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Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic ranks second in the top clinics of the world. All its departments are highly qualified and professional, and the departments of cardiology and urology here are recognised as the best in the United States and in the world.

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Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest and most respected medical institutions in the country. The mission of the hospital is to provide the best care for the patients, to explore their diseases, to find new ways to treat them, and to provide the full range of medical services to the people who need them.

Patient care is carried out by a large team of highly qualified doctors. A team of professionals sets themselves the task of becoming better every year in order to help as many people as possible — improve their condition and provide them with the best possible treatment.

Cleveland Clinic Infrastructure

Why is the Cleveland Clinic so highly valued?

Quality and safety

Cleveland Clinic's patients are treated in accordance with high international standards. Due to the close interdisciplinary impact and extensive experience of doctors, it is possible to achieve effective results in many cases, even the most complicated.

Individual approach

First of all, doctors of the Cleveland Clinic are patient-oriented. They are perfectly aware of what each patient experiences during the course of their treatment, so doctors are working to alleviate the symptoms of the disease and make the therapy as comfortable, safe and painless as possible.

Honesty and transparency of pricing

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit organisation. Calculating the cost of services consists of actually provided assistance. The transparency of the procedure ensures the proper fulfilment of obligations by the clinics' specialists.

Innovative Solutions

In their work, Cleveland Clinics' doctors use modern technologies, innovative methods of treatment, diagnostics and prevention of diseases. The most advanced developments of the country's scientists are annually implemented in the clinic's practice, ensuring a high level of service delivery. Also, Cleveland Clinic doctors work only with trusted suppliers of medical drugs, instruments and other products

In the Cleveland Clinic, a great number of research laboratories, institutes and specialised clinics are currently functioning and their work is being successfully introduced into the Cleveland Clinic therapeutic process, providing a wide range of medical services.

Cleveland Clinic — International Awards and Achievements

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