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Brigham And Women's Hospital (BWH)

Brigham And Women's Hospital is ranked as one of the top 10 USA clinics and is a university clinic of the worldwide famous Harvard Medical School.

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Brigham And Women's Hospital (BWH)

Even if you have not heard the name of this clinic, you have previously heard of Harvard Medical School. This famous educational institution prepares the world's best doctors. If such a specialist works in the clinic, then it automatically becomes one of the most attractive medical institutions in the region, and this is proven by clinics in Turkey and Israel. Here in BWH, the overwhelming majority of doctors are graduates of Harvard Medical School, and professors, doctors of medicine and heads of departments are the very people who teach the young specialists. But is not everything that the hospital can boast of.

Services at Brigham And Women's Hospital (BWH)

This is a large multidisciplinary clinic with 738 fixed sites. Here they use modern methods of treatment — the clinic is fully fitted up with the latest technical equipment. Constant researches guarantee new treatment which is more effective and safer.

Research activity concerns not only treatment or diagnostics. The social and psychological aspects are taken into account when caring for a patient, because how they are treated is no less important than what they are treated. The hospital uses modern methods to care for patients and their families.

In general, the range of research is so extensive that today it is estimated as the second in the United States with a budget of more than 630,000,000 of dollars.

Among the achievements of researchers and doctors there is the world's first successful operation on the heart valve and the world's first solid organ transplantation. Innovations in the field of biomedicine and oncology allowed to found the Cancer Center which today offers the most innovative treatment methods available for adults.

Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) — International Awards and Achievements

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