hospital. It was titled “The World's First Accredited Brain Clinic” and provides effective top-level services to local and international patients. It houses an intensive care unit with excellent infrastructure and the only class A neurosurgical operating room in Turkey.

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NPİSTANBUL - Brain Hospital

NPİSTANBUL has many different specializations such as Neurosurgery, General surgery, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychology, Internal medicine and others.

NPİSTANBUL is an absolutely unique neurological clinic. It is the first medical institution in Turkey, where the methods of "positive thinking" and "treatment by measuring brain functions" are applied.

The clinic is JCI accredited. Over the years, this accreditation has been granted to only a small number of clinics outside the United States.

Diagnostics at NPİSTANBUL

Biomarker for psychiatric illness diagnostics (FDA approved)
Topographic Brain Mapping
Biomarker for psychiatric illness diagnostics (FDA approved)
TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation)
Stimulation of the cerebral cortex with magnetic pulses radiation
The process of implantation of the "battery". This procedure is an effective method of treatment for people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
Cranial electrotherapy stimulation

Infrastructure of NPİSTANBUL

Capacity of the hospital is 160 beds.

NPİSTANBUL is automated by smart home system.

At NPİSTANBUL, you will have all the conditions to make your stay as comfortable as possible:
  • AC and ventilation system;
  • Enhanced security;
  • Comfortable accomodation with a bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi;
  • Separate room for your accompanying person;
  • Delicious varied meals;
  • Independent hospital automation system, each ward has oxygen and vacuum, buttons for calling medical personnel;
  • Comfortable terraces;
  • Bio-ID system (high-tech service system).

Treatment at NPİSTANBUL


The brain is one of the most important parts of our body, it controls all vital functions such as breathing, sleep, heart rhythms, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and much more. It gives us the ability to fixate and store all those valuable moments from our life in our memory. The brain contains of about 100 billion neurons, putting them in a row, you can get a line thousands of kilometers long.

Other important organs are the spinal cord, which is responsible for reflex function and the peripheral nervous system, with the help of which we can hear, see, move, taste and smell.
Neurosurgical diseases

Traumatic brain injury

Facial pain

Trigeminal neuralgia



Brain aneurysm with hemorrhage

Nervous system disorders

Spinal cord diseases

Vascular diseases

Technology of Brain surgery

O-arm rendering
Gamma Knife
This procedure allows to highlight the necessary areas for the camera to make the images that will help the surgeon to see all the hard-to-reach areas.
Thanks to this, the surgery is performed with high reliability and accuracy.

This advanced technology used for spine and brain surgery allows to find the exact location of the tumor in the brain tissue.

Before the surgery, CT or MRI diagnostics are performed, special markings are glued to the patient's head, which allows to transfer the 3D model of the virtual coordinate system of the brain to the computer.
The surgeon switches the operating microscope between real and virtual images. Using this technique, the doctor can perform surgical interventions with millimeter precision.
During a neurosurgical intervention, it is necessary to control all the vital functions of the body: auditory, visual and somatosensory.
Neuromonitoring makes it possible to detect the first irreversible changes and notifies the surgeon of the danger. If the doctor sees dangerous processes, he changes the strategy of the surgical method, preventing complications.
O-arm rendering
This technology allows the surgery to be performed with high precision. It also makes sure the patinet obtains a minimum of radiation.
Also, the O-arm can reduce the risk of disease recurrence, which is its main benefit.

O-arm is an equipment that produces images of organs in 3D. It has excellent quality, can scan, record and visualize 2D and 3D images. The device consists of an operating table and a movable circle. Surrounding the patient, it allows the doctor to see everything in detail and to perform a high-precision surgical intervention.
Gamma Knife
During the procedure, the patient is awake. The surgery takes up to 4 hours. Gamma rays, which are aimed at affected areas of the brain, destroy the DNA of diseased cells using precise computer tuning. At the same time, healthy cells are intact.
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Upon admission, patients undergo full diagnostics. Surgical interventions are performed using a microsurgical method, and endoscopic surgery can control the course of the surgery more accurately. This increases safety and shortens the post-operative recovery time.
Neurological diseases
Traumatic brain injuries
Facial pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
Lumbar hernia
Headache and neck pain
Peripheral nerve damage

Pediatric psychiatry

The diagnostics process with a specialist begins from the first minutes of your visit. As a rule, each parent knows intuitively how to motivate their child, so sensitivity and patience will help. Show your child that you are confident and calm.
To begin with, the doctor will listen to the complaints, hold a conversation, analyze the child's condition and accurately determine the further treatment plan.
The psychiatrist may prescribe additional examinations: EEG, consultations of other specialists.
Psychiatric disorders
Down's syndrome
Attention deficit disorder
Mental disorders

Addiction treatment

The clinic offers treatment for various disorders related to the problems of all types of addictions.
Gambling addiction
Drug addiction
Treatment in NPİSTANBUL
For elective treatment, doctors perform a psychometric assessment:
Computerized tests: COG, SPM, DAUF, NVLT, TOVA, MOXO
Projective tests and tests for intelligence: Rorschach, Tat-Cat, Wisc-r, Wais, Cas, MMPI, TCI, SCID 2, NPT, ASI

Each patient is treated individually.

Treatment is inpatient, daily morning meetings are held to improve efficiency, where patients can chat and exchange news. The entire hospital team comes to the morning meetings to support patients, various interactive groups are held to discuss topics such as anger management, communication skills, etc.

Various therapies are also practiced:
Group therapy;
Painting therapy;
Sports therapy;
Ebru Art;
Music therapy;
Painting on wood.

General surgery

At NPİSTANBUL surgical interventions are performed by laparoscopic (video endoscopic) and open surgical methods. Laparoscopic surgery is used to treat many diseases: obesity, gallbladder hernia, inguinal hernia, appendicitis, reflux and gastric hernia.


The patients of the clinic receive complete safety and medical services at the highest level, both inpatient and under outpatient supervision, specialists will provide an effective complex treatment.
Somatic symptoms
Symmetry OCD

NPİSTANBUL — Awards and Achievements

How to start the treatment at NPİSTANBUL?

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Accompanying during your trip
Upon the arrival to Turkey, the coordinator will meet you and help you get to the clinic. If it is necessary, the clinic can also provide an interpreter and book a hotel nearby. If you are staying at the clinic on an inpatient basis, your accomodation will include delicious meals, shower, Wi-Fi, etc.

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